teddy bear explosion!

April 21

The original Trickster is the practical joker and con man whose favorite occupation is damaging enemies like the Flash with items such as explosive teddy bears. James Jesse was a circus acrobat who decided to become a criminal just like his “reverse namesake” Jesse James. He created shoes that allowed him to walk on air to first help him in the trapeze shows his family was in, as every member of his family was a trapeze expert and his father wanted him to be one also, and other dangerous gag gadgets for his crimes. He clashed with the Flash (Barry Allen) many times. In his first appearance in Flash #113 (April 21, 1960), his Harlequin costume causes the Flash to guess he is in a circus, and he captures the Trickster after pogo-sticking to the trapeze.

anonymous asked:

why you are so cute???

My parents are very intelligent, attractive and they raised me well.

Also, there was an explosion at the teddy bear, sticker and glitter factory while I was taking some local orphans to get free teddy bears, stickers and glitter.

Everyone survived. I got the orphans out just in time.

My eyebrows were made entirely of glitter for about two months. These days, I just give off a slight glimmer in the sun. Some areas glimmer more than others.