teddy brosevelt


Super intense leg workout today courtesy of the wonderful @runrucklift-rufina 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾. I borrowed her crazy leg workout that she posted earlier this week.
Me and my good homie Brian aka Franklin D. BROsevelt (I’m Teddy BROsevelt lol) went hard in the paint. 2 hours later, after we finished we’re tired as hell and basically crawling out the gym. Lol. It was good training day guys. Can’t complain.

The Signs as History Bros
  • Aries: Vincent van Brogh
  • Taurus: Bro Chi Min
  • Gemini: John F. Kennedy (Too bro to change)
  • Cancer: Frida Kahbro
  • Leo: Brorack Brobama
  • Virgo: Bronie Sanders
  • Libra: Vladimir Putin (Return of the Broviet Union)
  • Scorpio: Teddy Brosevelt
  • Sagittarius: Brosef Stalin
  • Capricorn: Edgar Allen Bro
  • Aquarius: Abroham Lincoln
  • Pisces: Brosama Bin Laden