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Meet Tatyana Moskalenko and Her Crew of Cuddly Teddys

This feature is part of #MadeToCreate, a new series highlighting entrepreneurs, makers and artisans on Instagram. To see more of Tatyana’s creations, follow @birth_bears on Instagram.

Take a trip back to childhood with Tatyana Moskalenko’s (@birth_bears) lovable creatures to celebrate #NationalTeddyBearDay. It all started with a simple sketch. “I designed my first teddy bear on paper, and then I tried to sew it using textiles and fabrics that I had at home,” says the 24-year-old who lives in St. Petersburg, Russia. Then, Tatyana started to experiment. She drew teddy bears dressed as princesses, chefs and world travelers and turned them into beautifully crafted toys. “When I started posting photos of my teddys, people started buying them,” she says. “Everyone wanted a teddy for themselves or as a present for their daughter or son. I decided to open my own business.”