Every time a girl from the Weasley/Potter clan went clothes shopping, she dragged Teddy along with her mainly because due to his shapeshifting abilities, he could shift into her and model clothes for her so she wouldn’t have to try on the clothes herself. Fortunately, Teddy was a really chill and easygoing person and didn’t mind helping out the girls on the shopping trips as long as he didn’t have to carry all the bags.

Also, a few of the guys would do this as well. Mainly the lazy ones.

lucyweasleyofficial asked:

In your eyes, who is... The most adventurous? The bravest? The Kindest? The happiest? The most active? The Laziest? The smartest?

Most adventurous - Lorcan, probably. He wants to see the world, and go do once in a life time things.

Bravest - This one is hard, because they’re all brave in their own ways. Like, James and Lorcan are the kind of ‘let’s charge into battle and fight’ kind of brave, but Molly and Hugo are the 'facing their fears daily’ kind of brave. So really, there’s no true answer.

Kindest - Teddy. He is just the sweetest soul, and would do anything to help someone in need. He is literally the nicest person you’ll meet.

Happiest - Probably Lucy. She’s this bubbly, bright girl who likes to have fun, and is content just living life to its fullest.

Most Active - James, probably. For him, quidditch isn’t just a sport, it’s a way of life. He goes running in the mornings for part of the school year, and all of the summer. He works out a lot to stay in shape, and puts his quidditch team through the most insane workouts. Rose, Fred, and Roxanne can testify to this - many of the newer players don’t make it through without getting sick, and everyone goes back completely sore.

Laziest - Louis, definitely. He just enjoys lounging around, listening to music and flirting with pretty girls. He couldn’t be bothered to do anything half the time, and runs according to his own time.

Smartest - Rose, I think. Many of the the others are smart, like James is smart, but doesn’t like to study, and Molly and Al are both rather studious, and make good grades. When it comes to natural smarts, though, I think it would be Rose. Although he didn’t necessarily inherit Hermione’s obsessive need to study, she did inherit her brains, and has always gotten things a little bit quicker than the rest of them.

Ask me questions about the Next Generation!

Imagine if Dudley did have a magical child though.

He and Harry haven’t spoken since ‘I don’t think you’re a waste of space’ and he’s matured enough to realise his parents were not good to Harry, especially since the birth of his own little girls because God forbid anything happened to him and they were treated like Harry was.

On Daisy Dursley’s eleventh birthday theres a knock on the door and his wife, Anita, just stares and he feels his stomach drop because the stern lady on the doorstep is wearing a cloak and pointed hat.

They listen to the woman - Professor McGonagall - explain and Anita is surprised but receptive, Daisy is excited and Dudley is terrified of what this means.

It’s a surprise to his wife and little girl when at the end of her explanation, while Daisy’s flicking through a book with moving pictures and Anita peers over her shoulder, Dudley blurts out ‘it’s safe now then? Your world?’

Professor Mcgonagall gives a wry smile and assures him that the magical world is indeed safe. It dawns on him that she was expecting this, that she’d perhaps researched him and was aware of his relation to Harry.

He then admits to Anita and Daisy that his cousin is a wizard, before turning to the Professor and asking if she by chance knows a Harry Potter. Looking amused, professor Mcgonagall acknowledges that she does.

’D'you know where he lives?’

That does surprise her a bit, and she tells him that yes, she knows and that though Daisy’s acceptance into the school has been confidential up until this point, Harry would likely not mind a visitor if he wanted a word.

Daisy begs to come along and he relents eventually, bringing Anita and their youngest, Poppy, along.

All four of them stand on the doorstep of a modest house that Dudley would call nice if there weren’t squat little creatures snickering and running around the front garden.

The door is opened by a slouching boy with turquoise hair who arches a purple eyebrow at them. He yells over his shoulder for someone named Ginny and steps back to let them in, and, when he notices Daisy staring at his hair, he smirks and a second later it’s bubblegum pink.

Daisy squeals in delight and Dudley is still trying to get his head around that when young girl and boy around Daisy’s age with bright red hair and thick brown curls respectively, hurtle down the corridor.

‘Teddy you promised you’d practice the sloth grip roll with us!’ The girl yells in an accusatory tone.

A woman with hair the same shade of flaming red as the little girl appears with what Dudley recognises as a wand in her hand as the boy with blue hair flashes a grin at them before chasing the two younger children outside to a shout of ‘No higher than the treetops Teddy!’

Harry is much like Dudley remembers him, lanky with a pointed face, straight nose and mess of untameable black hair. It’s awkward, but, apparently forewarned, Harry greets him pleasantly and introduces his wife before Ginny goes outside to reign in a gaggle of children he assumes aren’t all Harry’s.

A woman with thick, bushy hair pulled into a messy bun with a wand stuck in it smiles and makes an effort to talk to Anita. She’s not too strange, he thinks, and reassures them that her parents were just as baffled when they found out she was a witch.

‘Why don’t you take Daisy outside to see the broomsticks, Al?’ Harry suggests to Daisy’s obvious delight and Dudley swears Harry’s trying not to laugh.

By the end of the visit Dudley is more informed about the wizarding world than he ever thought he would or wanted to be. Daisy, with a bruise on her forehead and scraped knees, because despite both his and Harry’s warning she hadn’t been able to resist trying to fly, is bouncing off the walls because ‘daddy how could you not tell us?!’

They visit Harry’s a lot over summer and Daisy befriends Lily Luna Potter and Hugo Weasley. Dudley doesn’t feel up to the trip to Diagon Alley but regrets his decision to not go when Daisy comes back with two owls, 'uncle Harry bought the second one for me! So you can write without having to wait for me to send my owl!’

Petunia Dursley faints when she finds out, and Vernon spends a good half hour cursing and brandishing things aimlessly before retreating to his shed.

Dudley being introduced to what he calls 'all those bloody gingers’ some of whom are only just on the right side of civil to him (one cheerfully introduces himself as someone who once visited his childhood home in a flying car and asks if he’s going to need to do the same for Daisy or will she be allowed to attend without punishment).

Daisy is shocked to find out Harry’s famous, and finds out as much as she can about him during her first term, which she relays to an increasingly guilty feeling Dudley, who’s gradually coming around to the idea.

It’s not as bad as his parents made out it was. He’s learned to understand Daisy’s ramblings about her subjects and spells and is proud of her achievements at school. He’s met a handful of witches and wizards through Harry and the world that he’s always been told is terrible doesn’t seem too bad anymore, after all, how could it with his little girl in it? He is prepared come excitable little Poppy’s eleventh birthday, for her to join her sister at Hogwarts instead of standing jealously on the platform as she leaves.

Poppy Dursley never gets a letter.

Moments from the Harry Potter books I wish made it into the movies
  • Peeves
  • Voldemort’s past
  • The story of Albus, Ariana, and Grindelwald. Have Albus say this in the afterlife when talking to Harry.  “Did I know, in my heart of hearts, what Gellert Grindelwald was? I think I did, but I closed my eyes.
  • Grindelwald refusing to give away the location of the Elder Wand and trying to prevent Albus’ tomb being desecrated because he showed remorse, regret and possibly love  in his final years, something Voldemort was incapable of doing
  • James, Sirius, Remus and Peter being called The Marauders, the full flashback from OOTP and Sirius and Remus explaining that James became a better person, especially “but she hated him” “Nah she didn’t”
  • James and Lily being 21, the tragedy of their deaths were that they died young.
  • Ginny Weasley being the boss ass bitch she’s supposed to be
  • Cho defending Marietta and showing what an absolute asshole Harry was to her in OOTP for defending her friend
  • Winky
  • Sassy Harry Potter 
  • Hermione’s canon hair(I love you Emma but your hair was too smooth and clean)
  • S.P.E.W. it shows that Hermione was willing to free House Elves even though they did not want to be freed, but it shows how great her character is and how far she’s willing to go to fight injustice
  • Ron treated like Harry’s best friend and not his goofy sidekick and his canon lines NOT given to Hermione just to make Hermione a better person.
  • The book canon Romione kiss
  • Actual chemistry between Harry and Ginny instead of the movies portraying love between sandpaper and drying paint. Put effort into Harry and Ginny’s relationship and stop trying to say “Harry and Hermione should have happened!”
  • Bill and Fleur in Half-Blood Prince and Fleur saying she doesn’t care about Bill’s scars
  • Snape telling Harry “HOW DARE YOU CALL ME A COWARD!”
  • Peter’s death, showing that he owed Harry a life debt and Peter’s arm slowly killing him and showing that he felt regret for betraying his friends.
  • The full Prince’s Tale to show how Snape grew up, how manipulative Albus was, that Snape was willing to sacrifice James and Harry to save Lily,  showing that Snape and Lily’s relationship was a toxic friendship and that Snape regretted everything and wishes he were dead and  what Snape had to go through.
  • McGonagall sassing Umbridge and more of Minerva being a boss ass bitch
  • Charlie Weasley
  • Bill and Charlie in Goblet Of Fire
  • Percy’s betrayal and redemption 
  • Harry giving Fred and George his winnings to help them build WWW
  • Remus and Tonks’ relationship, Teddy and Remus asking Harry to be Teddy’s godfather
  • Showing Frank and Alice Longbottom in St Mugo’s
  • Lockhart in St Mugo’s
  • Dumbledore’s funeral
  • Luna’s room
  • Lucius and Narcissa searching everywhere for Draco, not attempting to fight only caring about Draco being alive and their reunion 
  • The story of Regulus Arcturus Black and Kreacher’s redemption
  • The book version of the final duel between Harry and Voldemort, saying remorse would save him and showing Tom die a human death 
  • Showing Harry fix his wand
  • The epilogue NOT having the characters to look like they are in their 40’s. Harry and Hermione looks good, but Ron and Ginny should not look so damn old.

Teddy Lupin arrives at Hogwarts with a mop of untidy black hair and bright brown eyes. When he’s sorted into Hufflepuff and the hat is plucked from his head the Great Hall gasps collectively because his hair has turned canary yellow in recognition of his house colours. He keeps it this way for a week before it returns to messy black for the remainder of the year.

In second year he favours hair that is the exact same shade of pale blonde as Victoire Weasley. Only Minerva McGonagall notices that the first moment his hair involuntarily takes shade is when the hat atop Victoire’s head calls Gryffindor.

Third year is the year of bubblegum pink hair. This brings a sad smile to some of the older professors who remember that shade of pink sported frequently by vivacious young girl many years ago.

Fourth year and he resumes the Weasley shade of red because it’s shy little Molly Weasley’s first year and there’s a distinct lack of red heads around.

Fifth year is when Dominique is sorted into Ravenclaw, and his little adoptive family is spread over three Hogwarts houses now, so he spends the first few months with varying colours of scarlet, royal blue and bright, sunshine yellow. Sometimes it’s a multi-hued mix of all three but then he develops an annoying habit of changing his hair to the vibrant house colour of whoever he’s talking to and forest green makes it into the mix.

In sixth year there’s an incident that leaves him unconscious in the hospital wing and his altered features slowly fade to reveal what he would look like without the ability to change his appearance. McGonagall stops dead in the doorway when she finds the spitting image of a young Remus Lupin laying passed out in the bed. Teddy cries when she tells him this, unable to consciously stop any alterations to see for himself. She promises to take a picture if it happens again and Teddy spends the rest of the year with sandy brown hair and amber eyes borrowed from the creased photo he keeps by his bedside.

Seventh year he settles on a particular shade of turquoise blue. It’s vivid and different and entirely of his own design for no other reason than he thinks it suits his personality. Victoire agrees that it does and it stays that way for the entire year, marking the first time he keeps a colour that he hasn’t borrowed from family, friends, houses or old photos for more than a week.

imagine a werewolf activist deciding that a biography really needs to be written about remus lupin. a tale of his lycanthropy and his contribution to the war and his life overall

imagine this person interviewing everyone who ever interacted with remus, including all his teachers and the students he taught and compiling a massive volume on his life

imagine it becoming a bestseller for a couple of years before disappearing off of shelves, before teddy is old enough to read

imagine harry sending him a parcel halfway through his first year with a note that just says “when i was your age, i had a lot of questions about my parents. i’m always happy to answer any you might have. but in the meantime, i thought you might enjoy this”

and it’s not the copy of the book, because teddy had already found that in the library and read it cover to cover (when he was in diagon alley next he was going to order his own). instead it’s a copy of every note the author had, transcripts of every interview. all the little things that wouldn’t make for much of a book, but that have teddy sitting up at 1am, reading under the covers and crying, because all these anecdotes make him almost feel like he actually knows his father. 

Teddy has his own room at Harry and Ginny’s. The three of them paint it it together when he’s five. At first, that’s all it is, an extra room Teddy stays over one or twice every couple of weeks. He likes the little house with the big backyard, and he likes that Ginny teaches him how to play Quidditch and that harry takes him to the mugggle playgrounds. he likes the attention and he likes that he doesn’t have to be quiet. he likes that Ginny always has surprises for him, and he likes that he’s always being pulled onto someone’s lap.

when Andromeda dies, Teddy’s too heartbroken to enjoy playgrounds or stolen treats, and he spends the first month he lives with the Potters full-time crying, his hair an odd purple or or a faintly sick green, sometimes both at once. he spends most nights wedged in between harry and Ginny, looking small and breakable.

Eventually, the ache numbs. He is back to being a little boy. he spends days Harry and Ginny are working at the burrow with Victoire and Mrs. Weasley. he loves Molly, and Victoire. He’s almost seven though, and she is only just barely six, as he reminds her as often as he can.

He Likes to draw. He sits with Harry at the kitchen table for hours with muggle crayons and markers. His shaky pictures are hung up everywhere in the house. Harry beams at him from across the table and Teddy beams back, missing his front teeth.

He starts to be able to control the shifting of his appearance, his eyes and hair don’t always change when his mood does. Mostly, he wears his hair messy and black, or ginger like his cousins. his eyes are always, always Ginny’s.

when James is born Teddy is ecstatic, and he only cries a little because the baby already had harry’s hair and Ginny eyes, and it belonged to them from the beginning. He is a big brother now, Harry tells him and Ginny kisses him between the eyes and above the nose, and tells him how special he is to her, how much she loves him. how much Harry loves him. How much the baby will love him.

The baby, Teddy discovers, is actually quite boring. By the time the second one comes in fact, Teddy is exceptionally sick of them. They were everywhere, it seems, at the burrow, in his house, and they couldn’t even do anything fun, like play Quidditch. Victoire and Teddy plays lot of Quidditch when they are seven eight and nine, and everyone is so excited about all those babies.

When Teddy is eleven he gets his Hogwarts letter and he and Ginnny and Harry take a day to get supplies. He is excited, more than excited, until September first. Then he’s terrified, and doesn’t want to leave home, he doesn’t want to go away. First year for teddy is hard, but he’s sorted into Hufflepuff, and he feels a swell of pride for his mothers house.

He writes home everyday, he spends too much time in the library and cries himself to sleep most nights. He misses Ginny, he misses Harry, he misses James and Albus and little Lily. he misses Victoire. He tells all the other first years about his best friend Vicky who can fly better than anyone on The Chudley Cannons, and wants to work with dragons like her uncle Charlie.

Second year they start together, Teddy pulling Victoire onto the train, Victoire is sorted into in Gryffindor the minute the hat touches her head and it breaks teddy’s heart; but he introduces her to the giant squid, and they go to see Hagrid, and Teddy isn’t so lonely anymore.

Teddy’s third year Victoire makes it onto the Quidditch team, Teddy goes to all her games. He wears his hair in gryffindor colors and she teases him that he looks like a Weasley, not a Potter. He tells her he’s neither. Reminds her his last name is Lupin. She tells him Ginny has a box full of too small Weasley sweaters with blue T’s on the front from past holidays that would argue her point. Teddy smiles at her in his borrowed Gryffindor memorabilia and she knits her hand with his. his hair turns a funny shade of fusia.

fourth year Teddy studies The Order of The Phoenix and werewolves, and writes home to ask about his real mom and dad. Harry cries a little when he talks about Lupin, and Ginny forces herself not to. They tell Teddy everything he’s ever want to know about Remus, with his gentle eyes and his quiet, steady, sureness, and Tonks, who changed her nose into a pigs and showed the most courage, and loyalty, and strenth Ginny has ever seen in life filled with people who had shown enormous courage, and loyalty, and strength.

Fifth year Victoire starts dating some foolishly tall boy with blonde hair. Teddy makes his hair a little sandier. Teddy lets himself grow another inch or three. Victoire doesn’t seem to notice. When they go home for the holidays, Teddy is unusually quiet and Victoire falls asleep with her head on his shoulder. Bill teases Victoire about the boy, and Teddy doesn’t join in.

Sixth year Teddy reads more than even first year. He shuts himself off again, and because he is always quiet and gentle and fading away from them, the other kids don’t notice anythings wrong, but Victoire does. When she asks, he tells her he feels empty. doesn’t remember what he looks like when he isn’t making himself look a certain way. She tells him she knows, that its in his eyes and his smile, and the tooth he chipped when they were ten.

Seventh year Teddy is too busy for anything, except for studying and Victoire. She talks and he listens, and she makes him laugh with his head thrown back and his eyes lit up, and when she kisses him for the first time, it’s by the lake in the cold, and he almost misses it it’s so quick.

When he leaves for his job at the Ministry, Victoire’s heart only breaks a little, because she knows he’ll write, and he always wanted to work with Aunt Hermione. She writes him when she has any time, and he writes her novels back.

When Victoire comes home for the holidays Teddy throws her over his shoulders at the gate, and she yells to be put down and he drops her to her feet and kisses her cheek. Bill and Ginny peer out the burrow window, coffee mugs in hand, shaking their heads.

When she graduates, Victoire heads to Romania. Teddy drops everything and follows her, taking a leave from his job at the Ministry. The little cousins whisper about how Victoire is a dragon tamer, and the grownups whisper about how Teddy would follow her to the end of the world. Teddy and Victoire whisper about Quidditch games and Ministry jobs and letters sent, and Hogsmeade trips and afternoons by the lake.

my favorite thing about harry potter is how attractive the whole potter family is like its understood that harry is one of the hotter boys at school and ginny is fine as hell and teddy who’s an honorary potter can make himself prettier than all of them combined and we all know james and lily were the it couple and i bet james 2, albus, and lily 2 were drop dead gorgeous athletes who were super smart and famous just like their parents like wow they probably have their own fan club and its me i am trash i am their fan club i love the potters

The first time Teddy Lupin meets Victoire Weasley, he is one and she is barely big enough to open her eyes. He isn’t allowed to hold her unless he’s sitting on the couch next to a grownup.

The first time Victoire Weasley asks Teddy if he’ll marry her she’s four, and they are both sitting in the second row at Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny’s wedding. Victoire’s shoes are too small but her mom made wear them and they’re pinching her toes. Aunt Ginny wears pretty high heels that seem like they might hurt her feet. When she asks him, Teddy tells her he needs to think about it. Victoire thinks marrying Teddy would be nice, because they could be barefoot and they wouldn’t have their guests wear ironed dresses and itchy socks.

The first time Teddy Lupin brings Victoire something just because, he is six and it is a button he found on the front steps and kept in his pocket. She carries it around with her for the rest of the day.

The first time Victoire Weasley cries over Teddy Lupin she is seven and he is lying on the ground after falling off one of the old Cleansweeps, and he looks like a crumpled up doll. She runs all the way back to The Burrow to get a grownup and her legs have never felt so wobbly.

The first time Teddy Lupin gets in a fight with Victoire he is ten and she is furious with him for being excited about leaving for school next year despite the fact that she won’t be there.

The first time Victoire Weasley sits down at the Gryffindor table she is eleven and proud and happy because Gryffindor is what she wanted, but she’s a little heartbroken she can’t see Teddy’s smile or hear him clapping with the Hufflepuffs from her where she’s sitting. 

The first time Teddy Lupin feels like maybe he’s in love with Victoire Weasley he is fourteen and she is helping to paint his room, blue like the lake out back, and her hair is cut short to her ears, but she keeps forgetting and trying to run her fingers through it, surprising herself when there’s nothing there. 

The first time Victoire Weasley lies about Teddy Lupin having a girlfriend when somebody asks, she is fifteen and Susan Boot is perfectly nice, but Victoire doesn’t want Teddy to start dating her and stop spending Saturdays with her by the lake or in Honeydukes. 

The first time Teddy Lupin gets detention he is sixteen and has a perfect record, but some Ravenclaw keeps making comments about Veela girls and Teddy doesn’t think about it for a minute before he punches him in the jaw.

The first time Victoire Weasley kisses Teddy Lupin, she is seventeen and he is at the train station to send her off. When she boards the train he waves goodbye from a sea of luggage and crying parents, with a lopsided grin on his face.