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Some new eyes

You’ve all seen me post before about replacing patients’ eyes.  The eyes come out because of washer incidents, or pet attacks and I put new safety eyes in, or reinstall the originals if possible.  This red panda was here this week for eye and nose reinstall:

And here he is ready to go home yesterday:

20/20 vision and perfect smell! 

Some patients, however, have different types of eyes that can’t just be replaced or reinstalled.  This winter I had a couple patients whose plastic googly eyes were replaced with cloth eyes so they would not only have 20/20 vision, but would be safer for babies.  First was Cookie Monster. His person’s spouse wrote:

I am looking to get my husbands Cookie Monster toy repaired. Right now it has hard plastic eyes, and one of them is broken. (I have attached photos) I was wondering if it is possible to have the plastic eyes removed completely and be replaced with plush eyes. This was his favorite childhood toy and I’d like it to be repaired for our future child. Please let me know if this is possible and the price.

This is actually a fairly common email except for the eyes.  Many people send animals to the hospital to be spruced up for the next generation.  We agreed Cookie Monster would have a spa and new eyes.  Here he is on arrival in January:

Of course, he started with a bubble bath:

New stuffing is a must for patients going to the next generation, but he kept a bit of his original stuffing in a heart:

Then it was on to all new soft eyes:

His family wrote:

He looks great! Love the eyes! Thank you  again so much for your work, I can’t wait to surprise my husband with him :)

p.s. his original eyes went back home with him.  His family wanted them for sentimental reasons. :-)

Now Cookie Monster’s cloth eyes weren’t the only ones this winter.  I also had a visit from a turtle who’d lost an eye.  His original was flat, and felt, so that’s what his new eye is too.  He is over 50 years old and wanted to be presentable not to a new child, but to a new grandchild!  So, he also had a spa.  Here’s his arrival photo:

And here he is clean, able to hold his head up, and with 20/20 vision again:

His person wrote:

It is here - thank you, love it so much!!


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Never forget

The Beast

A small child lay in bed, made oblivious by sleep. Slowly, ever so slowly, the darkness in the room grew deeper and deeper until the boy could not have seen even had he been awake. In this impenetrable shade, something began to move; an ancient creature rising out from deep places where the world is gnawed by nameless things. Gliding through the shadow it made not a sound as it drew nearer to the bed of the helpless child.

Fangs of obsidian reflected no light and the shifting miasma of the beast’s skin consumed the warmth in the room. The little boy shivered and the creature paused, unmoving. But before long it continued, the darkness ever increasing. It drew itself up onto the bed, peering forward with eyes that could not see and never had been seen. A creature of hatred, greed, and pride, it knew no mercy or compassion.

When the darkness seemed complete, a lambent light burst forth. A spirit of laughter, hope, and a child’s love stood as a watchful sentinel over the boy. Sword and shield at the ready, it would allow no harm to befall him. The monster retreated, frightened by a warmth and love it had never known.

The boy woke with a start, clutching a teddy bear in his arms, and began to cry.  After a time he saw the nightlight shining in the corner and the bright smile of the teddy bear, his stalwart defender.

Maybe the night was not completely dark.

Story by J.H. Callahan (me)

Drawing by Alex Panagopoulos

reasons to love dreamworks’ troll hunters:

-protagonist is very much fed up with being a protagonist: “I can’t train to fight an evil troll tonight! I have to study for my Spanish test! Because I’m FIFTEEN!!”

-lovable chubby sidekick

-massive fucking troll with a dark past is actually the sweetest gigantic monster teddy bear ever

-the character whose actual name is unknown, and is consequently referred to as NotEnrique

-badass super smart & charming latina sidekick

-hella detail! like everywhere! on everything! it’s amazing

-the trolls and their cities are so beautifully animated (see above point)

-subtle nods to how to train your dragon

- “They were, uh….smooshing faces.” “WHAT??” “Their mouths….smashed together. What is your word….? Kissing!”

-a+ storyline w deep plot and super lovable characters

-go watch troll hunters

-it’s on netflix

-watch it

Date a Girl That...: PENTAGON


  • Has a motherly nature;
  • The prettiest of smiles;
  • Likes to do the small little things like knitting;
  • Cutesy clothes.


  • A pervert;
  • Is secretly a teddy bear and monster of cuddles but only he knows that;
  • Pretty chill;
  • The not-too-girly girl.


  • Mature;
  • Cares about others more than she cares about herself;
  • Very chick fashion;
  • Cuddles for days.


  • Knows how to play her cards well/ Intelligent;
  • Suggestive without realization;
  • Is random;
  • Ain’t scared to talk back to him.


  • Doesn’t mind nudity ;-);
  • Is an actual angel;
  • Pretty dense;
  • Loves food.


  • Is an actual angel;
  • Into retro movies;
  • Someone that has a knack for stability;
  • A real softie.


  • Is an actual angel;
  • Independent;
  • Will take care of him.
  • Into really romantics little things.


  • Has the vibe of dom but actually sub;
  • Isn’t shy;
  • Shows her emotions clearly;
  • Likes silence.


  • Is an actual angel;
  • Natural aegyo;
  • Knows a couple of languages;
  • Cute.


  • Is an actual Satan;
  • Always salty;
  • Knows how to take control;
  • Will have none of his bullshit.
Moving Forward Chapter 7

Prompt: Reader gets pregnant by the sourwolf but he leaves before she could tell him, time skip the kid is 3 and the pack is the readers main support.

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader, Pack x Reader

Word Count: 1,503

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