teddy ringo


“I had originally planned to turn up as a Musketeer, but at the last minute, John suddenly exclaimed, ‘Let’s go as Teddy Boys, and dress the way we always wished we could when we were at school. Let’s do it properly this time.’ We both made a terrific impression at the party, but were nonetheless eclipsed by such inspired impersonations as Peter Brown’s periwigged King Louis XIV of France, and Apple press officer Derek Taylor’s Nazi-uniformed Hitler. Cilla Black and her husband, Bobby Willis came as, respectively, a Cockney labourer, and a nun. However, Freddie Lennon, who appeared as a trash collector, achieved the most realistic impression of all.”

[Pete Shotton]

Photos from The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour fancy dress party held on the 21st December 1967 at the Westbourne Suite at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, London. As well as John’s Teddy Boy, Ringo is a circus ringmaster, Maureen is an Indian squaw and Paul and Jane are pearly king and queen. George and Pattie also attended - George as a swashbuckling Errol Flynn (where are the photos of that?!) and Pattie as a Eastern style belly dancer. Yep, this is that party.


Scans - George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Rory Storm, Johnny ‘Guitar’ Byrne and others at Vi Caldwell’s house, Liverpool, 1961

Scanned from Living in the Material World

“I knew Rory Storm when I was a young teenager - I think it was even before I met Paul and John - because I knew his sister Iris, and I think he had a skiffle group at that time. I remember thinking, ‘That drummer, he’s trouble. Gotta watch out for him.’ And of course he turned out to be a big fan of us, and turned out to be our friend. Actually we were friendly with the lot of then, but Ringo was the special one.” - George Harrison, Living in the Material World