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*hopefully squeaks in within time limit* Could I request one last person? I'd love some SFW and some NSFW headcanons on Jiraiya, cause that man daddy-ied me outta left field recently. My God

#ahhhyeshhh dat daddy

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Jiraiya SFW and NSFW


  • Jiraiya has a big heart, and while he’s not perfect – he does his best to influence others around him. Most people don’t know, but the funds from his book did not go into making this Sannin Rich. I truly believe he donated where he could to whom he could.
  • Dates would be very romantic. People don’t really see past the goof ball Sage but he would love to spoil his partner.  Jiraiya would spend hours thinking of new ways to take his date out and do things with them. Some of his dates would be off the charts. Fancy restaurants, romantic picnics, bath tub filled with rose petals. 
  • SPOILED – yes he definitely treats them like royalty. I know I said before that his dates would be amazing, but so would his gifts. He would put a conveniently placed teddy bear with jewelry around it’s neck. That new book you were wanting? Oh look it just appeared on the bedside table.
  • He would be poor with money on occasion so his s/o would have to help him out by either forcing him to budget or bringing her own money. He would be extremely embarrassed about making her pay.


  • Jiraiya, despite all his novel writing, is not as risque sexually. I think that he has a hard time not being a ‘perv’ but in the bedroom he’s actually a little more serious than you would expect. For him to be in bed with someone they would have to see past that. 
  • Not gunna lie, he would like to drink a little bit before sex too, it really relaxes him and gets him ready to go. It also makes the sex more fluid and less awkward for him.
  • Would enjoy a daddy!kink, but also anything that got someone dressed up or play acting for him. That stuff would really get him in the mood. Especially the over flirtatious and stereotypical damsel in distress act. Roleplaying would be a big thing for sure. 
  • He is very proud of his junk. Despite not having a variety of experience he likes to think he knows what he’s doing with his dick. He would also be a very giving partner and expect that in return. Like 69 would be one of his favorite positions just because there so much reciprocation.
Valentine’s Day – Liam Dunbar Imagine

PROMPT by daddydallas-af : Can u do an image where y\n and liam are physically fighting for exercise but liam is pissed off cuz y\n keeps winning

PROMPT by Anon: Okay, so Ive been fangirling for an hour or so because of your Liam Dunbar imagines! They are perfection. I was wondering if you could write one, where the reader is the new beta of the pack, and she and Liam have this love/hate relationship. One day they stay up late, training for fights etc and they start teasing each other. You could finish with a super steamy make out session, where they get interrupted by someone! Please please please, I will die from happines if you write this one!

Word Count: 2,211

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader

Warnings: dry humping, mentions of a boner, but no smut! Ha.

Author’s Note: I combined these two request together and change things up a bit to fit with the storyline. Also, let’s ignore the fact that it’s Hayden in that gif and pretend it’s you instead. 😉

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

Today was Valentine’s Day and throughout the course of the day, the holiday only seemed to make Y/N’s mood worse. She hated seeing couples all lovey-dovey everywhere on campus. She saw them in the hallways, the classrooms, the library, the cafeteria, and even in gym class. Girls walked around with flowers, jewelry, teddy bears, or candies. Guys mostly had candies, brownies, cookies, or some other type of sweet treat.

She hated being single during this particular holiday. She didn’t need the constant reminder that she’s alone and no one loved her, let alone liked her. She had the tiniest crush on Scott’s other beta, Liam Dunbar, but she knew he would never return the feelings. She always had the feeling he never liked her, maybe because she was the new beta and he wasn’t anymore. So instead of trying to win him over, she’s just pretended not to be fond of him either, as a defense mechanism, to prevent her from getting hurt in the end.

Throughout the day, Y/N avoided everyone, including the pack. Instead of eating lunch with them, she went to one of the study rooms in the library and finished her homework to avoid couples rubbing their romance in her face. After school, Y/N opened her locker and found nothing but her books, binders, and notebooks. You can’t even manage to have a secret admirer to leave you a cute note on Valentine’s Day, Y/N thought to herself as she slammed the door before walking towards the weight room. Scott told his two betas they needed to practice fighting together, hoping they would finally get along.

As she walked towards the weight room, Y/N’s mind began to squirm with ideas of why she couldn’t get a Valentine yet again. Was she not pretty enough? Was she not smart enough? Was she not skinny or athletic enough? Or maybe she wasn’t funny enough. Then she thought of the worst, ‘What if I’m not good enough for anyone?

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Seventeen Reaction: They Get a New Girl Member (they like her) //requested//


He would always stare at her…sometimes it would get uncomfortable. As long as she was in the room, his attention was solely on her. If she wasn’t, she was on his mind.

Dino: Hyung it’s time to practice!

Coups: Shhhh…she’s singing…*creepily stares*

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Whenever the girl would glance in Jeonghan’s direction, he’d try to look hot (not that it was hard). He’d make faces that (he thought) were attractive…sometimes the only thing he succeeded in was making himself appear very creepy…

Girl: Hey Jeong- are, are you okay?

Jeonghan: I’d love to go out with- wait what?

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Despite being in the performance unit, Hoshi would sing to her. He thought it was a sure way to win her heart. He might even appoint the help of the other members.

“Alright listen up! I’m about to pour my heart and soul out so I need everyone to get in their places”

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He may have overheard (eavesdropped) in a conversation between the girl and another member that she liked cute guys as opposed to the mysterious ones. Joshua didn’t have to changes anything about himself, being naturally cute and all. Expect lots of aegyo, though.

“You’ll do great, _____! Fighting!”

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He’s constantly buying her things. From teddy bears, to jewelry, to flowers, and even candy, he gets it all! He just wants her attention.

“Hey, _____! I got you a little something…” 

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Mingyu would try to act badass. Girls love bad boys, right? His whole wardrobe would become nothing but black and maybe would incorporate some leather jackets.

Mingyu: So…what do ya think?

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When it’s time to work out, he likes to show off. He’s always adding extra weight to the bars (sometimes more than he can handle) and doing more push ups than the rest of the boys.

“Oh ya know, nothing to see here! Just working out these AMAZING muscles ya know, whatever.”

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DK is always serenading this girl! Being that she’s part of the vocal team, DK would almost always request they do a duet. Whenever they had free time, he would take the opportunity to sing to her.

“Guess what, _____! I adore u!”  

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Being that almost every girl is into a guy with a sense a humor, Jun would try to make her laugh. His way of making her laugh? Costumes. Lots and lots of costumes. It’s not funny, it’s just sad really.

“So girl, I heard you like Christmas”

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Show off! He would constantly perform his best moves in front of her. It was just his luck that she was part of the performance team as well. He’d teach her the moves and use that as an excuse to get close to her.

“See that? How about we ditch this place and I could teach it to you one on one, yeah?”

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? This guy would take that to heart and continue to show off everything that he’s bought. New watch? New pair of sunglasses? New car? He would practically shove these in her face. 

“Ya know if you were mine, you could ride this…and I’m not just talking about the car…” kill me now

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He would crave her attention. Vernon would get jealous easily so if he were to see one of the members talking to her, he’d practically run over to were they stood. He’d find any reason under the sun to talk to her. I’d think Vernon would ask for help with a dance move just to get close with her (even if he knew the move by heart).

“Oh there you are! Are we still up for that practice session?”

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AEGYO! This little cutie would constantly be doing aegyo around her. Acting cute was his forte considering it wasn’t that hard for him. She seemed to like it so Dino would make find reasons to do it. 

“Noona, am I cute?”

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One Direction Preference: When You're Upset

Liam: “I miss you, but this is what you need so I’ll let you go,” Whenever you’re upset, you just need to getaway for awhile. Sometimes for a few days, sometimes for over a week, no matter how long, Liam always understands and supports you. You feel guilty and selfish for doing this, but Liam doesn’t mind as long as you come back to him happy in the end. He would wait forever for you to heal. That’s all that matters to him.

Zayn: “I’ll cancel all of my plans, just for you,” You’re naturally an independent girl, so Zayn can tell when you’re upset because you become needy and clingy. It hurts him to see you so sad. He’ll clear his schedule and focus on taking care of you. Whatever it may be, whether it be watching chick flicks with you or making your favourite meal. He’ll do it all for you.

Louis: “There’s that beautiful smile I’ve been missing,” When you’re upset Louis knows that the only way for you to be happy again is to have fun. So he’ll take you to an arcade and tell you jokes the whole time on the way there. Within minutes you’re mood will change and the bubbly you will return again. As soon as his ears fill with your laughter and you flash him you’re smile, butterflies will erupt in his stomach.

Niall: “You deserve everything, because you’re my everything,” It scares the living shit out of Niall when you’re unhappy. He’ll immediately go out for awhile and return with bags full of things he bought to cheer you up. There will be an assortment of chocolates, teddy bears, movies,and jewelry. He’ll frantically hand you each item, one at a time, hoping that with each present your mood will be lifted.

Harry: “Don’t push me away, because I’m not going anywhere,” Whenever you’re upset you don’t like anyone seeing you vulnerable. So you’ll isolate yourself. You’ll become quiet, sleep a lot and request you be left alone. It kills Harry and breaks his heart to see you like this. And as much as you say you want to be alone and that you’re fine, he knows that deep down you’re just scared to show you need anyone. So he’ll join you in bed even against your protest, and shower you with kisses as the two of you silently cuddle. Not a word spoken between you two. Just his presence makes you feel better.