teddy conrad


‘Cause I tell you what, I’m pretty angry myself. You go ahead, you express that into what you need to, understand? Yellin’, screamin’, I can take that. Just please don’t shut me out… in the end, I think that’d hurt more than any cancer ever could.

Oh the Feels...

Seriously, nobody I know watches Nashville enough to actually freakout with me about this  Nashville finale. So many cliffhangers and I just can’t even. I have thousands of ideas floating in my head and I want to discuss. And if you write fan fiction, awesome. We can maybe create a story or two with the cliffhangers…. there are thousands of ideas out there, I’m sure. I’ve even seen a few tweets about where was Eric Taylor in this episode…. I about died. I just can’t even deal. What are y'all’s ideas?

Synopsis: The Young Avengers celebrate the holiday’s together.


  • Kevin Austin as Elijah Bradley
  • Perry Austin as David Alleyne
  • Mike Brown as Teddy Altman
  • Conrad Ingels as Billy Kaplan
  • M as America Chavez
  • Kay Mick as Kate Bishop
  • Austin Nebbia as Loki Laufeyson
  • Christina Rivero as Cassie Lang
  • Juan Carlos Suarez as Nate Richards
  • Joshua Thiong as Vision
  • Nick Vyse as Noh Varr
  • Sean Weiland as Tommy Shepherd


  • Written by M
  • Sound Fx by Sean Weiland

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