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Next Generation Headcanons

- Scorpius was Lilys very first crush, she gave him up after figuring out that he’s into Albus

- Lily is super empathic but also very manipulative. She can get everyone to do whatever she wants. Most of the time they don’t even notice.

- Lily’s Gryffindor. No one understands it, they suspect that she somehow managed to trick the hat into putting her to Gryffindor

- Lily and James have a bet about who Scorpius will date. Lily says Albus and James thinks it’ll be Rose

- There’s actually a lot betting going on in the Weasley/Potter family. They literally bet about everything. “Which team will win Quidditch game?” “When will Teddy and Victoire finally get together?” “Who gets the next detention?”

- The loser punishment is always the same. They have to be the winners servant for a whole day. Any day.

- They love to win against Teddy, most of the time he has to go to detention for them.

- Everyone quickly learnes that Lily and Rose always win. Well, everyone except James.

- James and Fred (jr.) are in the same year. They’re probably worse than the marauders and the twins together.

- George secretly provides them with whatever they need for pranks, he’s very proud of his son

- Of course Angelina knows what George is doing, but she pretends not to notice

- James and Fred are the masterminds of their pranks but they’re only successful because they have friends or family in every single Hogwarts house who are more than willing to help them execute their plans

Note: English isn’t my first language, I’m sorry for any mistake I made


I love how Jinyoung and Mark look like they’re in their own little world. But then you’ve got Jackson on his own at the side and he looks like the kid when you were younger who got the cow or the tree to play in school productions.


  • Drew Roy as Iron Lad / Nate Richards (I’m not really sure is this the right choice, but Julian McMahon is way too old, even though Nate’s face looks so much like his.)
  • Mason Dye as Hulkling / Teddy Altman (Honestly I couldn’t think of anyone better for this role. Mason looks EXACTLY like Teddy.)
  • Sinqua Walls as Patriot / Eli Bradley (He looks dangerous, but his smile could melt the ice - perfect combination, also THEM CHEEBONES.)
  • Billy Lewis Jr. as Wiccan / Billy Kaplan (I think he would fit in this character, even though I wanted Finn Wittrock sooo bad! If he only looked a little bit younger…)
  • Alexandra Daddario as Hawkeye / Kate Bishop (Do I have to explain? She seems perfect for this role, amirite?)
  • Teresa Palmer as Stature / Cassie Lang (I always associated Teresa with word average, she’s beautiful, that’s true, but she’s not like “in your face” and I wanted someone like that to contrast with Alexandra’s strong features also, she just look like Cassie, lol.)

A small selection of photos from Saturday night of Wondercon with my amazing cosplay family. Matt (Gene) and Stacey (Louise) are two of my closest friends and this cosplay wouldn’t be as fun as it is with out those two. So incredibly grateful to have friends like them! Shout out to the rest of our friends for joining in on the fun as our dad, Jimmy Pesto Jr and Teddy! More photos to come!


 Today We Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.   

“Martin Luther King dedicated his life to love and to justice between fellow human beings. He died in the cause of that effort. In this difficult day, in this difficult time for the United States, it’s perhaps well to ask what kind of a nation we are and what direction we want to move in. For those of you who are black – considering the evidence evidently is that there were white people who were responsible – you can be filled with bitterness, and with hatred, and a desire for revenge.”

-Senator Robert F. Kennedy

laqueus  asked:

Freaky Doodles, do you like sweet things like ice cream?

I’m more of a savory kind of monster…But I do like my sweet things. Thing is! If you go sweet, you go EXTREME.

Extreme milkshakes are what you gotta go for. Big, messy, sweet heart attacks in a glass! The more extreme, the better.”

“There is a cafe that sells them actually. This one time that ol’ aof king Bowser? Took Jr. and Teddy me to it and poor kid barely got to the ice cream and he was already running around for the whole da…no! weekend from the sugar. Uh….That was a terrible weekend….I go by myself if I ever want one now…”