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So, who here knows about the origin of my nickname and multi-purpose internet handle, Schmergo?

In third grade, my teacher gave us creative writing time every day, though always with themes related to what we were studying. I created the perfect blank slate character for concepts to be explained to in my journal entries- a Martian named Schmergo, invented by Wren Brown and me. He was purple and tan with five eyeballs, four legs, antennae, a curved tail, and a giant S on his chest.

Schmergo was Mars’ most esteemed Earth Scientist, which meant he was ostensibly an expert on Earth, but compared to humans, still woefully uninformed about our customs. He could travel to Earth via portals in toilets and trash cans, loved to eat inedible items, shoved stuff up his nose, misunderstood every explanation, and promptly vanished back to Mars as soon as any adults arrived, leaving kids to blame for his horrible messes.

He appeared in my stories almost daily- and then my classmates’. When Schmergo’s slightly gross antics threatened to overtake writing time, my teacher banned him.

Well. That just made him more popular. My Odyssey of the Mind team named ourselves The Schmergos. I made a t-shirt with Schmergo on it that I often wore to school. I created a tote bag that said “Schmergo Lives!” which I carried all the way through middle school.

In fifth grade, we were learning about ancient civilizations and had to develop our own “civilization,” creating everything from a flag to religion to national anthem to Constitution. Mine was a secret underwater Martian colony on Earth, established by Schmergo to observe humans. It was called Schmergoceana.

Needless to say, when I was allowed on the Internet, my first email address and Neopets account were both named after Schmergo. And to this day, I have friends who know me better as Schmergo than Megan.

In summary, the Internet is really weird, I’ve apparently always had an inexplicable knack for developing tiny cultlike structures, and at age 25, I am still called by the name of a Martian who flushes himself down the toilet, ears teddy bears, wears meatloaf as a hat, and snorts egg salad.

8abbott-of-odd0  asked:

Permission to call the badgeless from TAAO9 "Bumblebear the Badgeless"? Cos he's got Bumblebee's squish face and teddy bear ears (and is also a badgeless).

Permission granted.

I thank you for making this Monday morning better for the entire Internet.

Our Wedding {Preview}

The two would have been prepared for their nervous ceremony had they known there would be over hundreds attending. After a nice, pleasant, swift face reveal from Jonathan and a shit ton of invites towards local fans, Evan’s friends set up the ceremony perfectly.

The group of idiots sent out twitter invitations, tumblr invitations, Instagram invitations, any form of invitation to any form of fan who knew Evan and Jonathan.

They brought along a shit ton of gifts and many of their own friends and family that Evan and Jonathan had met at previous parties. They also brought an assortment of food and drinks.

Marcel had let Evan know ahead of time before this special day, to discard any plans on food and drinks but to just worry bout the scenery, their clothes, the rings obviously, and their invitations.

Given the brief and somewhat reluctant “Okay”, Marcel went crazy, calling up the guys and telling them to go absolutely insane on their choices and such. He specifically said to go crazy as he would be the one paying for it all.

On any usual day, Evan would have instantly declined, but since it was his wedding with his sweet and beloved husband, Jonathan, he eased up a little. More like a lot actually.

Evan stood in his dressing room, the vanity mirror glancing back at him with a smile of pride. “Today. Evan Fong. You are going to be a wonderful husband and caring partner of the wonderful male, Jonathan Dennis.”

He tried to keep the butterflies cooped up but they spread like wildfire along his veins and nerves. He took a nervous gulp of water and headed towards the exit.

With a soft sigh, Evan glanced at the dress shoes with black ribbons at the hem of the ankles. He allowed himself another second to calm his nerves before slipping them on and fluttering like a butterfly out the door.

Awaiting his figure outside, Tyler and his father grinned at his outfit. “I’d always pictured this happy day, Evan.” His father smiled proudly at his son, giving him a tight hug.

Tyler smiled, “Let’s get this show on the fucking road, dude!”

The trio began to escape the dressing rooms, heading towards the long aisle of bright blue with contrasting blood specks(not real blood obviously…. I think).

As they made it to the priest, a few guests kept flooding in. Some gazing upon Evan’s suit and crimson tie with astonishment at how good the Canadian Asian looked.

He properly greeted them before giving hugs to those he personally was attached to. After greeting some guests and saying hello to many others, he stood by the priest with his right hand man, Tyler, standing off the the side and speaking to Kelly with a proud grin.

Tyler couldn’t stop speaking of how proud and happy he was with how open Evan had been over the years about his sexuality was different and how he had liked someone in their group.

As this chit chat carried on, the gathering of friends and family and even fans heard soft church bells ringing out in the air. Jonathan would have never agreed to this but since it was with Evan, he would be okay with it.

Before they chose the church, the priest, Evan’s father’s friend, told Evan that his church welcomed gays, lesbians, pans, trans, anybody with value really. It meant a lot to Jonathan especially, it relieved him that there were some churches that were not strictly dickly. He was happy when he heard the news.

Jonathan had been so happy that he jumped in Evan’s arms and kissed him right in front of the priest. And the priest became only even more proud and impressed with the two of them.

As Evan zoned back in, Kelly was mentioning how wonderful Jonathan looked in that blue tie and that black tight suit that clung to his feminine curves and adorable thighs.

Evan smiled instantly, his eyes traveling up to that beautiful face with those gorgeous crystal blue eyes. As the male deemed closer, red petals were scattered out behind his tailcoat with such fabulous suspense that Evan was emotionally drowning in his passion.

A pair of blue teddy bear ears made by one of his fans was delicately placed on his head as he greeted her. She waved back in greeting and melted on the spot as he smiled at her. 

Evan grinned as his lover finally stood proudly on the steps, just one below him. “Hey.”

Evan stuttered, “H-Hey. You smell nice, look nice too.”

Jonathan smirked, “I’m glad, you look like a snack Evan.”

The two males giggled and soon the area quieted down as the priest began his speech. The two only shared the gaze as they listened, filtered with such pride and joy.



I was volunteering at a bible camp (because agh service hours) and i worked in the arts and crafts room, so i got to draw on the tables

and the kids would rotate through stations, and when the 1st grade group came in, one little girl ran over to the table, pointed to the second one and went ‘WOW THATS SO GOOD’

and i like mELTED

and later she sat down in a different seat to do her crafts, and it happened to be where i drew the first drawing

once their group left i went over to clean the tables and i died of cuteness cuz SHE ADDED ON TO MY DRAWING AND GAVE CONNOR SOME LITTLE TEDDY BEAR EARS

and now i will draw Connor like that forever


- Chapter 4 of the “Act the Part” series

A LuNyx fanfic set in my Kingsglaive AU where Nyx works as a bodyguard for Luna regularly unless ordered to battle. He also helps her sneak out of the palace to explore the city when she wants to.

Summary: Luna drags Nyx into the a party he wasn’t in the mood for. 

Author’s Note: After such a long time and a bout with a writer’s block I finally have the mood and the time to write this. It’s not my original plan and I kinda struggled with it because I think there was a little bit left of that block, but I kinda like it. It’s the last chapter for this series and I’ll just probably write drabbles referencing this universe for future oneshots. I have some ideas for more fics, I hope I can write more soon. Special thanks to @fabulanova-ffxv​ for being my beta reader. And I credit @loveiscosmicsin for Luna’s nickname I used here other than “Your Highness” and “Princess.” xD

I hope you guys like it!

Word Count: 4,500+

Previous chapters:

  • Chapter 1 - “Act the Part”
  • Chapter 2 - “Meddling Rumors and Hidden Truths.”
  • Chapter 3 - “Something More.”

You can search those chapters by their titles on my blog (this website doesn’t seem to want me to add links to them -_-)

“It itches.”

“Does it really?”

“Well, on my neck it does.”

Nyx watched Luna skip steps to the pile of unusual clothes at the corner of the shop. She was busy again, trying to find another costume that would fit him. He brought up a hand on his neck, stubbornly scratched on the skin and subsequently caught a glimpse of himself on the mirror.

He looked silly, which may be the point of all this. The glaive had only a few instances to dress up. For the job, for a date and for rare occasions such as the one he had revealed to her earlier. Though, he didn’t intend to ever go to such party. In all honesty, he found it silly. Like the brown fur suit and the bear ears he now wore.

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Red, White, And Blue Plaid

Jon wore the perfect colors for the first day of this new school he was moved to. As school dress code, he was forced to go and buy plaid shirts and flannels and checkered clothing due to the fashion police being high quality at the school. 

As Jon was walking among the flannel section in his most favorite store, Cutesmart™(trademark reference), three students, probably from this new school, were shoving each other around into other customers and interrupting the public spaces.

“U-Um.. can you three be less noisy, please??” Jon questioned them, hoping they would be a little more quiet and polite towards his desires.

However, the trio only began taunting him and declaring they’d be much more louder unless he left. So he did what anyone else would do. He punched them in their guts and shoved them away from the store, completely.

They stood on the sidewalk across the store while Jon crossed his arms with a huff and glared at them. “Those boots are made for walking!”(reference) Jon shouted angrily at them before heading back to buy his favorite colored clothing, blue and white.

As he was shopping, he decided he would pull his ID and Credit Card from his wallet and settle it in his hand to easily swipe, buy cigarettes(don’t do cigs ;) ), and pay for it all quickly..

In a swift moment of reading his ID, a sudden hand jabbed at him in the chest with a question, “You go to Khan Jusi Academy?”(KHAN ACADEMY CAN SUCK MY LEFT NUT)

Jon felt no other response was appropriate besides a giggle and nod.The male’s face lit up and he grinned at Jon, “Me too! Hey, are you new here because I’ve never seen you around?”

Jon nodded, “My name is Jonathan but I prefer to be called Jon.”

“I’m Evan, hey, I love your laugh dude. It’s absolutely crazy!”

Jon smiled at his new enthusiastic friend, “So what’s your schedule?”

Evan smiled at him with a reply, “I have homeroom with Mr. Jenki the Fourth and lunch one.”

Jon glanced past Evan and grinned, racing past him and grabbing a striped black and white hemmed jacket with blue dyed leather and a white hoodie with a blue pair of teddy bear ears.

“Awesome, I have that lunch period too, I think. But hey, this jacket looks awesome, doesn’t it?!”

Evan smiled and nodded, “Yeah, hey, did you bring your schedule with you or no?”

Jon shook his head, “I can show you, just come back to my hotel or  Ii can give you my phone number and we can just text it.”

Evan nodded, “Sounds fun. I’ll go grab some paper and a pen from the lady at the desk.” 

Jon smiled and nodded in acknowledgement before trying on the jacket and grinning to himself, “thirty bucks, not back. I’ve got about 250 in my credit and 80 in cask. I should be just fine shopping here.”

As the male from earlier approached  Jon, he strutted off and came back with a smirk, “Don’t I look fashionable as fuck?”

Evan smirked and nodded, “I like that. I should match your’s!”

He pushed past Jon and reached for a red jacket that was hemmed black and white as well but had a gradient pink-to-red hood with a white pair of feathers flowing from the back.

“Oh my gosh, Evan, it really fits you too! Red goes really well with your hair color and your eye color.” Jon practically fangirls. 

The two skipped among the store clothes racks, grabbing similar clothes but sticking to their rightfully favorite colors.This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.(pewdiepie reference anyone?)

Hah. Spot out the references? I would hope so.. XD

Ii felt really airheaded so Ii felt like writing soemthing humorous and also kinda cute, ya kno?




Preston is the teddy bear doctor of Sanctuary. if a child’s teddy bear gets an ear ripped off or a button eye comes loose, he will operate on it and save it with his Love. he knows all of the teddy bears brought to him by name and asks the children how they’re doing when he helps settlements, and the kids love him so much I love him so much you love him so much everyone lo

Halloween Fright Night

A/N: Happy (early) Halloween everyone! I decided to do this as a little orginal drabble thing? Just to give you a cute insight on what the Undertale characters are up to on this fine Halloween! I hope you guys enjoy and have a happy spookified Halloween!
Des: Have a look into what fun the Undertale characters are having on Halloween! 

The Skelebros:

“Paps, let’s go! We’re already fifteen minutes late to Trick or Treating time!” Sans called up the stairs, tapping his foot. This mattered more to Papyrus than it did Sans, so he figured he would at least be ready on time.

“SANS!” Papyrus called, his voice sounding muffled. “I’M STUCK!”

Sans walked up the stairs, sighing loudly. “What are you talking about?” 

Papyrus came out from around the corner, his vampire cape stuck on his skull. “SAAAAAAAAANS! HELP ME!”

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