teddy bear you are an idiot

Watching - Montgomery x Reader

Request - “Can u write a montyxreader where he’s very protective of her bc he likes her a lot”

(Sorry but I decided to switch Bryce with Marcus because I don’t really wanna write Bryce I hope that doesn’t mess up your vision and that this is okay!)


Locker code: confirmed, you thought to yourself, throwing in the heavy books you no longer needed for the remainder of the day.

Shutting your locker, you readjusted your bag and turned to go- before feeling eyes on you. From the corner of your eye you could spot Montgomery de la Cruz watching you. What was he doing? You thought. You knew each other fairly well, your social circles merged, but conversation was lacking.

Often, you were teased a little by your friends because you were so innocent. You were kind and caring and your friend Hannah described you as; ‘a ray of light’, a contrast to how Monty was portrayed. With a temper like a kettle, the boy was no stranger to trouble. He was attractive, no doubt, and on occasion you’d got to see the soft, teddy-bear side of him. It was clear to you that Monty was with the wrong crowd, he was often frustrated with them and struggled to be around them.

You decided to pretend to ignore Monty, he probably wasn’t even looking at you. You started off to your next class and noticed laddish laughter not far from Monty. Marcus appeared to be the cause of the laughter, his cronies hitting him in congratulation for whatever he had said. You decided to ignore them too, idiots.

In class you felt the same eyes on you, but they would occasionally scan the classroom, before making their way back to you.


“I don’t know. I mean, I think he’s really nice, but the hovering is a little odd sometimes.” You explained to Hannah. You always saw the best in people.

“He has a bit of a temper but he’s a good guy really. I’m sure he has a fair reason, you should ask him!” She encouraged. You laughed weakly.

“Probably not…” you trailed off, imaging how weird you’d look going up to Monty with; 'why do you keep hovering?’, yep. Definitely not.


Monty’s POV (a couple weeks prior)

Marcus and the boys were laughing next to him and messing with each other. Monty was laughing along as usual, not taking on everything that was being said.

“Monty? Eh? Whaddya say?” Justin nudged Monty.

“What?” He clicked back to his senses.

“Y/N L/N? Hot or not?” Justin asked.

“Yeah, hot. She’s cool.” He nodded.

“Isn’t she like some kinda virgin queen?” Zach asked, clearly getting confused from his revision.

“Who knows.” Marcus responded.

“Her sex life isn’t really our business, unless we’re involved.” Piped up Monty.

“You know what?” Marcus cut in. “I’m gonna ask that girl out someday soon.”

Monty jerked his head up.
“Why?” He asked more suddenly than he’d intended.

“Really? Y/N, little angel Y/N. I want to see how good our little angel is in bed. Does she have a devil side? Innocent girls like that always have a kinky side - I swear.” He chuckled to himself, eyeing Y/N up from across the corridor.

“She’s tight man. Yeah, imma ask her out.” He repeated, stroking his chin and wetting his lips with his tongue.

If there was one thing Monty had decided in the past minute, it was that Marcus Cooley was a through and through pervert. He was creepy as hell. Monty was disgusted by how grossly Marcus was acting, and he wasn’t going to let him anywhere Y/N if there was anything he could do about it.


Your POV (now)

You were putting books away again, and spotted Monty, again. The exceedingly attractive boy was starting to worry you, and make you conscious of your appearance. Had you had the same piece of spinach in your teeth for about two weeks? Did your hair look bad? Were your clothes gross? You had no idea. A tap on your shoulder broke you from your thoughts.

You had been so immersed in your thoughts you failed to notice the boy had gone.

“Hey, Y/N…” Montgomery was stood in front of you, his freckles full from the sunshine and his eyes glistening chocolate.

“You alright Monty?” You asked, hoping maybe he’s give an explanation as to the recent weirdness. He nodded;

“Yeah uh-”

“I’ve seen you looking.” You burst out before you even realised your mouth was moving. “At me. I’ve seen you watching me.” You clarified. You were instantly mortified at yourself, feeling rude and weird.

Monty smiled bashfully.
“Yeah I uh- I’m not being creepy - i promise, I just think you’re pretty rad to be honest.”

“So you just decided to watch me?” You laughed.

“Actually um, Marcus, Cooley, said a few things that grossed me out and I was trying to keep him away from you.” He breathed in honesty.

“Away from me?” You questioned.

“He said was planning on asking you out.”

“He did. I walked away without saying anything.” You giggled.

“Marcus was right about something, taking you out on a date would be awesome. I’m glad you rejected him.” He tried to conceal his smile to no avail. “And I felt a bit protective, okay, a lot protective, you’re the kindest soul at this school, and because I’m pretty certain I have a thing for you.” He was looking at his feet, “and I know you don’t feel the same back, it’s okay, I just needed to get it off my chest.”

You smiled at the sweet boy in front of you and leaned in on your tiptoes to peck him on the lips. When you saw the surprise on Monty’s, you leaned in and kissed him properly, smiling.

“Pick me up at six.” You smiled sweetly before sauntering off to happy dance in a toilet cubicle.

Caught by your linen eyes, let them fool

This is for the lovely and incomparable @inbetweenwars, who, when they heard that I’ve been too sick to work and couldn’t manage to buy @essiecorking‘s fanbook, ‘an invincible love’, offered to buy me it as a gift. I’ve truly never met another person willing to do something so selfless for somebody they’ve never met, and only to cheer me up and bring happiness that they won’t benefit from, so due to the fact that they will not take payment of any kind, here is a small kagehina fic dedicated to them <333 I feel it’s not enough to convey my endless gratitude and how touched I am by your actions, but nevertheless.

This is the promised third year kagehina, as they discuss the future and finally realise their dumb feelings for one another. I call it ‘fluff without plot’, which translates as FWP, which also sounds like a noise Hinata would make.

2K, teen & up audiences <33

Title from a beautiful song, Colourway by Novo Amor

“How do you think we’ll see each other?” Hinata asks, after he’s taken out the ice lolly from his mouth with a loud, sloppily satisfying slurp.

Kageyama turns his head on the grass, his own lollipop freezing in mid-air as he frowns over at Hinata. “What do you mean?” He asks. “We’re seeing each other right now, dumbass.”

Hinata tsks in the back of his throat, something he’s taught himself to do in order to appear more authoritative to the first years. “No, bakageyama.” He sighs, long-suffering, as if he’s dealing with another one of the new recruits that Hinata has to teach how to catch a ball. “How do you think we’ll see one another when we’re older?”

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💓 Date night with Maxwell Beaumont would include 💓

▪ let’s be real, he’s so bad at planning

▫ but he promised himself that he wouldn’t mess it up this time

▪ the day is circled with a red marker in his calender

▫ (and in his notes)


▫ Bertrand didn’t remind him, that’s for sure

▪ so on the big day, you’d wake up in a cold bed

▫ without Maxwell to cuddle you

▪ and you’re kinda sad


▪ a really big teddy bear would lay on the ground

▫ and you’re like hella confused???

▪ “What are you up to again, Maxwell??”

▫ because you remember that one night™ in winter

▪ (getting the chills, that one was wild)

▫ you’re so freaking lazy tho

▪ staying in bed for another hour or so

▫ (Maxwell is busy, so,,,,)


▫ “Good morning, little blossom! I hope you didn’t miss me too much in bed today :(. Can’t wait to see your beautiful face -Maxwell”

▪ (I love this man, so much, lmao)

▫ smiling like an idiot, ‘cause he’s so damn sweet

▪ and then !!!finally!!! getting dressed

▫ with one of his shirts ;))))

▪ Bertrand would just scowl at you in the halls with a bit of a fond look

▫ Maxwell is so excited when he finally sees you !!!


▫ breakfast is beyond perfect, because of the staff

▪ “Hmm, did you help them with the breakfast?” - “Ehm, no… They banned me from the kitchen a while ago.”



▫ “Stop it! It’s not funny, okay?” - “Oh god, it is funny, Maxwell! And not surprising, i’ll be honest.”



▪ he’ll get over it with a few kisses

▫ “I have the whole day planned out, little blossom! So, let’s get going.”

▪ the first stop is a bakery

▫ “Do you remember when I first ate a cronut?” - “Of course! How could I forget? I sometimes think that you love them more than me.” - “Not possible, but ok.”

▪ staying in said bakery for a few hours



▫ laughing so so much and taking so many pics to show the gang™

▪ (Drake tries to leave the group chat about three times but Maxwell won’t have it)

▫ + kissing, i mean so much KISSING


▫ let’s be honest, Maxwell is a regular in that shop

▪ “I swear to God, Maxwell, if I eat one more thing i’ll explode.” - “We can’t have that, now can we?”

▫ he’d almost drag you out of the shop because he’s so happy and wants to see you smile when you’re there


▫ “Maxwell? Is the date over? Did I miss something?” - “Shhh!”

▪ (I mean, rude, but okay)

▫ “Close your eyes please.” - “What? Why?” - “Come on, please.”

▪ [puppy eyes are irresistible]

▫ especially from Maxwell Beaumont

▪ anyways, you close your eyes and feel his warm hands through your (his) shirt

▫ and you can feel his lips softly grazing your ear

▪ “Open your eyes.”

▫ getting a small kiss on the cheek


▫ a huge TV with blankets on the floor

▪ fairylights on the walls

▫ and movies and games on a small table???

▪ “Dance, dance, dance!”



▫ and you have so so much fun

▪ finally falling on the blankets late at night, both still panting

▫ and his face is illuminated so beautifully by the lights

▪ you can’t help yourself and just kiss him

▫ feeling his soft lips on yours

▪ and you know you wouldn’t trade this to anything in this moment

▫ just kissing him


More Metallic Feathers AU! \o/

Tony eventually accepts visitors. Natasha bursts in immediately and asks what’s wrong, but Tony brushes off her questions with a smile as if she was just a nosy reporter. Natasha is very offended but also worried, so she calls in the big guns. Pepper bursts in soon after like an avenging angel and asks what’s wrong, why was she not made aware that Tony was alone and sad, and also who does she have to make disappear for making Tony sad?! Tony is… terrified. But he doesn’t answer her either. So they fuss over him for a while, give him hugs and grab Chinese and drink some martinis, then call in the biggest gun they have.

“You okay, man?” Rhodey asks when he arrives, pulling the smaller man into a hug. Tony nods against his shoulder, then shakes his head miserably, because he could never lie to his best friend, even when they were younger. “Did someone hurt you on purpose?” Rhodey asks into hair. Tony shakes his head firmly. “Did someone hurt you accidentally?” He nods. “Do they know that?” Tony just clenches Rhodey’s shirt in his hands, trembling. Rhodey leans his cheek on the top of his friend’s head, sighs. “I’m here now. Is it okay if I call Carol, let her know you’re okay?” “You can invite Carol over here,” Tony offers shyly. “If she doesn’t—mind that I’m a mess.” “Aw, you’re not a mess.” Rhodey pauses, then adds, “Well, a little bit. But not as much as you might think.”

Carol arrives and bullies them both into Tony’s ridiculously large bed. Tony is only slightly terrified of her. This is a big step up from when they’d first met and he’d been completely terrified. Carol can bench press him. Carol can pick up Rhodey. Carol is a beast. (He loves Carol. He thinks Carol is good for Rhodey.) “I’ve brought a box of wine,” she says. “And I won’t judge you for drinking straight from the box.” “Is this your way of saying you can’t be assed to grab glasses?” Rhodey asks, even as Tony obediently sucks wine straight from the box. Carol grabs the box back and sucks loudly as an answer. Rhodey has to remember why he loves these idiots.

“You gonna tell me why you’re sad?” Rhodey asks later, when Carol has thrown herself over Tony and hugged him like a teddy bear, snoring. “I thought—” Tony snuggles his face into Carol’s throat, embarrassed. “I was gonna present to Bucky. But—he and Steve are together now I guess.” “Aw,” Rhodey says sympathetically. “It makes sense though. They’re silver and platinum. You and Carol are silver and platinum. I’m—I’m nothing.” “You’re not nothing,” Rhodey replies sharply. “You’re Tony. You’re smart and handsome and vivacious. Anyone would be lucky to have you.” Tony trembles. “Even if I don’t have ‘tallics?” “Even if you don’t have metallic feathers,” Rhodey assures him. He runs his fingers through Tony’s red feathers. “You’re perfect just the way you are, Tony. You’ll find someone. I’m sure of it.”

Tony tries to answer but then Carol snorts and rolls on top of him and all he can manage to get out is “Rhodey help! Rhodey she’s crushing me!” “Jesus Christ, Carol,” Rhodey hisses, and tries to pull her off him, but she just clings to him as well. They stare up at the ceiling helplessly as she continues to snore. There’s no escaping now.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine STARTER SENTENCES #1
  • If I’m ever going to make captain, I need a good mentor; I need my rabbi. 
  • Meep morp zeep, robot captain engaged!
  • Thank you very much, sir. Testament to what can be achieved when you dress appropriately.
  • Here are two pictures. One is your locker; the other is a garbage dump in the Philippines. Can you guess which is which?
  • You also have more mice living in your desk than any other detective!
  • Well, he’s someone else’s problem now. Like you said, it’s out of your hands.
  • Wow, looks like he hates you even more than me.
  • God, you must have been the worst fourth grader ever.
  • So you were just borrowing those cars?
  • Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! You win a teddy bear!
  • All right, fine, darling; I’ll ask him. Excuse me, sir!
  • No, I know we’re lost! I think he’s an idiot.
  • Idiot?! Do you know why we’re out here in the middle of the night, ___? I was gonna propose to you! On the Brooklyn Bridge, where we met.
  • You know what? This is over. Say goodbye to this ring and everything it represents
  • I’m sad y'all are arresting me, but I gotta say, I’m glad you’re back together.
  • We’ve busted murderers; we’ve taken down cartels. But today we face the worst New York has to offer- the Fire Department.
  • I don’t have a lot of time. I need your full, signed confession. We have four minutes. We can do this.
  • Everyone, check your email. The greatest thing that could ever happen has just happened.
  • Who’s Kevin Cozner? Is he the star of Danzez With Wolvez?
  • Mm, it was kind of a last-minute invite. Just stirring the pot.
  • Aw, man. All the orange soda spilled out of my cereal.
  • Devastatingly handsome? I’m sorry. I’m uncomfortable with emotions.
  • Nice cop lingo! Look, I’m really sorry that we ruined your party. I’d love to make it up to you.
  • You should make me your campaign manager. I was born for politics! I have great hair and I love lying.
  • No, he did it doing something he’s embarrassed by. Like smiling. Only question is… how do you hurt your arm smiling?
  • Do you wanna know how I actually hurt my wrist?
  • Because no-one… will ever believe you.
  • Fine, abandon me! I don’t want you here anyway.
  • All right, I’ll just act like you. Say something so I can get the cadence of your voice down.
  • This looks like it was filled out by a toddler!
  • you just got slapped with the best life sentence there is: marriage.
  • You know how long I’ve been waiting for one of you old men to kiss me?
  • My ears are burning! Did someone say vasectomy? I got snipped; no big deal, just numbs you out from trunk to skunk for a year.
  • Look, you guys, if the Sarge wants to chop off his penis that is his choice.
  • I hate being friends with you!
  • I’ve examined his proposal; there’s no proof that giggle-pig is a serious problem.
  • Actually, I’m a little disappointed in the hotel. How you mess up a omelette? It’s just a flat egg!
  • Okay, don’t shoot! That’s how people get shot.
  • Every time you talk I hear that sound that plays when Pacman dies.
  • I got aroused last night watching a nature documentary on bees. I was fine until they went inside the hive.
  • “I’m with someone and nothing is going to happen.” Name of your sex tape!
  • Your head is so small. It is so small. Where do you keep your brains?
  • Good to see you. But if you’re here, who’s guarding Hades?
  • I care about my friends. Now eat your carrots, or I’ll rip your tiny head off.
  • I’m still paying my uncle’s funeral bills. I rear-ended the hearse. It was a mess.
  • Wait, stop. I’ve made a terrible mistake.
  • You’re being super irresponsible. You have a batitude. That’s a bad attitude.
  • I’m not gonna lie, that turns me on a little bit.
  • <p> <b>Alec :</b> Honestly, I am so done. I am just so done with idiots. I am gonna start feeding off the souls of the living now. I will strike fear into -<p/><b>Jace :</b> You sleep with a pink teddy bear Magnus gave you.<p/><b>Alec :</b> He will be the seCOND IN COMMAND IN MY ARMY, OKAY?<p/></p>
jikook at valentine's day.

Jimin would be that type of boyfriend over clingy just when it’s valentine’s day. Otherwise Jungkook wouldn’t care so much bc he thinks that it’s stupid loving someone much more just one day of the year, but he would do everything for his boyfriend. If Jimin wants a big bouquet of roses, then ok, Jungkook would sigh and buy them for him. If Jimin wants some chocolate with heart shape, then ok, Jungkook would sigh and gives them to him. If Jimin wants to watch an over romantic drama movie, then ok, Jungkook would sigh, let him sit on his lap and then watch the movie even if it’s boring. If Jimin wants kiss, many kiss, then ok, Jungkook would sigh and let his lips cover Jimin’s neck. If Jimin wants a date night, then ok, Jungkook would sigh and takes him to the most fancy restaurant in Seoul. If Jimin wants a big teddy bear, then ok, Jungkook would sigh and gives all of his strength to win that damn of teddy bear. If Jimin wants say “I love you”, then ok, Jungkook would sigh and say it back again and again until he could see Jimin’s puffy check covering of a tiny red shade.
But when Jimin wants to already sleep bc he thinks he annoyed enough his boyfriend then Jungkook would sigh, smiles at him and cuddle with him, spoils him and whispers into his ears the cutest words and poems in the world. He would kiss him and don’t let him stay awake for the rest of the night with kiss, hickeys, cute words, movies, cuddles because “you own me idiot, but I love you so much. Happy Valentine’s day”.

Another Prompt Fill

Since both came in together…  Great minds, apparently.


“Your great-aunt Eudora died,” Molly said, glancing over to Sherlock before going back to her slides.

“Oh good, when’s the funeral?”

“Day after tomorrow, reading of the will to follow. I didn’t know that was an actual thing people actually did. Like, do you lot just gather in mahogany-panelled libraries with your embroidered hankies and veils and mesh gloves and just faint dramatically when the surprise illegitimate child walks in?”

“I know they say television is a window to the world, but sometimes it would do you some good to actually go outside,” Sherlock said, shouldering her aside to see what she was looking at. “Ooh, is that brain?”

“Colon polyp, actually, though in this bloke I don’t think there was much difference. Real Darwin Award material, thought a curling iron was a vibrator with a warming feature.”

“And that killed him?”

“He tried to cool it off by running it under the tap. While it was still plugged in.”

“Which end?” Sherlock continued to look at the slide.


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noxumbre  asked:

widowtraclily where Talon tried to have Emily assassinated and the idea of that broke Amélie's mind control so she rebelled and killed the Talon agents on that mission and told Lena about it so three end up living together

Pt 1 (Request more if you want more)

I changed a few things so I could use them for later 

[Widowmaker naps through a particularly long Talon meeting]

Doomfist - And that’s when I punch Tracer’s girlfriend Emily in the face [lifts doomfist into the air] at full power, and leave her body there for Tracer to find

Widowmaker- [head falls against the table with a considerable knock]

Doomfist - Amelie……

[Widowmaker slowly lifts her head, her eyes growing ever wider]

Widowmaker-  [stands up] Excuse me……[pushes chair in]

Doomfist - Where are you going ?

Widowmaker - [same icy tone as usual] I’m off to warn Lena and her adorable girlfriend

Doomfist and Reaper - ……..

Sombra- [big old grin]

Widowmaker - [walks to door without a backwards glance] Au Revoir

[Door shuts]

Doomfist - ….is she serious ?

[Sombra bursts out laughing]

Reaper - I don’t know….it’s hard to read her now that we’ve taken away all of her emotions

Sombra- [laughs harder]

Reaper - SOMBRA !

Sombra- [stops laughing] You’re taking this very seriously…….

[Sombra disappears]

-Sometime later- 

-Tracer’s apartment-

[Tracer and Emily sit in their living room watching an ancient TV show called “Three’s company”]

Tracer - [throws arms out towards TV] This is what people liked back then ?!

[Someone knocks on the door]

Emily- Don’t worry Lena [stands up] I’ve got it

[Emily walks to the door and opens it]

Emily - Hell….

[Widowmaker punches Emily in the face and knocks her out. quickly walking inside and slipping Emily over her shoulder ]

Tracer - Widowmaker ! [jumps off couch and leaps at Widowmaker to saver her girlfriend]

Widowmaker- I don’t have time for this……

[Widowmaker takes a steps back and intercepts Tracer with a punch]

[Tracer falls unconscious and is quickly placed on Widowmakers other shoulder]

[Widowmaker shuffles out of the apartment, and places Tracer and Emily in the trunk of her car]

-A few hours later, in the dead of night-

-Sombra’s room-

[Sombra’s phone rings]

[Sombra tosses her teddy bear at the phone, but misses]

Sombra- [groggy]  Hijo de puta….[answers call] Hello ?

Widowmaker - [on phone] [awkward sounding] Hello Sombra……

Sombra- [fully awake] Oh it’s you ! [plops down on bed] You have to tell me what you did ! [reclines] Everyone’s looking for you

Widowmaker - [on phone] I……….kidnapped the idiot and her girlfriend

Sombra- Que ?

Widowmaker- [on phone] I couldn’t let them kill them Sombra……I don’t know why…..

Sombra-  QUE ?!

[Sombra hears a sudden racket on the phone, followed by the sounds of someone speaking french very angrily, while sounding very British)

Widowmaker - [on phone] The idiot’s awake…….she’s using the most vulgar language…….

Sombra- [eyes widen]

Widowmaker - [on phone] I think I’m what most people would call……scared

[The phone hangs up]

Sombra- [jumps out of bed, quickly pulling on her usual outfit as she runs out the door] [swearing up a storm]

Writing Requests are OPEN

Countdown Part 4/5 [Final]

Pairing: Yoongi x reader

Genre: Angst, fluff, suggestive themes etc. (not actual smut), soulmate au

Soulmate au: Every one has a timer, counting down to the time when they first meet their soulmate

!Do not repost!

Status: Finished Previous Next (Bonus)

“Oppa! I’m back, what-” You stopped dead as the broken coffee table, the blood on the floor. You heart pounded in fear of what happened, avoiding the glass shards on the floor as you walked towards the loud shouting at the other side of the living room. “O-Oppa?” You called softly, but before you could even see him, Jin ran towards you, standing in front of you protectively. You looked over his shoulder to see Yoongi, bleeding cuts scattered across his arms, his figure slouched, glancing around with his tired eyes, muttering gibberish, eyes completely fallen and blank.

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I like us best when we’re laughing

Hello m8 (can I call you that), anyway can I request a Mark scenario of your first fight, because in all honesty I can not picture an angry mark? Thank you!!

Where Mark is stressed and accidentally takes it out on you.

I’m so sorry for this taking so long but school is ending so requests should be faster. I hope you enjoy. ^^

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evak-malec  asked:

'cos it's my birthday 😏, can you write me something super fluffy because I love allllll the fluff plssss

“Aaron, I’m not in the mood,” Robert sighed at his husband, the effects of a long day having taken their toll. He’d been in meetings in Manchester all morning, and then Nicola had sent him on a wild goose chase that afternoon, looking for a new client out Birmingham way who apparently didn’t even exist, and he was knackered.

He just wanted to curl up in bed, and read a book, and forget that the whole day had ever happened. Robert watched as Aaron raised an eyebrow, turning to root in his wardrobe for something.

“What are you doing?” he sighed again, hugging his knees to his chest. Aaron was in a good mood that evening, and while normally, he’d relish in Aaron’s happy demeanour and bright smile, but he just felt absolutely horrendous that evening.

“I’m cheering you up, of course.” Aaron grinned, producing the teddy bear Robert had won at the theme park, nearly two years ago now, the gigantic stuffed toy looking ridiculous in his gruff husband’s hands.

Robert raised an eyebrow. “Pity I’m not five,” he grumbled.

Aaron threw himself down on their bed, thrusting the teddy bear at Robert. “How can you still be grumpy when you’ve got Mr Bear looking at ya?” he grinned.

“Mr Bear?”

“Leo named him,” Aaron shrugged, pushing the teddy bear against Robert’s chest, the material soft against his skin. He put on a ridiculous deep voice, doing what Robert assumed was supposed to be an imitation of a cartoon bear. “Robert, turn that frown upside down.”

Robert couldn’t hold back a snort. “You’re an idiot, you know that?” he said, trying to rearrange himself into a serious facial expression again, his mouth barely keeping to a frown as he watched his husband waggle the teddy bear in front of him, Aaron pulling faces.

“An idiot that you love!” Aaron said, still putting on the silly voice, moving the teddy bear’s arms about, as though he was trying to make the toy dance.

“I do love you.” Robert said quietly, reaching for the teddy bear. It felt ridiculous, having such an attachment to the toy when he was thirty two years old, but it reminded him of those new, exciting first days of their relationship. 

“Feel a bit better now?” Aaron nudged, pressing his cheek to Robert’s still raised up knees. 

Robert nodded. “I just had a crap day, that’s all.”

“Well, that’s why you have me, innit?” Aaron said, kicking off his shoes and curling himself around Robert, the teddy bear squished between them. “Fancy a takeaway or something tonight?” 

Robert breathed in Aaron’s familiar scent, the odd combination of Robert’s shower gel and the cheap Lynx spray Aaron always used, as though he was still fifteen years old.

“Yeah,” he murmured, too comfortable now he was wrapped up in his husband’s arms. “Can we just stay here for a bit first?”

Aaron nodded, pressing his lips to Robert’s in a sloppy kiss. “Love you, Mr Dingle. Even if you are more of a grump then I am, sometimes.” 

Robert rolled his eyes. “Yeah, alright.”

Aaron grinned, shoving the teddy bear into Robert’s armpit, half lying on top of Robert now. “Mr Bear loves you too, ya grumpy git.”

A little something for @madahenriques who has not been having the best time at the moment, and whose birthday it also is! Happy Birthday, sweetheart. I hope you like mates, jealous!Derek and cheesy love confessions. I blame @halewithstilinski‘s post for the direction this took. 

Derek tries not to look as Stiles dances with yet another guy. Erica is beside him, encouraging him with hip checks and cat calls and- why, dear god, why- booty slaps until Boyd thankfully pulls her away. There is only so many times Derek can hear “shake that money maker, Stilinski” and not have the urge to rip the person’s throat out Stiles is shaking his “money maker” at.

He’s not possessive. Well, no more than werewolves usually are. He thinks. Stiles can dance with who he wants. Fuck, he can sleep with who he wants, that’s not Derek’s decision, but it’s more than a little hard to see your mate grinding up against other people and oozing contentment all the while looking over at you every other five minutes. Derek gets Stiles likes to make sure he isn’t trying to sneak out on what has been, horribly, called “shake your groove thing night”, but still, way to unintentionally rub a guy’s face in it.  

Derek hopes it’s unintentional anyway.

Mates aren’t as common the books make it out to be, and it’s just Derek’s luck he not only ended up with one, but also fell hopelessly in love with him (to quote just about every cheesy romantic movie ever made).

Romantic mates are even less common. Usually mates are just people you have a special bond with; you feel everything more keenly with them, for them. You are connected to them in a way you aren’t with anyone else, but it doesn’t have to mean anything. Until you are stupid enough to fall in love with them, that is.

Derek knows it’s not impossible to get over a mate, but the problem isn’t Stiles being Derek’s mate, it’s the fact he’s Derek’s Stiles. That loud mouthed, annoying, persistent kid. That stupidly loyal, funny and crazy smart kid. That kid who is no longer a kid but a twenty-two year old grown ass man who clearly didn’t focus all his energies on studying in college (if the way his hips are moving is anything to go by).

Derek truly, desperately, tries not to whine, nostalgic for the days when he found it easier to tear his gaze away from Stiles.

In fact, he is so focused on maintaining his usual, indifferent highly preferred (he doesn’t care what the therapy books say about it being a defensive mechanism) persona (that is apparently fooling no-one these days, not even Scott), he doesn’t even notice when two perfect- fuck, why are they so perfect- mole speckled hands take his.

“Stiles,” Derek grunts, taking a moment before he looks up, scared of the heat he can feel rising on his cheeks at the skin to skin contact.

Derek used to think Stiles was a tactile person, the kind of guy who always got up in your space, but he’s noticed in the last few years how much Stiles shies away from the people he loves. The Nogitsune played a big part in that, Derek knows, but it’s not being afraid to touch anyone Stiles is wary of, like Derek so often is. It’s being scared people will reject that touch. He’s seen it, over and over, and he’s spent countless moments trying to figure out a way to give Stiles a hug without making it into the big deal it is, but stealth was never one of his strong suits. So he leaves it alone, even though it physically hurts him to watch Stiles holding himself back, holding himself away, when Derek sees he needs it. Having a stranger touch you is never the same, Derek thinks he knows that better than anyone.

Which is why Stiles doing something as simple as taking Derek’s hands makes his heart skip more beats than is probably healthy, because Stiles touching him like this, so freely, so easily, means he trusts Derek. Trusts him with something far more precious than his life. He trusts him with his trust, something Stiles rarely gives to anyone. If he ever gives anyone these days.

And then suddenly something changes, because one moment Stiles is holding his hands and the next he is slipping his arms around Derek’s waist, pulling him in, pulling him against him. It’s heaven and hell and everything in between.

Derek swallows. “Stiles, what are you doing?”

“I’m tired of playing hard to get,” he says, simply. Fact, even though Derek can smell his nerves. “Everyone keeps telling me this is something, so if it isn’t you have tell me now.”

Derek’s eyes flick up and sure enough, the whole pack is watching them. The assholes.

“Everyone?” he asks, a pointless question.

Stiles nods, eyes slowly scanning Derek’s face, lazy and unhurried like he could look at him forever. It makes Derek shiver.

“Everyone,” he repeats, licking his lips. “But it’s not polite to assume things. So?”

“So,” Derek whispers, dumbstruck, distracted, at how soft Stiles’ mouth looks this close up. Has it always looked that soft?

Rolling his eyes, Stiles leans in closer. “You and me,” he breathes, slowly, like a confession. “We could be…” He looks down.

“Good?” Derek finishes, breath catching because, wait.


“I love you,” Stiles says, shrugging, like it’s no big deal, even though Derek can hear Stiles’ heart racing over the music. Can hear it thudding. It’s the most erratic he has ever heard it and maybe it’s not the right time to smile, not when Stiles is looking at him like he thinks Derek is about to crush him, but he can’t help it. He feels drunk.

No, he feels happy.

“In Mexico,” Derek says, shakily bringing one hand up to cup Stiles’ face. “I- you heard me, right? What I said?”

Stiles frowns. “What you said?” he asks, clearly not understanding.


Derek blinks, confused. “You turned back, I…thought you heard me.”

“No,” Stiles shakes his head. “I mean, I thought-” He sucks in a breath, once, fast. “You mean-?”

“I said-” Derek begins, but his throat closes up, just like it did that night. “I said-” he tries again, but still, nothing happens. “I said-”

“It’s okay, I think I get it,” Stiles smiles, taking his hands again, and that’s all Derek needs to hear before he leans in and kisses him.

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BBS Circus au: Chapter 4

Slight Gmod feels this chapter. Sorry it’s a little late. Enjoy!

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-Brock’s POV-

“Let go of us!” I shouted, but Vanoss wouldn’t even look at me. His eyes were locked with Smitty’s.

“Don’t worry Smitty. You’ll love it here. Getting to travel the world and making people smile.”

“It doesn’t really matter if I’m making people smile if I’m not happy in the first place.”

Vanoss sighed.

“You’ll change your mind. Even if I have to do it for you. Brian, Cartoonz, take these two to the other room. I want to exchange a few words with Smitty alone.”

The goons obliged and began to turn us around when Delirious stepped forward.

“I can’t let you do this Evan!”

Delirious reached into his back pocket and threw down a smoke bomb similar to the ones Vanoss used during the show. The room filled with smoke. I couldn’t see two feet in front of me. Terroriser released me and started wheezing. Through the smoke somebody grabbed my arm and started to pull me through the door.


“Let go!”

I heard both Smitty and Marcel. They must have gotten grabbed too.


We ran out of the smoke to see the clown pulling us away.

“Hurry! They’re right behind us!” He shouted in a panic.

“Why should we trust you?” Marcel questioned, still running.

“Who do you trust more? Me? Or them?”

Good point.


The warehouse was huge. Del lead us through winding hallway after winding hallway. I was still coughing, colorful smoke in my lungs, but we couldn’t stop. We could hear the others charging down the halls after us.

“Do you even know where we’re going?” Smitty asked panting.

“Um…not really! This is just about my first time in this stupid place too! But it doesn’t matter as long as we lose them, right?”

We came up on a dead end that split to two doors. One seemed to lead down even more hallways. The other looked like it lead to a basement lit only by a few flickering light bulbs.

“This one! This way!”

Of course the clown lead us to the basement. It was hard to see as we ran down the creaking stairs. I nearly tripped over my own two feet. The room we stumbled into was filled with crates of all sizes. We scattered and hid behind different crates throughout the room. I could feel my heart try to burst out of my chest as I tried to quiet my breath. Footsteps soon came climbing down after us, but through the shadows I saw only one figure.

They must have split up to try and find us.

“Guys! Make it easy on yourselves!” It was Cartoonz.

“Just show yourselves and the consequences will be less severe!”

They way he casually threw out the threat as if he was commenting on the weather sent chills up my spine.

Questions like What was wrong with these people?, Why was Delirious helping us?, and Are we going to make it out of here alive? Were running rampant through my mind.

A sudden light shown on the concrete floor.

Oh great. He has a flashlight.

Cartoonz started to scan the room.

“Come on out guys. Seriously, it’ll be a lot easier for all of us if you just show yourselves. Just give us your little albino friend, and we’ll be on our way!”

I couldn’t see him through the darkness, but I could tell that Smitty was getting pissed. Cartoonz continued through the room, but did so quickly and not thoroughly enough. He walked right past the crates Marcel and Smitty were behind, but he was starting to get close to mine. Really close. I put my hands over my mouth and held my breath.

“Where are you?” Cartoonz asked in a sing-song voice like a child playing hide and seek. I could feel him standing only a foot away.

Oh man. This is it. I’m screwed.

Before Cartoonz could look behind my crate, a crash sounded off towards the furthest corner of the room.


He turned and ran to the direction of the noise. I peeked around the corner of my crate to try and see the others when I felt a firm grasp on my arm. I nearly screamed in panic when Marcel covered my mouth.

“Calm down. It’s just me. Let’s go.” He whispered. Smitty was right beside him, but no clown.

“What about Delirious?” I whispered.

“What about him? Don’t worry about it! They’re his friends! He’ll be fine! Let’s go!” Marcel whisper screamed. We all ran down a nearby hall and tried to find another room to hide in. We checked door after door, but they were all locked.

“Guys! This one!” Smitty quietly called to us. He held the door wide open as we piled inside. Smitty shut the door behind us leaving us in pitch black darkness. I spread my arms out in front of me to try and get a feel for what was around me.

This was a terrible idea.

After stubbing my toe on a random shelf, I felt what seemed to be a large cage. I quickly got behind it and crouched down. I waited for what felt like forever to make sure Cartoonz wasn’t behind us, and sat down to catch my breath.

“What is going on…” I mumbled to myself. As I closed my eyes I felt something on the back of my neck. It felt warm and almost…wet? I practically fell over as I jumped away from the surprising new element to this hiding spot.

“Who are you? You don’t smell like Evan.” A voice rang out in the darkness. It sounded almost like it was a inconvenience of my being here.

“I…uh…” Before I could finish my stuttering nonsense Smitty flicked on one of the lights. I was shocked to see that inside the cage was on of the circus members. Wildcat.

“Who are you idiots? What are you doing down here?” As my eyes adjusted to the new brightness of the room I started to make up the person in front of me. Aside from the pinkish skin, floppy ears, and snout Wildcat looked like any other normal person. His racing suit was replaced by a plain white tee shirt and a pair of jeans, but he was barefoot. He had bright blue eyes that were nearly the color of a large bruise on the side of his head.

“Listen, do not call the rest of your creepy little clown posse or I will beat the shit out of you.” Marcel threatened.

“I’d like to see you try. You look as menacing as a teddy bear you prick.” Wildcat mocked. “And trust me-those idiots are the last people I want to see right now.”

“What happened to you?” I asked.

Wildcat turned to me with despair in his eyes.

“Evan. I’m sick of this stupid circus and I want to go home, but he isn’t having any of it. He cages me up if he catches me trying to run and forces me to do the shows. If I told that to him a year ago that I wanted to leave it would’ve been fine. But now…”

He trailed off.

“What about you guys? What the hell are you doing down here?”

“Evan! Your freaking circus dictator is trying to kidnap me and probably kill them!” Smitty said with a crack in his voice. He looked like he was ready to have a breakdown. I think we all were. Wildcat raised a brow in confusion.

“What? He’s trying to force you to join the circus? That’s insane!”

“I know, right!? He and the rest of the circus goons have been after us all night!”


Wildcat put out his hand and paused.

“The others were trying to force you too? Ohm? Mini? All of them?”

“Well,” I started “All except Delirious. He tried to help us escape, but we got split up.”

Wildcat leaned back with a worried look on his face.

“This is bad…” He mumbled. “They would never…” He started to trail off. His gaze shot back to us with intensity.

“Listen. If you guys let me out I’ll help you get away from them .”

Marcel raised his hands in protest.

“Listen, I barely trusted the clown. Why the hell should we trust you now?”

Wildcat stood up with a serious expression painted on his face.

“Because my friends are in trouble too.”

If he was lying he was very convincing.

“Alright fine. Just…” We started to look around the room.

“Check on that top shelf over there. That’s where I saw Evan put the key last.”

I turned to the old enemy that attacked my toe. On the third shelf up was a small key. It was cold and felt heavy in my hands. A small ribbon was tied to it. Embroidered on it was a name. Tyler. That must be Wildcat’s actual name. I returned to him and tried the key. I turned it and it replied with a satisfying -CLUNK-. The lock dropped to the floor and Tyler swung his door open. He jumped out and let out a stretch.

“Thanks. It gets really stiff in there. Let’s go. I’ll explain everything on the way.”

“Explain what? Do you know why your boss wants this kid?” Marcel said pointing at Smitty.

“He’s not my boss. The circus is pretty much all equal power. Well, until recently. And yeah, I think I know why. And I really hope that I’m wrong.”

Lost and Found (Part 6)

Prompt: Imagine finding a lost dog, but it’s not just anyone’s lost dog. Who will show up at your door to claim the pup?

Warnings: maybe language, lost dog…Sexual innuendos/adult content

Word Count: 2319

Note: My precious doggie went missing on 6/10 and no one has spotted her or turned her in to the local shelters or anything. I miss her so much, but it inspired this fic. Texts are in italics. Thanks to my darling beta @like-a-bag-of-potatoes

Tags: @amarvelouswritings @blackwidow-romanoff @cocosierra94 @firstgal34 @harleyquinnandscarletwitch @sebstan01 @camigt1999 @elleatrixlestrange @bittersweetunicorm


The next day at work, you were greeted with more flowers and a mug that said, “This is holding my super power.”

You laughed hysterically when you saw it and sent him a text thanking him for it. He’d already been texting you all morning. You two seemed to really be hitting it off and it was an amazing feeling for you. You weren’t sure what to do or how to take it. But you just went with it, not wanting to make the first move and ruin everything.

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anonymous asked:

With the arms Aaron has, damn right Robert is a little spoon. Who wouldn't wanna be wrapped up in those bad boys? And to be honest, Aaron just loves nuzzling into the back of Robert's neck and cuddling him like a teddy bear makes him feel safe.


like honestly who wouldn’t want those gorgeous arms of aaron’s wrapped around you??? and you just know robert is secretly a big soft idiot who needs to be cuddled (and tbf lets not even pretend aaron doesn’t love making him feel all safe and loved)