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“Teddy bear.” a Barry Allen imagine

(A/n don’t worry I still sleep with a teddy bear cos i’ve had it ever since i was four and something in my family happened and i’ve had him every since :)

You knew it was a little strange to still be sleeping with a teddy bear at night. But you didn’t care. It was one of the few things you still had of your childhood and you’d be damned if you got rid of it. Over time the teddy bear had become worn out but you didn’t care that his fur now covered his eyes, making him look like they weren’t there at all. It came with a warm wave of nostalgia every time you cuddle up to it at night. 

Of course you didn’t let many people know of your teddy bears existence knowing that people may find you odd. So you always hid it and pulled out before bedtime. You of course didn’t tell your boyfriend, Barry Allen. And although he assured that he would never leave you, you knew that sometimes this was a deal breaker. 

You took the day off of work from S.T.A.R. labs as you had been sick. You needed to be able to lay in bed and be able to sleep in intervals. You were wearing Barry’s Lab sweater and shorts and you cuddled with your bear, watching tv. Barry had decided to surprise you and bring you a ‘cold survival kit’. So far he had stealthily sneaked into your apartment and was now observing you through a crack in the door. You looked to your door as he swung it open. Your eyes widened as you quickly hid the bear under your pillow. He eyed you suspiciously as you chuckled nervously. 

“H-Hey Bar!” 

“(Y/n)…what’s under your pillow?!” He asked as he set the bag down on your TV stand. 

“Nothing!” You lied with a smile. He raised a brow. You blinked and next thing you knew he was holding your bear in his hands. 

“BARTHOLOMEW HENRY ALLEN!” You cried as you shot out of bed. He looked at you with furrowed brows. 

“What is this?” 

“That,” You snatched the bear out of his hands with a blush as you silently cursed “is my teddy bear.” You finished with a mutter. He smiled at you. 

“It’s cute! How long have you had it?” Your head snapped up to him as you looked at him in shock. 

“You don’t think it’s weird?!” 

“Does it give you comfort?” You nodded as he smiled and sat beside you. Intertwining your fingers. 

“Then no…I do not find it weird. Now how long have you had it?”

“Since I was about six.” You grinned. Barry smiled at how pure you were as he kissed your temple. His face suddenly fell. 

“Barry what’s wrong?!” 
“There’s another man in your life…tell me…is he a better cuddler than me?!” He said dramatically as you stifle a giggle. 

“You cheeseball!” You laughed as you swatted him away from trying to kiss you. 
“Don’t ignore my love!” Barry said as his fingers started to dance along your sides as you squirmed and giggled. You couldn’t have asked for a better boyfriend. Ever.

8abbott-of-odd0  asked:

Permission to call the badgeless from TAAO9 "Bumblebear the Badgeless"? Cos he's got Bumblebee's squish face and teddy bear ears (and is also a badgeless).

Permission granted.

I thank you for making this Monday morning better for the entire Internet.

BTS Forgetting Your Anniversary Gif Reaction.

Requested by @kyndallbean: I was wondering if you could do a gif reaction to the guys forgetting their one year anniversary with you. Like you made dinner and everything, they come home late to see candles still burning and the table still set with maybe a bit of fluff at the end.

Seokjin would be speechless when he walked into the house and saw you sitting at the dinner table with the candles still lit. He’d be flattered that you made him a meal but also feel like a jerk for forgetting one of the most important days of your relationship. He’d pull you into a hug and kiss your forehead mumbling out apologies as he lead you to the bedroom to snuggle with you. You’d wake up to breakfast in bed the next day and he’d spend the entire day pampering you and treating you like the princess you should be treated like.

Yoongi would feel bad when he saw the cold dinner wrapped up in the refrigerator with a note from you saying ‘Happy anniversary…” He’d feel like the worst boyfriend ever and he’d go up to your bedroom where he knows you’re still awake and pull you into a tight embrace. He’d mumble apologies into your neck and beg you to forgive him until you both fell asleep. The next morning you’d wake up to your favorite take-out food and a sack full of candy and a big teddy bear right beside you. He’d apologize a couple more times and vow to spend the rest of the weekend with only you to make up for missing your anniversary.

Hoseok would come home just as you’re blowing out the candles and getting ready to go to sleep. He’d know instantly what was wrong and he’d feel awful so he’d wrap his arms around you and apologize until you were tired of the word sorry. He’d reheat the cold food and go put on his best tux and do anything he could to salvage the night. After you’ve eaten he would ask you to dance and spend the night slow dancing with you until you couldn’t do anything but smile and forgive him for almost ruining the night.

Namjoon wouldn’t really realize that he’d forgotten such an important day until he came home from being in the studio all night working on their album. He’d wonder why you were giving him the cold shoulder and try to get you to tell him what was wrong and when you finally did he’d feel like the biggest jerk on the planet. He’d spend the rest of the day trying to make you smile and trying to get you to talk to him and then he’d take you out to a nice dinner and wine and dine you until you forgave him.

Jimin would remember that he was supposed to be having a nice dinner right before he got to the house and, even if you didn’t seem upset, he’d immediately start apologizing. First he’d try to explain why he’d forgotten in the first place but then he’d resort to kissing you until you forgave him. He’d drag you up to bed and cuddle you and sing your favorite song until you fell asleep. He’d spend the next day doing anything you wanted like going to an amusement park and winning you stuffed animals and taking you out to dinner and a movie. He’d make sure that you spent the whole day laughing and smiling to make up for missing such an important date.

Taehyung would probably come home and not even notice that you were mad at him. He’d snuggle up to you in bed and say goodnight and be asleep before you knew it. After a day or two of the silent treatment he’d wrack his brain to try to figure out what he did wrong and, when he finally figured it out, he’d run to you and apologize. Even if you were at work, he’d bring you a giant teddy bear and a dozen roses and serenade you in front of your co-workers. When you finally forgave him he’d cover your face with kisses and drag you away from wherever you were to spend the day with you going to all of your favorite places.

Jeongguk would walk into the house ready to lay down after a long day but, when he saw you sitting down at the table looking upset and the candles almost burned all the way down, he’d immediately feel guilty. You wouldn’t have to remind him what day it was because he’d remember as soon as he looked at you and he’d start begging for forgiveness right then. He’d tell you he was sorry and that it’ll never happen again but, even if you accepted his apology, he’d still try to make it up to you by buying your favorite flowers and taking you around town the next day wherever you wanted to go.

A/N: So there you go sweetie. Sorry if I’m really bad at this and if the gifs had absolutely nothing to do with anything lol, but I hope you liked it anyway. Requests for just about anything are open lovelies!!!!

Imagine Poe Dameron, too little to walk, falling asleep watching X-Wings spinning on the mobile above his bed, as his mother quietly tells him what it’s like to fly among the stars.

Image Poe Dameron as a toddler, sitting on his mother’s lap in her X-Wing, making “pew” noises and pretending to steer.

Imagine Poe Dameron smiling without either of his front teeth as he darts around on a toy ship that hovers two inches off the ground and moves forward at a crawl, with a bowl on his head and teddy bear as his co-pilot.

Imagine Poe Dameron, gangly and awkward in the way that kids going through puberty often are, building a droid of his very own and spending hours crafting better bodies for his precious BB unit’s AI.

Imagine Poe Dameron, shaggy-haired and pimply-faced, with shaking hands as he pilots a real X-Wing for the first time, his mother’s voice echoing distantly in his head.

Imagine Poe Dameron, barely even 20 and already Black Leader, as General Organa pats him on the back and tells him how proud his mother would be.