teddy kelly

The Beatles, with Pete Best, screen capped from The Beatles Anthology

“For Freda [Kelly], as for so many others, it was love at first sight.
‘They were messing about on stage and that’s what I liked, the fun side of it. Initially, I liked Paul the most, for his looks, but then George spoke to me and I liked him. He was thoughtful, and while the other two were always larking about, George would just say something dry…’” - The Beatles - All These Years: Tune In by Mark Lewisohn [x]


Here’s a video of Michael Hsiung and Teddy Kelly talking about “Tonight, We Fight!”

THURSDAY, JUNE 13th, 2013

Here’s a flyer for a group show I’m super stoked to be a part of.  Tonight We Fight! opens at New Image Art Gallery in LA on the 22nd.  My stupid little dumb-shit scribbles are gonna be getting overshadowed by pieces from Michael Hsiung, Luke Pelletier, John Malta, Eric McHenry, Sean Morris, Teddy Kelly, Mildred, Pacolli, Nathan Brown, Dillon Froelich, Miles Jackson and Yarrow Slaps.

Not only am I stoked to be sharing walls with those dudes, I’m stoked about the walls themselves; New Image just wrapped up a show by Chad Muska, and is gonna be having one by Neck Face soon.  That place is EPIC in my mind.

And it’s all sponsored by Ambig, who put out one of the best skate videos in recent memory about a month ago.