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i love your blog so much! Thank you for coming out with such amazing prompts!~ Was wondering, since valentines day is coming, could i have some prompts for the lovely date? Thank you so much xoxo

Thank you so much for you kind words!!! They really mean a lot to me!!!! <3

Of course you can!!!

1. “I’ve had a crush on you since we were kids, but I’ve always been scared to say anything. This year, I impulsively bought you a Valentine’s Day present, but now, I can’t work up the courage to give it to you.”

2. “I absolutely hate chocolate, but I always get several boxes from relatives on Valentine’s Day, and I give them to you, since you love them so much, and you bring me non-chocolate candy in return.”

3. “We always give each other goofy Valentines, with puns or insults on the cards, but this year, you got me a super-sweet, touching card, and I still got you a rude/funny one. I’m panicking a little.”

4. “I bought you chocolate, flowers, and a stuffed teddy bear covered in hearts, and you still don’t understand that I’m interested in you. HOW?”

5. “We’re coworkers, and I left a Valentine on your desk, but I was so nervous, i forgot to sign it. Now I need to figure out a way to tell you who it’s from.”

6. “I had all these plans for a perfect Valentine’s Day proposal, but the waiter put the ring on the wrong tray, so now someone at the next table over is squealing with excitement, while their S/O looks on in horror, and I have no idea how to fix this.”

7. (To go with above.) “There’s a ring in your food, and I definitely didn’t put it there, but you’re so excited, I’m not sure if I have the heart to tell you or not.”

8. “You’re a thief, and I’m the cop who’s always trying to catch you. You somehow got into the station and left a Valentine on my desk, and I probably shouldn’t be as impressed as I am.”

9. “I bought a single red rose for Valentine’s Day, but it looks like you cleared out the florist’s shop.”

10. “When we were in Kindergarten, you gave me a Ring Pop on Valentine’s Day, and said it made us married. This year, I’m giving you a real one.”

11. “You asked me to help you put together a care package for your Valentine, and even though it broke my heart, I did. But now you’re giving it to me?”

12. “You’re the cheesiest person I’ve ever met, and I love that about you, but if you actually get up and serenade me for Valentine’s Day, I may throw something.”

13. “I know you aren’t big on sappy romantic gestures, and I’ve accepted that, so I wasn’t expecting much on Valentine’s Day, but you showed up with a huge box of chocolates and a singing card. Do you have a fever or something?”

14. “Every year, on Valentine’s Day, you ask me if I want a kiss, then give me a Hershey’s before I can answer. This year, I’m getting a real kiss.”

Hopefully, you enjoy these! I tried to go as sappy as possible! :D



EXO on Your Anniversary


Xiumin’s busy, so he wouldn’t be able to plan a huge surprise. His love would be shown in the little things he’d do for you throughout the day: making your favorite coffee, singing you your favorite song, and watching your favorite movie with you. After every conversation you would have, he’d always make sure to end it with a slightly-cheesy but nevertheless sincere “I Love You”.


Chen would exaggerate the occasion (which you didn’t think was possible). He’d wake you up by scooping you in his arms and carrying you dramatically into the kitchen for a homemade breakfast. He’d make sure to take you to a romantic restaurant for dinner, all while showering you with adoration.


Also a bit of a drama queen, Baekhyun would do all of your favorite things in excess. He wouldn’t stop singing to you, even if it was about an errand he needed to do. When he got home, he’d apologize profusely for leaving you alone on “your special day”, causing you to blush from his overwhelming affection.


Chanyeol wouldn’t be too cheesy, making sure to give you extra kisses and backhug you whenever he could. It wasn’t until when you went out for dinner that he confessed how much you really do mean to him, both of your eyes getting watery from emotions.


Already naturally gentle, Lay would be almost-unbearably sweet as he showered you with little gifts. A ring you had said you liked, a candle you always made sure to sniff, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  None of these gifts compared to knowing Lay was in love with you, and you with him.


The traditional idea of going out to dinner didn’t interest D.O, and he instead decided to surprise you with a cute, candlelit home-cooked meal.  After the meal was over, you two stayed at the table, talking long into the night about your beautiful future together. 


Always cheesy, Suho would shower you with over-the-top romantic gifts. Teddy bears, chocolate-covered strawberries, and flowers would just be the beginning. He wouldn’t stop showering with kisses, even at the restaurant for dinner, making you blush in embarrassment. 


More reserved than his leader, Kai would make you breakfast in bed, treating you like a princess.  Rather than a fancy dinner, he’d take you downtown to shop, buying you a special piece before going home and watching a cheesy romcom that you picked out, all with a loving smile on his face.


Sehun has a hard time expressing his feelings through words, so he’d instead do it through actions. He’d always be holding your hand, hugging you, or having his arm around your waist. It wasn’t until after dinner that he actually said “I love you”, his sincerity making your heart race and eyes fill with tears.

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Why don't I hear you anti's never talk about the significant signs that Larry does exist, or at least has existed... I refer to the bears, who gave us so many signs and clues about Larry during their tours. If it was the work of Louis/Harry or not, they must at least have known about it and given their approval. I refer to the amount of matching tattoo's between H and L. How can you ignore thát? Just a few of the very important "proof" that can't be ignored if you ask me.

I refer to the bears,

Why do you believe “proof” is required of two people dating as if it involves your judgement or it doesn’t exist or not? If you decide tomorrow to stop believing they’re dating do you believe that has an effect on Louis and Harry’s real life? If not, why is it so important you go around telling everyone about your “proofs”? Are they dating so that you know and care about it or are they dating for themselves? Do you decide what relationships in the real world you think are real based on “proof” you infer through signs/codes and why do you believe this is a normal way to treat celebrities you’re a fan of? 

If two men are closeted why do they want you to obsess about it? Do you believe it’s normal for two grown men to want teenagers to spend all their hours obsessing about them together? Why would they need that? If you had grown up friends who wanted to send signs about their private sexual lives through the use of fursonas to groups of teenagers, would you think that was normal? Why haven’t these bears told you anything reliable? Why did they go away? Why were they at a concert in England the day before Freddie was born when both Louis and Harry were in LA? Why do we know they were being run by a sound engineer called Mark? 

Why do they need to send you signs and codes at all? What if they stopped sending them? Would they stop enjoying their relationship together? Doesn’t it sound like an exhausting reality you’ve invented for men to devote all their hours on sending you clues about their sex lives? 

Those times you all interpreted codes and nothing happened, did you interpret the codes wrongly in which case you’d admit you see what you want to see, or do you believe Louis and Harry were gaslighting you? Do you believe closeted men behave in this way about their lives? Why? Why would they want to use babies and teddy bears in order to cover up or showcase their private lives? Who has ever behaved like this? 

When their family and friends tell you to stop and that it’s hurting them do you believe they’re being forced to say that by Bossman or by Louis and Harry? Do you believe Louis and Harry enjoy the way you talk to their siblings and family members and friends and colleagues? When they have to set their comment sections to private or block you do you believe they’re proud about that or super embarrassed? If they’re embarrassed or upset because their siblings are deluged in hate do you think it makes sense they’d still want to send you signs to reassure you to keep going with your obsession? Do you perceive yourself as more important to Louis and Harry than their own family members? 

How on Earth do you rationalize caring more about teddy bears and your interpretation of people’s tattoos from years ago over the reality of a BABY’s life? How on Earth is that a priority mentally to you? Why would Louis agree to fake a baby? Who could force him to do that and why? Why has no celebrity on this planet ever been forced to engage in child exploitation like this by a Bossman? Why just Louis?

Just a few questions I have here!

My Groiwng Girl

5. “I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.”

My Growing Girl

The party was in a full swing, music blaring all the way to the brim of the lawn, with flashing lights that hung above the high ceiling, people danced with their significant others, while some shared drinks with each other. The Barnes family had just entered the party Tony had insisted on them joining.

“Typical Tony…” Bucky grumbled, shoving his perfectly gelled hair back, holding onto his wife, while his daughter was hiked up over his arm, her hand wrapped around his neck while the other hand had been wrapped around a brown teddy bear and a white covered book.

Bucky never understood why his daughter found a fascination in books, albeit he still bought her special editions, of course Natalia had raised the bar when she bought his daughter books from their birth of origin. Once the Black Widdo had known of Bucky’s daughters love for books, she just couldn’t stop her smothering. She loved the child to no end, and Bucky couldn’t ask for a better god mother then Natasha herself.

“Daddy, Where is Grant?” Rebecca asked, tugging her dads long locks to get his attention, his eyes were drifting to his wife, who seemed a bit Unpleased at the moment.

“Sorry, Becca, he might be in the kitchen…” James answered, already coming to a conclusion about his best friends son. Buchanan placed his daughter down on her own two feet, dusting her white plain shirt with lace short sleeves, before fixing her blue jeans buttons and pointed to the left side of the living compound. She nodded her head, her chestnut curls bouncing with her nodes.

“Be careful,” Her mother warned, not enjoying the atmosphere with many business men and their loaded shots of alcohol. Rebecca stole a single kiss from her dad before she went wobbling been the legs of men and women to the kitchen with her brown bear- curtesy of Sam, and her white book.

“We shouldn’t let our daughter wander off by her self-” (Y/N) spoke as she placed a finger to her chin, trying to find half her friends.

Bucky shrugged his shoulders, “It’s not like she’s gonna do anything, She’ll be with Steve’s Kid.” Bucky assured, slinking a hand around her waist, resting just above the curve of her ass. The lady nodded, her own curls now bouncing, she fixed the low cut of her dress that ended just above her belly. The white fabric hugged her curves perfectly, ending just above her shin. With white jeweled heels to compliment her looks. Bucky whistled, catching her attention. His smirk never leaving his face.

“What are grinning at?” She demanded, her crimson strained lips pouted, as she fixed the dip again feeling a bit unconscious at the amount of cleavage held on display. He shrugged his shoulders, but dipped his head below her ears and kissed at her shoulder blade.

“Natasha coming on your six.” Bucky whispered into his wife’s ear, as he passed on the love act as a simple whisper. True to his words, a red head had sauntered over to the married couple, her hips swaying from side to side in her body con red dress, Her gaze never leaving the girl before her.

“Hello~” Natasha sang, grabbing Bucky’s wife and dragging her over to a group of girls, leaving Bucky alone to watch his wife’s retreating back.

He stayed in place for a while, until he just couldn’t see his wife’s back anymore, so James walked past many rich men, many horny women, many people shoving their asses up his penis, but finally made it to the kitchen, he swung the white doors apart. And instantly his gaze had fallen on his daughter.

She was alone, No Grant or anyone beside her. Just the bear that was placed over her lap and the white book that’s she had started to read all over again.

The young girl was a carbon copy of her dad, quite, silent, loving, charming, but mostly lonely. If it wasn’t for Grant the poor girl wouldn’t even have a kid her age to hang with. She would always be spotted with one of the avengers, or spending her time with her family.

He walked to her, then sat down behind her on the bay window. The expensive fur that was thrown on for display was soft to the touch as he extended his arm around her, to show her he was here beside her.

“What’s going on Pumpkin?” Bucky asked softly, nuzzling his head on the small of her back, taking in her scent of baby shampoo. When she didn’t reply, Bucky got a bit worried, so he moved his head to hook it on her shoulder, almost giving all his weight on his daughters back. “Princess…?” Bucky trailed, watching as his daughter contributed to flip pages and skim through words she would have probably learned like the back of her head by now. “Rebecca…?” Bucky grumbled, once he understood his daughter was ignoring him, he couldn’t help but wonder why?

So he poked her sides, then poked her shoulders, and head, followed by her legs, but she wouldn’t even budge, not even a single emotion dropped from her face. “I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.” Bucky murmured as he continued to jab his finger in various places of her body. Until she breathed out a sigh, “Daddy I’m bored.” She stated, then looked back at her book. It didn’t take a genius to know she was lying to her father with one of the best strait faces any kid could ever muster.

“What’s really going on cupcake?” Bucky asked, shutting her book and hoisted her up his legs. Her head draped over his chest.

“I wanted to hang out with Grant but he’s with this other girl.” She explained, bringing her bear closer to her chest when she couldn’t continue her explanation.

Bucky released an audible sigh of worry, Already his daughter was falling head over heels for his best friends oblivious son. So Bucky did what any other father would do at the time, wrap his hands around her tiny form and hook his chin over her head, while she silently let her sadness pour out with tears. “I love you Rebecca.” Bucky spoke softly, his lips found the roots of her head and placed a moist kiss that ignited her head with love and adoration. She nodded, now wrapping her hands around her dads ribcage. Snuggling closer to his many musk, and kissing his chest through his vest.

“I love you more daddy…”

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(It's the chill Danielle fan from earlier) Yeah I see where you're coming from. But regarding the pictures where he looks miserable and she's smiling, maybe it's just her? I mean she always smiles whenever she catches a camera. Also, could it be possible that Louis is not gay, but bisexual, pansexual, heteroflexible, ect, and even if he is in love with Harry, a part of him does like Danielle? To add on, I did know who she was before Louis, a lot of people I know did too.(again not being mean :))

Yo amigo! Hope you had a good weekend. Thanks again for being so chill! I don’t doubt that people knew who she was at all…but The Originals isn’t really a thing in the UK unless you have Netflix in which case I still never watched it, but yeah. I personally did not know who she was.

Like I said before, if you look at videos of pap walks as they happen it’s like four seconds that can capture literally hundreds of shots. I can go through the full range of human emotions in four seconds, but if I had cameras pointed at me, I’d probably try to smile as well, so I really don’t take the pap walks as that big of an indication of reality. 

Honestly…I think it was this:

That really had me like

Seriously, pretty much every time he’s around her this is what his inner monologue seems like:

But WHO KNOWS. I don’t. I do not have the power of telepathy, just of observation. 

I think you’ve raised some very valid questions and as someone who hates labels and who just defaults to “pansexual” because I’m like “whatever…life’s a party, rock your body” I would never claim to know what someone else’s sexuality is unless I had their explicit (non-Twitter) declaration of it. The only Twitter declaration I trust is this one:

There are certainly a lot of things that would indicate at the very least that Louis is complicit in all of this without any kind of objection if you rely solely on Instagram and print media. However…if you look at his actions…

Like when immediately prior to the birth announcement he did this

And when he dressed up a rainbow-covered teddy bear to educate 1D fans on gay history and made it clear who the bears represented

(that dude in the frame is named Larry)

And we know Louis was behind the bears because

(With the help of Harry)

And when he got about 739 matching tattoos with Harry

I just honestly can’t come up with an explanation as to why those bears exist or why those tattoos exist that don’t point to the fact that, regardless of his sexuality, Louis Tomlinson is in love with Harry Styles.

so i know there are alot of theories that max has shitty parents and all that but, max’s teddy bear was covered in sewing marks. meaning that max ripped his toy and got his parents (most likely his mom) to fix it for him multiple times.

just saying.

imagine max crying and asking his mom to fix hit beloved honey nut then sitting eaigerly next to his mom while she sews it back up for him


Tokyo Teddy Bear (English Cover)【JubyPhonic】東京テディベア


Child Aizen’s notes (taken while Shinji is babysitting him)

As requested by anon. :)

Previously, we saw what sort of notes Shinji would take if he were asked to babysit a child version of Aizen. But of course, in that scenario, Shinji would not be the only one keeping records. So now it’s time to take a look at the notes that baby Aizen took on that same day!

1. It is 6:00pm. Any moment now, the babysitter my parents hired will arrive. Adorably, they think they chose him, and he thinks that he chose to agree. They are both wrong. This is all my doing.

2. Let me explain. Explaining is good, even in note form - good practice for one day when I will be able to explain all the things to all the people, even things they may already know. Days ago, when I sensed that my parents were getting ready to go on a date (I could tell through subtle signs that only I could notice, like my mom saying, “Hey we should go out for dinner sometime” - she says “sometime” when she really means “in the next couple of days” because she is clever like me), I casually mentioned “Uncle Shinji”’s name. Not in a babysitting context. Just in an innocent child context. But this was enough. It planted the idea. And once the idea is planted, it takes hold and then

3. The babysitter arrived before I could finish that last note. I wish I could write faster but these crayons are not very good for that. Stupid crayons.

4. Never mind I know have bigger things to concern myself with. I must test Shinji to determine whether or not he is worthy of being my babysitter. 

5. I smiled at Shinji using the most adorable version of my smile (the tooth I knocked out last week leaves a gap that adults cannot help but find adorable). He did not smile back. He merely stared at me, studying me. He is keeping his distance. Such a foolish move. I expected better.

6. Shinji continues to disappoint. He tried to test me by giving me dinner with dessert and telling me not to touch the dessert until I finished my dinner. Did he really think he could trick me with such an obvious ploy? Ridiculous.

7. I vow this now with my blue crayon: I’ll never have a plan that involves a single step. All of my plans will have many steps, because many is better. 

8. I have been ordered to “go play” while Shinji cleans up. He is still keeping his distance from me. Why? Doesn’t he know that keeping his distance will make it harder to understand me? Doesn’t he want to understand me? Doesn’t he want to be a good babysitter? It doesn’t make any sense. I will go help him.

9. Shinji watched me as I helped carry dishes to the sink. He was waiting to see if I would drop any. So I dropped a plate deliberately. He knows I dropped it deliberately, and he thinks this means I am pretending to have a weakness. Little does he know that “pretending to have a weakness” is itself a trick to make him think that I would be so obvious with my tricks when in fact I would never be so obvious, something he would know if he actually PAID ATTENTION TO ME

10. I snapped the crayon. 

11. I put on fake glasses to make myself feel better about the crayon. I like the way fake glasses make me feel. Maybe it is time to start tricking my parents into thinking I need a prescription.

12. Time to test Shinji again. This time with a game of hide and seek. Let’s see how good his perception is.

13. So disappointed. So disappointed I am writing in fragments. He actually thought that the incredibly lifelike robotic version of myself I placed behind the curtains was me.


15. I broke another crayon.

16. Now I am sitting in a big boy chair. It makes me feel better. Giant chairs are very comforting and they suit someone who will one day occupy the big boy chair in the sky

17. I think it is time to put my final plan into motion.

18. First I ask for tea. I watch Shinji’s face grow suspicious but I no longer care. He is probably not worthy of me but he gets this one final chance.

19. I drink the tea. I claim it makes me sleepy - which would be odd, wouldn't it Shinji, since tea is caffeinated. No? You’re going to go along with my obvious ploy because you can’t manage to out think even child me? Fine. You be that way.

20. Now I ask to go to bed. You put me to bed, and then you turn out the lights and leave. Immediately, I get right out of bed again.


22. Then I hide at the top the staircase.

23. Predictably, there goes Shinji into my room to check on me. I wait until he passes by and then I slip downstairs. 

24. Now is the time to put my plan into action. First I will explain my plan. You see, it started back when Shinji thought he agreed to be my babysitter when in reality I was the one who arranged the whole thing. He should have recognized that I arranged the whole thing because otherwise how would it have worked out so neatly? It would not have. Only with me as the architect. Then, once he arrived, I smiled at him. By smiling at him I

25. wait I think I spent too long explaining he’s coming back

26. Okay new plan I’ll just dump some hot sauce into his coffee

27. okay he caught me doing it but that was part of my plan 

28. it was all part of my plan because it makes it seem like I have really obvious plans I guess? wait yes that’s pretty good - it makes it seem like I have really obvious plans so he won’t see my real plan coming.

29. So it all worked out according to my plans.

30. not that he deserves my plans. this babysitter totally sucks