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Snanger (Severus x Hermione):

{As you can see my Snanger list is long :D}

Remione (Remus x Hermione):

{My Remione list is short}

Lumione (Lucius x Hermione):

{This is a mixture of SS/HG/LM as well}

  • A Gift of Love By madeleone
    ~ This is a SS/HG/LM fanfic.  But it’s more a HG/LM fanfic.  I love it. {Complete}
  • The Librarian’s Assistant By madeleone
    ~ Another SS/HG/LM fanfic, but again it’s more an HG/LM fanfic that turns into M-M-F.  So good. {Complete}
  • In the Name of Science By StBridgit
    ~ LM/HG This is a Marriage Law fanfic and I must say it’s really good.  Lucius is so in character it’s awesome.  {Complete}
  • The Bespoke Witch By glittergrrrl05
    ~ It’s a Lumione but also a Dramione fanfic.  It’s really interesting, it’s ooc though, but I really love it. {Complete}
  • A Great Task of Solitude By Laurielove
    ~ Hermione is in charge of cataloging the Malfoy’s Library, searching for dark magic books.  Lucius has become a recluse after the war, and having Hermione now showing up everyday he seems to open up and regain who he once was.  {Complete}
  • Miles Away From Any Warm Feeling By AnnettePoudre
    ~ Hermine is kidnapped one night by Death Eaters, she is gifted to Her Potions Master.  This is a SS/HG/LM Fanfic {Complete}

{My list is short for Lumione as well.  I read some really awesome ones that I had believed I saved and I can’t for the life of me find them.}


Teddy sat there glaring at her not wanting to take his eyes off her as Rebecca drones on and on. She really was as beautiful as he remembered. Sitting there Teddy felt a mix of emotions, on one hand he was happy he had longed to see her again even if it was just once. On the other hand he was angry with her, still angry for refusing to come with him, for telling to leave, and then for leaving without a word. More importantly he was angry because she still had such a hold on him. 

“ Teddy baby don’t you have anything to say?” Said Rebecca interrupting his thoughts.

“ No” he said curtly. 

Kaia could feel the tension radiating of Teddy, and he hadn’t stopped looking at her. She didn’t know what to do with herself, she had so much to answer for and she knew it. She had dreamt about seeing him again, but she never knew what to expect, this was more than she could take. Finally the tension was too much to handle and she excused herself. 

Teddy watched as she walked away.

anonymous asked:

I'm new to this ship... I actually have read only a couple of one-shot and would like to read something like " the forbidden fruit theme" or teacher-student kind of story. Hope you can help. Thanks!

Hello and welcome to the Snamione fandom! I’m happy to meet another fan :D Unfortunately, while it’s rather easy to find student!Hermione fics, they might not have the “forbidden fruit” aspect you’re looking for. And since you’re new to the ship, I’ve also included a couple classics that hopefully have the teacher/student theme you’re looking for.

Below are fics that have Hermione as a student but the “forbidden fruit” aspect of it isn’t really emphasized.

For future references, we do have a Student!Hermione tag. And as always, if anyone knows any stories that should be added to this list, please let us know!

— Kairou ♡

Edit: @disillusionist9 was kind enough to provide even more fics!


Hello fellow Snanger, Snamione, Sevmione Shipper!!!!  I saw your post in the sevmione tag and thought to give you a list of some of the fanfics I had fell in love with.  These writers are purely amazing on what they were able to conquer within their beautiful pieces of work listed right here.  There are plenty of others that I was unable to list down, but these should hold you for a while.  Though I must warn you they are all page turners.

Enjoy :D

Sin & Vice By mak5258 (on going)

Pet Project By Caeria (complete)

For the Potions Master’s Amusement By Snape.Submiss (BDSM if you are into that.  Complete)

Bound to Him By georgesgurl117 (on going -starts off dark but gets so good.)

Hope Reawakened By georgesgurl117 (on going)

Rumored in Love By georgesgurl117 (on going)

Within the Wilderness, an Orchid Blooms By georgesgurl117 (complete)

Unquestionable Love By CRMediaGal (complete)

Unquestionable Love: The Prequel By CRMediaGal (complete)

Of Muggles and Magic By Aurette (Regency AU complete)

Hermione Granger and the Crystal of Time By Aurette (complete)

Broken Dreams By onecelestialbeing (complete)

Lay Me Low By Teddy Radiator (complete)

Before the Dawn By snarkyroxy (complete)

The Problem with Purity By Phoenix.Writing (complete)

All I Have To Do By MyMadness (complete)

Lessons in Love By crz4greece (complete)

Denial By little beloved (complete)

@katsukatsu and my desperate attempts at drawing Vault Boy. He is impossible to draw. VERY DIFFICULT, but fun.

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I guess this is goodbye ...

It’s been a hell of a privilege being a part of this fandom. The fight of my life starts tomorrow, when I start treatment for my illness.  I won’t be on Tumblr. I will miss you guys so much. I hate goodbyes :(  Every single one of you derserves happiness so i hope you all have amazing life. Don’t ever give up. Keep your heads high. I love you. This is it. I hope to see you guys again, healthy. God Bless Xx Angie