teddy foster

Alternative ending of Harry Potter and the deathly hallows

~The scene where Hagrid is caring the “dead” Harry~

Draco is considering which side he’ll join, considering the fact that Harry is dead. When he sees that Harry isn’t dead, he immediately goes to the good side. Though instead of just joining them, he runs directly to Harry and hugs him and then helps to defeat Voldemort.

After the battle, Draco decides to tell Harry about how he’s felt about him. The jealousy and how he’s admired him all along. (Nervously telling him about how he’s been crushing on him too). Harry forgives his actions and the two decide to put their fights behind them and start over. They soon evolve their relationship and they somehow end together. They’ve been fostering Teddy Lupin alongside his grandmother, and after discussing it with her, they agree to officially adopt him at age 4, and when he turns 11, they sent him to hogwarts to start his own hogwarts adventure.


This i a little thing me and @frejalucia came up with and i just thought it was really cute. Lots of credit to @frejalucia tho, she did most the work writing this :3