teddy lloyd

Dating (older) Lloyd Garmadon would include...

~Stealing his masks

~Getting teased by the other ninja

~Being a kid, but turned to a teenager with Lloyd after the incident

~Garmadon being like a father to you

~”When will my grandchildren arrive?!”

~Tight hugs


~No joke, he’s a walking teddy bear

~Lloyd spoiling you with candy

~Him protecting you when you’re both captured for Lloyd’s golden power

~”Don’t you dare touch her!”

~”Then give me your powers! Or else this girl leaves the ship and drowns in the ocean beneath us,”

~Lloyd giving up his powers, just so you’re safe

~The ship exploding and the overlord’s overdrive being defeated

~The ninja all waiting for a response, fearing neither of you survived

~”We’re here! We’re alright!”

~Lloyd holding you close and whispering sweet nothings, how he will protect you from all harm

~Tangling your fingers in his blonde hair, as he would kiss your neck, continuing to sooth you with comforting words

~Falling asleep on his chest, the ninja walking in with Lloyd’s left arm over your lower back, the other dangling off the edge of the bed

~Your cheek on his chest and soft snores escaping your parted lips

~The ninja snickering and telling each other to be quiet, leaving you both to sleep

~Lloyd waking up and looking down at you, smiling and gently kissing your forehead,

~”Morning, love,”

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I saw on Tumblr how some people interpreted Ninten’s face as one big question mark, so I jumped the bandwagon by doing this quick comic. I like the idea of Ninten being a normal-looking boy… until you give him a difficult question (that means no asking him about rocket science, Lloyd).

I was also toying with this personal headcanon that Teddy has no eyes, which he hides by wearing really cool sunglasses. He does take them off, but he does not like people reacting to his eyeless face. I got this headcanon from seeing fanart where Teddy is always drawn with his sunglasses on and yet I’ve never seen fanart where Teddy has them off.

Also also, I love a dark-skinned Teddy.

Even more Greenflame headcanons

- To say the least, Kai gets extremely worried about Lloyd whenever he goes out alone, due in part to the whole Morro fiasco. He texts Lloyd almost every two minutes to make sure he’s okay.

- Sometimes Lloyd wears Kai’s clothes, and often teases Kai by saying his clothes are almost as comfortable as his hugs.

- Whenever they go to the amusement park, Kai always tries to win a stuffed animal for Lloyd, but has only ever succeeded once, and it was a tiny teddy bear that Lloyd sleeps with every night.

- Kai often has nightmares about losing Lloyd, and in fact asks Lloyd to sleep with him almost every night so he can be sure nothing bad happens to him.

- At this point, you’re probably wondering if Lloyd gets annoyed by how overbearing Kai is. The answer is yes, and he’ll often tell Kai off, which then leads to apology kisses.