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Ten more Next Gen headcanons.

1. Dean and Seamus wait until their mid-forties to have kids. They name their first daughter Ari, after Ariana Dumbledore, who kept Seamus and the rest of the students in the Room of Requirement safe. 

2. Teddy fully expects his patronus to be a wolf. When it’s not, he panics, and firecalls Harry from the Hufflepuff Common Room. Harry is so busy being proud of his godson for producing a corporeal Patronus, he eases Teddy’s fears by not even asking what form it had taken. He figures, if Harry didn’t care enough to ask, whatever it is is okay. 

3. Lily Luna Weasley-Potter is the spitting image of her namesake, so people are often surprised to find that she’s more like her father than anyone. She’s sharp, suspicious, and never lets a mystery pass her by. When Harry made the mistake of using his, “trouble usually finds me” line in Lily’s hearing, she adopted it to use when given detentions for sneaking around the castle. 

4. Pansy Parkinson’s spoiled son is basically Draco Malfoy 2.0 - he’s just as rich, pretty, and disdainful. He’s also a mama’s boy. She loves him, although she’s not half the mother Narcissa was. 

5. James Sirius Potter adds a hyphen to his middle name after learning about the Marauders, and tries to make people call him James Sirius-Remus Potter. It only works on Andromeda and Teddy…until he comes of age and gets it added legally. He’s the most affected by history of all the next gen kids, and carries his name and his blood (both Potter and Weasley) very seriously. His Patronus is a stag like his father’s and grandfather’s before him, and he takes immense pride in that. 

6. Hugo Weasley is the cuddliest child in the history of children. He gets it from Ron, who eats it up and cuddles him right back. Hermione doesn’t know how to deal with it as well. She’s more of a forehead kiss kind of person. 

7. Ginny loves the Burrow as an adult more than she ever did growing up in. She’s grateful that her children have somewhere to spend their childhoods with their extended family. It feels right to take Jamie and Al and Lily there in a way it never felt right when she was young. 

8. Bill and Fleur, who constantly keep their own respective well-above-average hair in complicated braids, teach their kids to, as well. Victoire, Dominique and Louis have the prettiest, shiniest, most adorably braided hair in school. 

9. Harry is convinced that his kids have a fundamentally different Hogwarts experience than he did - not by nature of not being the Chosen one, or even because half of them aren’t in Gryffindor - but because Madame Pomfery retired before they even got to Hogwarts. She’d been a huge part of his six years there - always there fussing the moment he awoke. Who was going to do that when Lily did something stupid, or Al got hurt defending his friends, or James caught a rogue Bludger to the ear, or Teddy splinched himself in Apparating lessons? Who else was going to be vaguely disapproving and caring at the same time? Who else was going to say don’t do that again, child…but on the off-chance that you do, you’ll be right as rain with a bit of rest? Even though Hannah does a great job in the infirmary, Harry always feels off when any of his kids get hurt. 

10. The Weasley clan never knows who to cheer for during House Quidditch matches, because they’ve got children, grandchildren and niblings on every House team. So they cheer for everyone. 

Here's some fluffy Jeddy for ya'll! 😄

Ok so this is based on that soul mates AU where your soul mate’s hair color is the colour of your eyes. Your eyes also change colour to match their hair if they dye it.

James hated his soul mate. Who even changes there hair color five times a day? To be honest, the person seemed pretty cool and James loved all the attention he got, but waking up at 2 am to have a very late midnight snack and being scared out of your skin when you look into the mirror on your way back because your eyes are suddenly a bright  bubblegum pink is not so cool.

James was pretty sure he was dead when he felt someone jump on top of him. He opened an eye and Lily shrieked immediately. “Your soul mate’s a punk! Honestly, who has yellow hair?” Lily asked, laughing hysterically.  

“I can’t go to your party like this! What is wrong with this person! Oh and happy birthday by the way…” James sat up, scratching his hair and yawning.

“Hah! You remembered!  Don’t worry big bro your soul mate changes their  hair every hour, It’ll be neon green by night! Lily said, before running away as James threw a perfectly aimed pillow at her.

“I didn’t get you a present!” James shouted after Lily  as she closed the door to his bedroom behind her.

James groaned and buried is face into his pillow. He hated getting up early. And most of all he hated taking a shower.

It was a Sunday morning and he couldn’t believe he was already in the shower. 8 am was just too early. It’s Lily birthday, he thought to himself, everybody’s going to be there at the party. No, he had to look presentable.

He dried himself up with a flick of his wand and got dressed quickly. He wasn’t joking about not having a present for Lily yet. What do you even give to annoying little 16 year old girls on their birthdays?

James decided Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes would be the best choice, it was his and Lily’s favourite shop after all, he also hadn’t visited his uncles Fred and George in a while.

He apparated to Diagon Alley and was greeted by a bunch of Weasley kids.

“Hey James!” Rose waved towards him “You’re going to Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes too, aren’t you?  We could all go together!”

“Sure!” James said, walking towards the the noisy little group.

Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes was tightly packed with young witches and wizards as always. James caught a glimpse of his uncle Fred demonstrating a new trick to an excited group of kids. He walked over to where the dung bombs were kept and found his uncle Sirius (technically they were his granddad’s best friends but grand uncle sounded quite weird…Sirius agreed with him) there looking way more excited than the kids uncle Fred was with. Remus was standing behind him looking defeated.

“What do you even do with dung bombs?” James asked, walking towards them with a wide grin. Sirius was his favourite uncle.

“Oh don’t ask. He drags me here every month!” Remus said, glaring at Sirius.

“You’re going to be there at the party too, right?” James asked, picking up 6 dung bombs in one hand.

“Yeah sure, we’ll be there!” Sirius and Remus said together.  

“Love the turquoise eyes, James! Bet they were bright yellow just this morning.” Sirius said, winking at James and then quickly turning to Remus with a knowing smirk.

“How do you know?” James asked, he was sure they knew something he didn’t.

“Oh, forgot we said anything! We’ve got to go now! See you at the party, James!” Remus was now walking away from James, full speed, dragging Sirius behind him, who was waving at James.

James sighed. Real weird family he had…but he loved ever last one of them, even if they were total nut cases.

James knew Lily loved dung bombs and he was quite proud of her to be honest. She could be really annoying sometimes, but James and Lily got along really well. The amount of hexes Lily knew made James really proud and scared him at the same time.

It was almost time for the party, James had spent half the day brewing up a hurricane in his closet. He had finally settled on his favourite black tee which said ‘Mischief Managed’ on the front in gold. He had charmed it to work like an exact replica of the Marauder’s Map but only the person wearing it could use it. It wasn’t that useful, but James loved it. He looked into the mirror, his eyes were indeed a beautiful mix of green and blue. This he could live with.

“People are going to be here any moment now, James! - Oh hello, Scorpius!” Albus sounded really excited. James was sure he had something going on with that Malfoy kid.

James apparated downstairs, ( why walk when you can apparate, right? ) the hall looked amazing. Their mom had gone a bit overboard decorating the place. Christmas was around the corner and so Lily’s birthday party was Christmas themed. They had even bought a tree and the roof was charmed to look like the night sky with soft snowflakes falling occasionally and disappearing into thin air before falling to the floor. A bunch of mistletoe hung around every corner, and trays with cups of hot chocolate flew around the hall.

James got himself a cup and then proceeded to blast some muggle rock music, which he and Lily adored, in the highest possible volume at which the neighbours wouldn’t consider calling the police.

In half an hour the room was tightly packed with people. James went over to where his grandparents were. He found Sirius and Remus next to them. Remus was an exceptionally good dancer, he noted with a grin.

“Hey dads!” he heard someone call form behind him. As he turned around to have a look at who this person was, he felt time freeze. The person before him was just a bit taller than him, he had a beanie on but the blue-green hair peaking out from the front of it was unmistakable.

James spent the next few minutes staring at Teddy as he talked to Sirius and Remus. He had never really seen Teddy before…well, actually he might have, when they were kids, but he didn’t remember. Teddy was quite scrawny actually, but in a really cute way. He had really long lashes but James couldn’t really make out his eye colour. He so hoped that they were dark brown.

“Hey James! You haven’t met Teddy yet, right? Come over here!” Sirius was full on smirking at him now, he had one arm around Teddy’s shoulder and Teddy was looking straight at him. For a moment James couldn’t breath. And going by Teddy’s face he looked like he couldn’t either. His lips were slightly apart and James could swear he was blushing a bit. As James walked over to right in front of Teddy, he could see his eyes were the exact shade of really dark brown as his hair.

“Hello Teddy… I mean I’m Teddy..uh hi!” Teddy said, extending a hand towards James. James shook his hand, they were still staring at each other and it took James a bit (way too much actually) longer than it should have to realise that they were still holding hands and he hadn’t said a word.

“Uh I-I’m James, nice to meet you Teddy!” James couldn’t control the blush that was slowly creeping up to his cheeks. He abruptly let go of Teddy’s hand and ran it though his hair, which he had spent hours on to make it look perfectly messy.

“James…” Teddy repeated his name, just loud enough for James to hear. Hearing his name on Teddy’s lips made him want to kiss him senseless right in front of his family. He decided he couldn’t trust himself enough, he had to go find Lily.

“I-l’ve got to go find Lily…see you around Teddy!” he turned around and disappeared into the crowd. He could hear Teddy asking him to wait but he needed to get away before he dragged Teddy into a room or something.

“Lily, help.” James was out of breath when he found Lily.

“So Teddy Lupin, huh?” Lily turned to him with a smirk.

“Well. Yes, and how do you know? And why is everyone smirking at me like that!? Ugh.” James buried his face into his hands.

“It’s my birthday, silly! He came to wish me, I noticed the turquoise hair, he’s cute. Now go kiss him!” Lily’s smirk was only getting more ridiculous.

“Merlin, LILY! I can’t just kiss him! I need a plan, ok?” James was beginning to get sick of that evil smirk.

“Ok here’s the plan. You go find him, ask him to dance. They I play some sick beat and you casually sneek him into your room and then you snog him for eternity!- Oh look there he is!” Lily had that mischievous spark in her eyes which she had gotten from her mother.

“Yeah, that sounds about right…wait, what?” James turned around and was pushed into someone. “Oops!” he herd Lily giggle behind him.

Suddenly he couldn’t think straight anymore. Strong arms were around him and his heart was in his throat.

“Are you ok, James?” Teddy whispered into his ear as he pulled him back up and took a step away from him.

He didn’t want him to move at all, James had gone all weak at the knees and was sure he’d fall if he didn’t find a support soon enough.

“willyoudancewithme?” he blurted out, resting his arm on the table next to him in the most awkward way possible.

“Um…what?” Teddy asked, in confusion. He looked really cute when he was confused.

““W-Would you like to dance with me?” James was trying not to stutter but Teddy was still staring at him.

“I’d love to!” Teddy exclaimed, laughing, and just as he pulled James close and placed his hands on his shoulder ‘Voices’ by ‘Cheap Trick’ started playing and everybody in the room whooped and clapped in approval. James cursed under his breath.

Teddy was a very very good dancer and James was struggling to keep up. Teddy was laughing into his ear as he pulled him closer still. James was falling for him every second.

“Can we go somewhere quite?” Teddy asked, weaving their fingers together. James could actually feel butterflies in his stomach.

“Sure, Follow me.” James led Teddy through the crowd of people towards his room. They were still holding hands and James was finding it hard to breathe.

“Um…this is my room.” James said, opening the door.

Teddy stared at him for a while and then pushed him into the room and pinned him to the back of the door in one fluid motion, closing the door shut in the process.

“Where were you all my life.” Teddy whispered, fixing him to the spot with his mesmerising gaze, it was impossible to look away.

“Where were you all my life” James whispered back. Teddy was too close to him. Their bodies were pressed together in all the right place, there was absolutely no space between them.

“Let’s talk later ok?” Teddy said before kissing him slowly at first, savouring each second.

James felt fireworks explode in his heart. He had never been kissed before, and this was the most amazing feeling in the world. Teddy bit down on his lower lip gently and James just couldn’t control the little noises that were escaping his lips. Teddy’s tongue was in his mouth and James had his fingers  tangled in his hair, gripping it tight enough to make Teddy moan in a way that was driving him crazy. Every kiss was like a promise for more to come, little glimpse of the eternity they had before them.

When they finally broke, apart both of them were gasping for air.

“Your eyes are bubblegum pink.” Teddy was giggling now, their foreheads touching.

“Your hair is bubblegum pink.” James laughed along with Teddy, twisting his body so that it was now Teddy who was pinned to the door.

“You’re going to have to visit a lot more frequently from now on.” James said, nibbling on his lower lip.

“Hmm, looks like I will be visiting quite frequently.” Teddy replied, pulling James into a hug.

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Just Desserts Served

“Hey, where’s dad?” Teddy came down the stairs of Grimmauld Place in all his turquoise hair glory with a puzzled expression on his face. He paused at the third step from the bottom and hung loosely onto the railing, swinging back and forth impatiently. Harry looked upon his adopted son with instant worry and remorse. 

“Teddy, are you alright? You know your dad is…” Harry hesitated. Your dad is what? Dead? Gone? Even after seven years of raising Remus’ son, the conversation of his parentage never got any easier. 

Teddy huffed, rolled his eyes, and gave Harry the crooked smile that was usually reserved for moments when Harry was being especially silly. 

“No, dad! I’m not talking about my birth father! I’m talking about my other dad. You know, your other half? The light of your life? The sarcastic blond that also lives here? Also known as your husband? Any of this ring any bells?” 

Harry’s mind immediately short circuited as he got stuck on the strange words coming out of Teddy’s mouth like “husband” and “dad”. He stood agape as he looked down at the boy in complete confused horror. Teddy raised his eyebrows expectantly up at him after moments went by without any answers. Harry opened and closed his mouth a few times before he finally was able to rasp out something that was thankfully english. 

“You mean, Draco?” 

Teddy snorted, and raised one eyebrow, looking very much like the man in question. “No, I mean Gilderoy Lockhart. Of coarse I’m talking about Draco!” 

Harry literally did not know what to say to that. His throat felt dry, so he swallowed, but there turned out not to be any saliva left in his mouth. He cleared his throat, “He’s having dinner with Aunt Narcissa tonight. He’ll be back in a couple of hours.” 

Teddy nodded to himself, “Oh, okay. Well, tell him that I need help with my potions project when he gets in.” 

Harry felt strange as he muttered an absent, “Alright”, and he couldn’t seem to stop the loud pounding in his ears. Teddy didn’t seem to notice anything amiss, however, as he walked unconcerned back up the stairs and into his room. 

When Draco got home late into the night, he found Harry sitting at the kitchen table with his bottom lip caught between his teeth. He didn’t look up as Draco entered the room, dropping his coat on the back of the chair and leaning against the counter. 

“You didn’t have to wait up. I told you I was having dinner with my parents tonight.” 

“We have a problem!” Harry looked up at Draco with wide eyes, and Draco’s breath caught in his throat. 

“Is Teddy alright?” he demanded. 

Harry exhaled, “Oh god, yes! Sorry, I didn’t mean to shout. It’s just that…” he found himself at a loss for words once again. How on earth should he approach a topic like this? 

“Just that what? Spit it out, Potter!” the other man snapped, and Harry could hear a slight bit of anxiety behind the aggravation.    

Harry pulled at his hair in frustration. “Fine!” he growled, “Teddy has somehow gotten the idea into his head that we’re together…as in, romantically.” 

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Dear Journal,

We finally landed in Paris! Merlin I was so excited to be here. Sirius picked up Teddy and took hold of my hand as we left the airport. Everyone was speaking french around us! Sirius thought it was funny because he could understand every conversation and I couldn’t.

“Dammit I won’t be able to curse in french here!” He laughed as I kissed his lips.

As my lips left his, a young couple looked at us with disgust. I really thought we would be accepted here.

“Let’s hum.. Let’s walk that way okay babe?” Sirius said taking my hand.

“What did they say about us?” I asked.

“Babe..” Sirius insisted.

“No tell me..”

“They.. They said that we were errors of nature..” He said.

He looked at me with a half smile on his face and we just started laughing.

“Merlin they’re idiots!” I laughed.

“C'mere, let me kiss you again..” He said, his lips dangerously close to mine.

As we kissed, Teddy was getting impatient sitting on Sirius’ shoulders.

“Okay Teddy, we’re going to the hotel!” Sirius laughed.

Our hotel room was stunning! We could see the Eiffel tower from the window!

“Sirius come see this!! Look the Eiffel tower!!” I yelled, jumping up and down in front of the window.

“I paid a little extra so we could see it from our room..” he said, hugging me from behind.

“Thank you Sirius!! I’m so happy!!” I said, turning around to give him a loving kiss.

“I’d do anything for you..” He whispered.

“You’re too good for me..”

“Oh believe me babe.. You’re the one who’s too good..” he smiled.

“Okay okay we get it you two love eachother!!” We heared a familiar voice say.

“Wegulus!” Teddy yelled.

Regulus was in the doorframe, leaning against it casualy.

“Anyone missed me?” He smirked.

“Regulus!” Sirius ran, hugging his brother.

“Hey brother.” Regulus said, hugging Sirius close to him.

“Suprise!” I said.

“You were behing this?” Sirius asked.

“I was.” I smiled. “He was supposed to come home today but when you said we were leaving for Paris, I called him so he could change his flight..” I said.

Sirius then hugged me and whispered a “thank you” and an “I love you” in my ear.

“Teddy hug too!” Teddy said from where he was sitting on the floor.

“Oh I missed you my little Teddy bear!” Regulus said, picking up Teddy.

“Well, It’s getting late.. How about we go to sleep so we can be ready to explore tommorow?” Sirius said, yawning.

Regulus went to his room that he shared with Sophie and we all put on our pyjamas. The hotel gave us a lovely crib for Teddy. He fell asleep in minutes, the poor thing was exhausted! I was on the balcony, looking at the lightened city. I felt Sirius’ arms wrap themselves around me.

“It’s beautiful..” I whispered.

“It is.. but it’ll still be here tommorow. Let’s go to sleep love..” Sirius said, yawning again.

We went to sleep, cuddled into eachother.

May 16th 1998

shut up, ted (sequel to wotcher, vic)

“Merlin, mate, you got bloody Nargles in your head or somethin’?”

Teddy makes an offended noise in the back of his throat and turns toward Orion, eye roll ready and primed. Orion just cocks an eyebrow and looks back steadily, far too amused for his own good. Smug bastard. Teddy just knew the moment they Flooed into Aunt Luna’s to lose the wizards tailing them that it was going to mistake. And now here they are, two months later, and Orion’s still bringing those damn Nargles up every chance he gets. Ugh. Idiot’s nearing thirty—as James is fond of saying (and Ginny is fond of smacking him for), a grown-arse man—but you’d never know by the way he’s giggling like a damned schoolgirl.

Before Teddy can say the obligatory oh dearie me, I forgot to wet myself with laughter, Kyler butts his dumb head in. “He’s just distracted,” Kyler says, leaning ’round Teddy to give Orion an obscene wink. Uh oh. “His girlfriend’s coming back from Hogwarts today.”

“Ooh,” Orion says, waggling his eyebrows. Teddy tries his hardest to ignore him. Problem is, these two are worse gossips than Nan and Grandma Weasley at their weekly teas. And now one Orion Thomas Gold—incurable flirt, Leaky Cauldron frequenter, and both womanizer and man-izer—has just hit the bloody jackpot. “Little Teddy’s got himself a bird?”

Little Teddy’s about to curse your ears off,” Teddy grumbles, glaring at Kyler. Kyler just shrugs back, the very picture of innocence. Traitor.

Orion elbows Teddy to regain his attention, grin nothing short of wicked. “So? You gonna tell or not?”

Preferably not, Teddy thinks, because if Orion hears one mention of Victoire, it’s only a matter of time before he finds out everything else (the infamous Quidditch Cup incident included). And then Teddy will absolutely, one-hundred percent never live it down.

Sensing Teddy’s unwillingness to say anything, Kyler decides to speak up for him. “Her name is Victoire,” he says, whispering conspiratorially. “She’s—”

Teddy hastily reaches over to cover Kyler’s mouth. “That’s enough from you.”

Unfortunately, the damage has already been done. “C’mon, c’mon, spill the beans!” Orion demands, rubbing his hands together excitedly. Damn idiot looks ready to wet himself.

Groaning, Teddy releases Kyler and pushes him away. Unfortunately, Teddy nearly goes down with him. Orion, only too used to Teddy’s clumsiness, quickly snags Teddy’s collar to keep him upright.

“Her name is Victoire,” Teddy finally says once he’s no longer in danger of falling on his face (again). “She’s been my best friend since I was two. We’ve been seeing each other for three years.”

“And she’s an eighth Veela!” Kyler adds.

On Teddy’s other side, Orion lets out an excited stream of vowels.

Teddy pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs. When his hand falls back to his side, light glances off the ring on his pinky—Victoire’s twentieth birthday present to him. (“Wicked,” he said when she’d first given it to him, holding the dragon scale—carved into a half-crescent moon—up to the light. “Does this make me badass now?”)

“Yes,” he says flatly. “She’s an eighth Veela and she’s damn bloody gorgeous, alright?”

Orion claps his hands together and positively cackles. Shaking his head, Teddy shares a concerned look with Kyler. “You do realize we’re supposed to be trailing someone, right?”

Orion huffs out a great sigh, cheeks flushed from laughing so much. “Always the serious one.”

“Oh, give the bloke a break,” Kyler chips in, humming under his breath. But his hand’s tucked in the pocket of his robes; Teddy knows it’s clenched around his wand. Although they’ve perfected the hidden-in-plain-sight technique he and Harry created, it still makes Kyler a little nervous. “He hasn’t seen his girlfriend in months.”

“Alright then,” Orion says, faking reluctance. “I guess I’ll let it slide this time.”

“Good,” Teddy says, starting forward. “Because our mark just went down that alley. Let’s go.”

(They don’t speak again until Teddy’s got handcuffs around the Death Eater wannabe. Then, Orion wipes the blood from his nose and says, “so, can I meet this bird of yours?”

“Absolutely not,” Teddy says immediately, and Apparates himself back to the Ministry without a backwards glance.)

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Vena Amoris

They promised no presents; they knew they didn’t need cheap chocolates, cliché hearts or red roses that would die in a day to know that they loved each other. But still, Stiles tried to surprise Derek for Valentine’s Day and it worked, up until it didn’t. But none of that matters to Derek.

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Derek pulled the Camaro into the lot, gliding into his usual space and parking the car. He shut off the engine and looked out the front window, down the hood of his car at the huddled figure shuddering in cold night air. His brow furrowed with confusion and worry as he stepped out of the car and called to the boy, “Stiles?”

His face was buried in his hands and his shoulders were trembling with quiet sobs.

Derek stepped over to his side and knelt down before him.

“Stiles, what’s wrong?” Derek asked, his voice quiet and comforting but full of fear.

“I’m sorry,” Stiles babbled, sniffing back his tears.

“Stiles, look at me,” Derek encouraged softly. He slid a finger beneath Stiles’ chin and gently tilted the boy’s face to meet his gaze. “What’s wrong?”

Stiles wiped away his tears and bit his quivering lip.

“Are you hurt?” Derek asked, slightly panicked.

Stiles shook his head. He drew in a deep breath and explained, “I tried to cook dinner so we could have a romantic night once you came home from work, but I turned my back for three seconds and the dog ate it all.”

Derek sighed and whispered, “Oh, babe, it’s okay.”

“No,” Stiles objected weakly. “I really wanted to do something special for you, but I couldn’t. I can’t do anything right.”

“That’s not true,” Derek argued. He reached forward and carefully took Stiles’ hand in his hand. He ran his fingers across the ridges of the boy’s knuckles before pressing a tender kiss to Stiles’ ring finger.

There was a reason behind his specificity. Before medical science discovered how the circulatory system worked, people believed that there was a vein that ran directly from the fourth finger on the left hand to the heart known as the vena amoris, Latin for ‘the vein of love’. It was a little piece of trivia that amused Stiles and led to a tender gesture that always made Stiles smile. And when all else failed, it was a sign of dedication, the faintest trace of a kiss that lingered on his skin like a ring.

It was a sweet gesture that was uniquely theirs.

Stiles smiled weakly and muttered, “I really wanted to surprise you.”

“Well sitting on the pavement and crying is one way to surprise me,” Derek pointed out.

Stiles chuckled slightly. “I wanted today to be special.”

“It is,” Derek assured him. “Every day with you is special. Just because it’s Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean I love you any more today or any less any other day. Chocolates, hearts and red roses don’t change how I feel about you.”

Stiles smiled, bowing his head slightly as he hid his blush.

“So, how about we go upstairs and cook dinner together?” Derek offered.

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Permission to call the badgeless from TAAO9 "Bumblebear the Badgeless"? Cos he's got Bumblebee's squish face and teddy bear ears (and is also a badgeless).

Permission granted.

I thank you for making this Monday morning better for the entire Internet.

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Maybe jeddy 58

I’m going to combine this with another request that I got that was 57 for Jeddy. I hope neither of you mind! 😊

“Hey Jamie,” Teddy said cheerily as he walked into James’s room and threw himself onto the bed next to James.

The two of them had moved in together after James graduated. Teddy was convinced that they were just two best friends living together. James…not so much.

“Hey,” James mumbled, not glancing up from whatever he was working on.

“What’s up?” He asked, resting his chin on James’s shoulder, peering over it to see what he was doing.

James could feel his light breaths against his neck, and it sent shivers through  him. He tried shrugging his chin off, but it only made things worse. Teddy kept his chin there and then wrapped an arm around the small of James’s back, his hand resting comfortably on his stomach.

James sighed and blushed slightly at the gesture.

“Just some paperwork that I brought home from the office,” he answered, trying not to let Teddy affect him.

This always happened. Teddy, thinking that they were just friends, thought nothing of the small touches. Sometimes he would even jokingly make the touches a little more intimate or flirt with James. James didn’t think it was nothing, though. How could he when he’s had the biggest crush on Teddy for as long as he could remember.

“Hmm,” Teddy hummed into his ear as he subconsciously began rubbing his hand, that was previously just resting there, up and down James’s stomach. “Sounds boring.”

“T-Teddy, please stop,” James said quietly.

“Stop what?” Teddy asked, smirking. “This?” He said, and slid his hand under James’s shirt to continue rubbing.

James was blushing furiously now and took in a shuddering breath.


“Why?” Teddy teased, and began to rub James’s thigh with his other hand.

“S-Stop,” he tried again, hissing in a breath.

“But Jamie, it seems to me that you like it,” he whispered into his ear and then nipped at his earlobe.

Stop!” James finally yelled and shoved Teddy away from him before jumping to his feet, breathing heavily.

Teddy looked at him with a furrowed eyebrow, confused and concerned.

“Jamie, what’s wrong? We always joke around like this.”

“W-Well, maybe it’s not just joking to me!” James burst out then turned to stare out the window to avoid looking at Teddy.

“What?” Teddy breathed out.

James turned back to him..

“It’s not just a joke to me, okay? I-I,” he took a deep breath to compose himself. “I like you, Teddy…a lot. No, I don’t even just like you. I love you. It’s…it’s not just casual touches, or friends joking around, for me…like it is to you.” He crossed his arms and turned back to the window.

Teddy got up and walked over to the window, forcing James around to make him look at him.

“Jamie…is that really how you feel?”

James glared at him.

“What, you think I just made that all up on the spot? For a laugh?”

“No, I- fuck, I’m so sorry.” Teddy ran a hand through his hair.

“Well, whatever. Now you know, so it shouldn’t be a problem again. Unless you don’t want to live with me anymore.”

“Why wouldn’t I want to live with you anymore?”

“Because I just told you that I-”

Teddy laughed.

“James. Why wouldn’t I want to live with someone that I’m in love with? Especially when they just confessed their love for me, too.”

James stared at him, mouth agape.


Teddy shrugged.

“I kept it to myself because I was scared you wouldn’t want to live together anymore. I guess the touching wasn’t any better than just telling you, but I can’t keep my hands to myself around you, Jamie. You’re just too hard to resist.”

James had a huge smile on his face, and like just Teddy said, he couldn’t resist, so he pulled James to him so he could press their lips together. 

The kiss was short and sweet, but enough for both of them.

“I’ve been waiting ages to do that.”