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So I went to a WWE Live show this past Sunday and it was Braun vs. Roman and I thought since you’re the QUEEN and everything I’d submit these to you 😊

I honestly…Had to take a second and cry to myself over these. LOOK AT HOW GOOD HE FUCKIN LOOKS!!!!!! And he’s doing the lil RAWR thing omg ugh. I love him. He’s my soulmate. I cannot wait to marry him one day.
Thank you thank you thank you for submitting these to me!!!!! I hope you had so much fun at the live show omg.

Idol Couple with Taehyung

And it is time for my love, my bby, my itty bitty ball of squish whose legs are longer than a bad movie, Kim Taehyung aka V aka tae tae

  • Backstory time bc backstories are cute as fuck
  • You two meet when you two are MCs together
  • You know how he did that lil show with Sujeong where it was just them and they went over like the top music videos/songs or something like that
  • That’s the type of show you two do together
  • It’s just you two (and the crew of course) and a lil tiny puppy off in the corner that you both spend about an hour cooing over
  • Both of you are already fans of the other's group  
  • You’re already nervous bc MC but then you learn that tae’s gonna be your partner and it’s just well shit
  • You don’t know this part but he’s just as !!!!
  • Bc he’s got a lil crush on you, from seeing you perform and in interviews and backstage
  • He has his moments of being shy and you bring those moments out of him when you two are MCing together
  • He’s all good until you look at him and then his mind kinda just focuses in on the fact that you’re looking at him
  • Does he look okay is his hair messed up is there something on his face or are you just being polite and looking at him while he talks
  • You know how sometimes when he gets shy, he smiles but he bites his lip to hide it and sometimes he does this shy lil laugh
  • That’s him off camera
  • Bc he has no idea how to flirt or how to be subtle about it
  • Plus he’s trying to figure out if you think of this as just a business thing where you both just happened to be together or do you think of it as friendly too
  • He can still talk to you bc even shy tae is pretty outgoing?? like there are lil pauses here and there where he kinda needs a second to chill but then it’s all good
  • On camera though, the V side of him kicks in and he’s able to be all outgoing and his usual puppy self
  • You find it endearing that he gets a bit shy when you talk to him
  • As the day goes on, he loosens up a ton and can actually talk to you without turning !!! 
  • You two get along really well and it’s pretty obvious that both of you aren’t thinking of this as just business anymore
  • When everything is being wrapped up, he asks for your number to keep talking and maybe hang out soon
  • Things just go from there
  • The daily texts turn from kinda flirty ?? is it flirting or is he just being friendly?? to oh okay this is actual flirting I’m down
  • Texts turn into calls, calls turn into late night meet ups at small cafés
  • The platonic affection turns into romantic affection, holding hands, kissing cheeks, hugs that last too long to be strictly platonic
  • It all happens really naturally and effortlessly and the next thing you know, he’s your boyfriend
  • Okay but tae would honestly be s u c h a good boyfriend
  • He just wants cuddles and love and laughter 
  • Cuddles you every single time he sees you
  • He has to have his hello hug maybe a kiss, it can be quick if you’re busy but he needs it
  • It isn’t rare for you two to sneak off backstage, away from the cameras so you can have a lil cuddle session
  • Maybe talk about your days, what the other missed while they were gone etc.
  • Maybe just simply hold each other and whisper quiet lil “good luck, you’ll do amazing”
  • Lil signals for when you two are both on stage and can’t talk but still wanna communicate
  • Still interacting even though you’re supposed to be lowkey
  • But tae can kinda get away with it since he’s pretty friendly but you do have to limit it
  • You both get so excited when the other wins something
  • The second it’s announced bts has won, tae just looks over at you and smiles bc holy shit did you hear that his group won is this real life
  • Late night ice cream dates
  • All the blurry selfies you can handle
  • They’re never uploaded (until after the relationship is public) but he has hundreds on his phone and so do you
  • Similar to Jimin, literally no one is surprised when the relationship is announced
  • Everyone knows and has known since the MC thing happened bc he was giving you that look you get when you see your crush and you were lowkey doing the same thing
  • Tae would probably require the least amount of time to go public bc he seems like a really open person and I don’t feel like he’d like to keep such a huge thing hidden
  • Bc when he’s in love, he is in l o v e, he seems like someone who falls really hard and it’s hard to hide that
  • Especially when he just wants to squeeze you and kiss you and cuddle you and tell everyone that you’re his lil bby teddy bear
  • You both post pictures to announce it since that’s a pretty easy way to go
  • Side note, after it’s all public, you two are constantly seen together
  • You know those lil twitter videos they do, you’re in those all the time
  • It could be something super cute like him filming the two of you walking along bc he thinks it’s really fucking adorable that your feet are in sync with his
  • But it could also be just him kissing your cheek, maybe just showing the outfits you two are wearing that happen to match or maybe he tries to subtly show off the fact that you’re wearing his jacket it’s all up to him and how he feels that day
  • And whenever he misses you, he posts a video of him cuddling the small teddy bear you got for him
  • “Missing my actual teddy bear but this one will do”
There For Me

Braun/OC: You’re forced to ride with Braun from town to town and learn something about him - he loves to sing in the car. Fluff.

Alright, so, lmao on Dana Brooke’s snapchat January 6, she posted numerous videos of her and Braun singing. @finnbalorsbabygirl was fab enough to post the video (bless you for that) and @dolph-wwe was the one who alerted me to what was going down over on snapchat, so shoutout to them for helping me out. And then I felt the need to write a fic, so…Here we go lmao.


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Bad Boy!Jimin as a Father

So someone requested bad boy!Jimin as a father reacting to his daughter’s new that she’s engaged and also the actual wedding day and I thought that sounded adorable so here is half of the Busan line, the ever so lovely, Park Jimin aka chim

  • This is actually a scenario series but the request asked for an AU
  • You can read this part without reading the scenarios but if you want a lil more back story on how he reacts to the pregnancy and him as a father, you can click here for part one (bad boy!Jimin is here and all of the father related posts are here)
  • So just a quick summary for everyone that hasn’t read the scenarios
  • She is dating Taehyung’s son (his maknae, his smol child)
  • It does take Jimin a while to accept it bc bad boy or not, she’s still his entire world
  • And the thought of his tiny princess dating is just no
  • This is the lil kid that used to cry whenever she was put down bc she just wanted to be in daddy’s arms
  • His lil bby that would giggle whenever he laughed even though 90 percent of the time she had no clue what was so funny she just liked hearing his laugh same
  • His angel that used to love being wrapped up in his jacket and taking a lil nap on his shoulder while you were all walking home from a long day at the park
  • She’s still his tiny warrior that would watch teenage mutant ninja turtles with him
  • They literally meet up at his house every Saturday to have a marathon
  • Most of his bad boy tendencies have gone away since she’s been born
  • Like the day he found out he was gonna have a kid, he stopped all of the partying and the running around town all through the night
  • Once she’s moved into an apartment with her love, you two decide to have a night out for memory’s sake
  • You revisit the spot you two used to sneak off to all the time
  • You two are still v v much in love but it’s also cute to just revisit the old memories of when you were just two teenagers sneaking out of your house at midnight to meet up at the spot
  • It’s a cute lil night and you kinda tease him a bit bc he’d gone from a total bad boy who got into the occasional fight when someone tried to hurt his friends and partied all night to this cute lil softie who melts when he hears his daughter’s voice
  • Of course it’s all loving bc you’re proud of him for everything that he’s done for you and your lil bub and he does laugh eventually but he throws you a few mock glares
  • “I’m still tough you know I could fight someone”
  • “The giant teddy bear bby gave you on Christmas doesn’t count Jimin”
  • “Hey you have to admit I take that thing down real quick”
  • Okay so it would take bby Kim a few years to propose
  • By the time he’s even calling bby Park his girlfriend, Jimin’s already come around to the idea of them dating
  • Bc even though he’s still a bit :\ about her dating, he’s at least happy that she’s dating someone he knows he can trust, someone he practically helped raise
  • So he at least knows that she’s safe with bby Kim and even though he’s reluctant to admit it, they are fucking adorable together
  • Bby Kim actually gets Jimin’s blessing before he proposes
  • Bby Kim and chim are s u p e r close I mean Tae and Jimin are literally best friends and would have to live in the same neighborhood
  • Like if they can live next door to each other, they’re totally gonna do that but they’ll take living across the street from each other
  • So bby Kim just wants to let Jimin know in advance that he’s gonna propose and that he would love if Jimin could give them his blessing bc he knows how much it means to both chim and bby Park
  • Tbh chim is really touched ??
  • Like he could’ve easily just proposed and no one would’ve been upset that he didn’t talk to chim about it first
  • But he stopped and took the talk to be like hey I love your daughter and I wanna be her forever and I want to be able to call her my wife and I hope that’s chill with you
  • He of course slips back into that bad boy meets protective father mode and is giving him a list of what’ll happen if he ever EVER breaks his daughter’s heart
  • A part of bby Kim can’t take him seriously though bc this is the same dude that would sneak him an extra slice of pizza and cuddle him to sleep whenever he slept over
  • On the actual wedding day, it’s a different story though
  • Jimin’s trying to be all tough and not cry but the second he sees his lil bby girl in a wedding dress he’s gone
  • He hugs her super super tight and tells her that she looks beautiful
  • He actually ends up comforting bby Kim
  • He goes into the room bby Kim is getting ready in to check on him and see how long bby Park has left to get ready like is this a she has an hour and can chill or is this a I’m putting my tie on as we speak let’s do this
  • But he goes in to see Tae hugging bby Kim and giving him a pep talk
  • He’s super ?? and his dad instincts come out so he’s like what’s wrong
  • Bby Kim reveals that he’s nervous, not about the whole getting married part but about the actual ceremony
  • What if he messes it up, what if he forgets the vows, what if she runs away mid ceremony
  • Jimin pulls him aside and is just like relax everything’s gonna be fine, you’ve gone over the vows a million times, you could say them in your sleep and I promise she isn’t gonna run away  
  • So Jimin walks bby Park down the aisle and when he has to let go of her hand, he kinda pauses a bit
  • He looks down at her hand wrapped up in his tattooed hand and just whispers a lil “I’m proud of you”
  • They dance together right and the entire time, he’s whispering the lyrics to her and she’s all smiley and he can’t help but smile back bc her smile always always always makes him smile no matter what
  • “I love you lil turtle”
  • “I love you too dad”

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Shay and Rover <3333

  • Shay: Do you love Hunk? How do you feel about the environment? I LOVE HUNK W ALL MY HEART MY SPACE TEDDY BEAR ENGINEER BBY <33 and i fuckin love the environment. just let it continue to be gorgeous n green n rainy dlkfgldkrhlrylsjfgb
  • Rover: What’s one fact about a pet you have/had? my cat coco craves attention 24/7. if you’re doing something like sleeping and not paying attention to HER, she’ll come up n meow and start slapping your face like “HEY. YOU. GIVE ME ATTENTION.”

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