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Teddy Lupin x Reader: My Girl

AN: I have never written for the new generation of Hogwarts kids, nor do I really follow their personalities or plot devices. I haven’t read Cursed Child, and not sure if I plan on it in the future. But this was fun to write, and I kind of made up my own ideas of what I think the newer generation would be like, so I hope you enjoy this and forgive any discrepancies. 

Request: @whovianaurthor

Warnings: Very small blood mention

Y/N found Teddy Lupin breathtaking. He smelled sweet, like bubblegum, and his lips were a blushed shade of bitten red. He had long, brown eyelashes that seemingly swept others away, and for someone who had ruler-straight teeth, his smile was perfectly crooked. While his hair would be a different shade by the hour, Y/N liked it best as a cool-toned gray or shocking pink. It made his hazel eyes practically pop out of their sockets.

Y/N was quite a looker herself. She had beautiful y/h/c locks, and a cute button nose. Her laughter was like a windchime tinkling in the breeze. Y/N’s eyes were warm and full of life, and when she grinned, little crows feet crackled on the top of her cheeks. Her skin was smooth, and she was a vivid, but kind soul – always helping others get back on their feet when they fell.

Teddy and Y/N started to date in their fifth year after he shyly asked her to a drink at the Three Broomsticks through a handwritten note. He poked anonymous love letters through the crack of her dormitory door for weeks before they became an item, and had continued the gesture throughout their relationship. They would sit by the fireplace in the Hufflepuff common room; Y/N sprawled out on the rug as Teddy wrote poetry on her skin with a pot of ink and rounded quill. They existed together in a silent but peaceful harmony, and nothing felt better to Teddy than the feeling of Y/N’s hand in his.

Which is why he would get so fired up whenever Louis Weasley would chat Y/N’s ear off. They were good friends, but Louis was by nature, a flirt, and nothing sent Teddy into a fit like Louis playfully touching Y/N’s arm or biting his bottom lip when they conversed. Teddy would sit at the Hufflepuff table, his hair a jealous orange, sleeves rolled and boot strings unlaced, watching their interaction with a pained expression.

“Pretty boy is flirting with my girl.” He grumbled, angrily, fluttering his long lashes.

“Keep your head, Teddy, you know how jealous you can get.” Augusta Longbottom advised, picking at her breakfast.

“I do NOT get jealous.” He snarled, the hue of his hair darkening. “I have a lot of love for Y/N, and I’m not gonna let some prat steal her away.”

Louis had Y/N rolling with laughter. Her chest rose and fell with giggles, and tears glistened in her eyes. He was laughing too, running a hand through his stark blond hair. Louis’ blue eyes sparkled in the light of the candles, and it appeared that Y/N was pinkish in the face from all of the laughing.

“You’re such a joker.” Y/N prodded Louis, rolling her eyes.

Teddy held his fork with a purple, strained fist.

When breakfast was over, Louis and Y/N walked to their next class, and Teddy was hot on their trail. As he rushed through the bustling crowd with his messenger bag slung over his shoulder, he mumbled angry, incomprehensible phrases under his breath.


“-Ravenclaw brat thinks that he’s better than me.”

“Y/N is MINE, she’s always been MINE, and I’m gonna protect her-“

His hair slipped to a slime green, and his bushy eyebrows furrowed over his eyes. Sweat beaded on his forehead from all of his pent-up emotions, and Teddy could barely see the back of Y/N’s y/h/c hair and Louis’ blue scarf. Just as the crowd broke, he caught up to the pair, tripped over his bootlace and gave himself a bloody nose.

Y/N let out a yelp, and stooped to help Teddy up. Louis raised his eyebrows and jumped back in shock. Books and parchment fluttered about in the courtyard. Teddy quickly scrambled to his feet, and held a hand over his nose. He raised a finger at Louis.

“Stay away from my girl, Louis. She’s my sun and stars, and you need to back off because I won’t let you snatch her from me.” He barked.

“What?!” Y/N said, looking from Louis to Teddy. Teddy didn’t falter.

“You think I’m trying to chat up Y/N?” Louis asked with an incredulous tone.

“I don’t wanna hear it, snooty boy. Keep your distance. Please and thank you.” Teddy snapped, grabbing Y/N’s arm and pulling her into an empty classroom.

Louis stood, stunned, in the middle of the hall.

Teddy twisted a tissue from the desk in the corner and stuck it in his nose. Y/N rested against a table, thoroughly confused. He walked to her, and began pressing kisses all over her face, making the gap between them impossibly small. Their hips pressed together, and their bodies conformed to make one shape. Y/N had to fight her every urge, and pulled back from the kiss.

“Edward Remus Lupin, what the BLOODY HELL was that all about?” She said, placing a palm on his chest.

Teddy grabbed her hand and pulled it to his lips, tilting his head to give Y/N a dark stare as he kissed it. Y/N’s heart fluttered, and she tried to pull her focus back together and be cross with him.

“Teddy, listen to me!” She insisted.

“Baby, I am listening!” He replied, defensively.

Y/N pouted, squeezing her eyebrows together. Her y/e/c eyes glimmered as she pleaded with him.

“Tell me what’s gotten into you!” She explained. “Every time I’m with Louis, you get all… jealous!”

Teddy spun Y/N around, and snaked his hands down her waist, running his thin fingers over her skin. His mouth moved to her neck, biting and tugging wherever he pleased. His intention was to leave his own type of “Dark Mark.”

Finally, Y/N simply pushed him off, her face scarlet, but her mind attentive.

“Edward.” She said sternly, crossing her arms.

Teddy rolled his eyes and stuck out his bottom lip. He ran a rough hand along his firm jaw in thought, and shuffled his feet.

“Y/N.” He mocked.

“You know there’s nothing between Louis and I. We are really good friends!” Y/N explained, coming closer to him. “Teddy, look at me.”

Y/N placed her hands on the side of his face, her eyes shining brightly.

“Teddy, there’s never been anyone but you. I’m obsessed with you. I crave you. You’re unlike anyone or anything I’ve ever seen. You’re sweet to me, you listen to me when I need an ear. When I need someone to hold me, you extend your arm. I love you Teddy. I love the hell out of you, and if you think I’d give that up, well, you’re a fool.”

Teddy let out a sigh and dropped his head. When he perked back up, he had a soft smile on his lips. His long eyelashes fluttered, and he leaned down to give Y/N a passionate kiss. She gave his biceps a gentle massage, and when they pulled away, Teddy had calmed down considerably. Rubbing his neck, he gave another small sigh.

“Well, I have something to take care of, babe.” He admitted, quietly. “I’ll sneak into your dorm tonight and we can watch the stars, okay?”

Y/N pressed a kiss to her hand and her hand to Teddy’s lips, grinning.


“Anyway, so I’m real sorry. Gramma says I need to stop ‘projecting my insecurities on to people’ or some bollocks like that, but I know you didn’t do anything to Y/N. I’m just protective of her because she’s my world, and all that. I’ll buy you a drink sometime at the Three Broomsticks. Can you forgive me?” Teddy explained, eyes cast downward and hands in his pockets.

Louis looked uncomfortable, but smiled and shook Teddy’s hand.

“I understand, Teddy.” He replied, adjusting his scarf. “But if you think I’ll drop that drink offer, then you’ve got another thing coming.”

Teddy scoffed.

“Can’t catch a break, can I?” He joked, starting to turn and walk towards Y/N’s dorm.


At the sound of Louis’ voice, Teddy jerked back around.

“Honestly though, you’re being a bit dull.”

Teddy became quite perturbed, and pushed up his sleeves, walking towards Louis with intimidation. His apology apparently didn’t go as planned.

“What did you say to me?”

Louis let out a chuckle.

“You’re being daft, Teddy.” He explained. “Do you really think Y/N has eyes for anyone else? The girl that scribbles your name in her notes? The girl who got up the courage to talk to you for a month, then just asked you when the next Hogsmede visit was? The girl who would cry at night because she was afraid that you wouldn’t even notice her existence?”

Teddy did feel a bit stupid, and ran his fingers through now light peach hair. He gave a strangled smile.

“Love makes you stupid, my friend.” He said, giving Louis a small wave.

“I’d drink to that.” Louis replied, with a short nod.

Teddy walked away, with a fantastic smirk, and set off to hold and cherish Y/N, like he’d done for months, and would do for years.


I have no idea who sends them. all the marking seems to be is a crude representation of my gem scraped onto the box or whatever they give as a way of addressing it. 

I started getting them almost a year after we settled in. its usually small toys and objects for the lapeeps to play with and chew up, but there is the occasional… surprise.

A lot of the things I got early on seemed to be essentials that I didn’t know were essential, like how the lapeeps really enjoying playing in and around the water. in fact, water seems to behave very strangely around them. it was one of the things I didn’t bother with researching when trying out different elements of basic bird care from the start since gems don’t require it like organic life.

Who knew gems like these would enjoy these toys so much? I mean, I guess this person does. the mental stimulation seems to have greatly improved their health with the bonus of keeping them occupied while I can work nearby.

Oh yeah, sometimes theres something in the gifts for me too.

I wish I could thank them.

Everyday Celebrations

There is no point to this beyond me laughing at myself for being two weeks late on a birthday fic.

“James, are you sure you want to do this now? We could just wait until…” A muffled thump drowned out the rest of Harry’s whispered sentence, and Ginny cursed the fact that she did not have any spare Extendable Ears on hand so she could listen more clearly through the closed door.

“No, NOW!” came the unmistakable sound of her older son, who was obviously unhappy the fact that Harry was trying to delay whatever he had in mind. Ginny pressed her ear closer to the door in order to hear what they were saying.

“But Mummy is tired,” Harry reasoned, and Ginny could picture the silly smile on his face, the same one he always wore when discussing anything that pertained to their third child. “She needed to go to bed early because the baby was kicking. It wouldn’t be nice to wake her now.”

So it had to do with her, Ginny thought, still unsure what they were planning behind the closed door. The sound of a tiny giggle let her know that Al was there as well, which made the fight two against one, in favor of the kids. Al would always side with James.

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Teddy Lupin liked to wonder around school grounds when it was late at night. In his third year his godfather had given him a family heirloom that many of his peers would kill to get their hands on. Harry had made him swear he would never tell anyone because if Minerva McGonagall found out that Cloak was in her school again, she would have Harry’s head on a silver tray, served at the next Halloween feast. 

Teddy knew he had a tendency to get in trouble but he was very good at getting out of them, too. Now that he was a Prefect, he actually could wander around the castle late at night without being disrupted but he was bored. He had been everywhere in the castle, knew every way in and out, knew each hidden room thanks to Uncle George and his godfather, now he wanted to go outside and get a closer look at the Forbidden Forest, he had this feeling inside him for the past month that he had to go there. He wanted to go to the Forbidden Forest ever since Harry told him about how his father and his parents ran around the forest on full moons. He had been to Shrieking Shack in his fourth year after Harry told him how to get in there, there were claw marks everywhere and old piano and a broken bed but it was his father’s home during full moons  and Teddy went there when he missed his parents more than usual, especially on full moons when his headache came to a point he would feel like his head would explode.

It was a few days before the full moon and Teddy had patrol that night, he planned to sneak out of the school after his patrol was done and wander around the Forbidden Forest for a change. He had tucked the Invisibility Cloak under his robes as he walked the same route he always did. First around the Hufflepuff common room, then to the kitchens to have some chocolate, next Slytherin dungeons and then Gryffindor common room, finally Ravenclaw tower. 

After he looked around to see if there was anyone around or if there was any of the pictures awake Teddy pulled the Cloak around himself and vanished instantly, he realised he was getting a little bit too tall for the Cloak but he would rather crawl on the floor than give the Cloak back to Harry simply because he didn’t fit. 

Teddy loved Hogwarts during spring, the weather was a bit chilly at night but he didn’t mind, perks of being the son of a werewolf was that he was warm whatever he did. Teddy slowly walked by Hagrid’s hut which still had it’s lights on, he was probably still trying to contain the Nifflers that got loose earlier that day when a Gryffindor girl ignored Hagrid’s warnings and kept her necklace on.


Teddy turned around to see who was calling his name, it was a whimper but it was most definitely his name.


It was coming from the Forest so Teddy not so slowly walked into the darkness. There were small beacons of moonlight that found their way in through leaves but other than that it was pretty gloomy. 


It was clearer now, it was like it came from the ground. Teddy looked down and took the Cloak off as he reached for a stone that shined a little bit brighter than others. Teddy put the stone in his right hands palm in examined it, turned it around, checked from each perspective but couldn’t find anything peculiar about it, he turned the stone once more and the stone brightened before it started letting out something what looked like grey smoke.


Teddy knew that voice, he had heard it before when McGonagall showed him memories of his father in the Pensieve and he slowly lifted his gaze back up from the storm.


Remus Lupin was standing right in front of Teddy with a smile and right next to him stood a woman with pink hair who he knew was Nymphdora Tonks, what else could explain his blue hair.


“Wotcher, Teddy?” said his mother grinning widely, Teddy knew her from Harry’s memories and Mrs. Weasley’s long talks about her. She looked better then everything he had heard.

“I– How?” asked Teddy as he stared at his parents for the first time in his life.

“That stone you are holding is the Resurrection Stone, Harry had dropped it during the Battle of Hogwarts,” explained Remus as he stared at his son like he would disappear any moment. “I’m sure he told you about that.”

“Yes he did,” replied Teddy, thinking about how Harry told him what his dad said to him before Harry dropped the stone, he had made him tell that story maybe ten times and watched the memory countless times. “So you are real? I am not imagining you?”

“No, love, we are very real,” replied his mother as her hair turned a vivid blue, he ran his hand through his own blue hair and grinned at her.

“Thanks for this,” he said as he walked a little bit closer to them. “So, um, how are you?”

Teddy had so much he wanted to ask but he didn’t have the words for it and after he asked how they were he felt stupid, it was an unnecessary question to ask since they didn’t have much to do.

“Forget about how we are doing, you are a Prefect now!” chanted Tonks, her pride could be heard clearly. “And, you are a Hufflepuff!”

Teddy and Remus both laughed softly at her excitement, he could see that he got his dad’s smile and body but his mum’s everything else.

“Um, dad, I was torn between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff but the Sorting Hat–”

“What are you talking about? Hufflepuffs are amazing, they are smarter than most Gryffindors are for sure,” interrupted Remus a warm smile on his face and then he turned to Tonks. “I’m starting to think Andy puts something in the water.”

Both of them laughed and Teddy couldn’t help but feel like someone just stabbed him in the heart, this was what he had been missing his all life, this was what he would have had if they survived. Sure he loved the Potters and the Weasleys but this was his real family and he couldn’t help but want them back.

“What’s wrong, Teddy?” asked his mum pulling him from the trance he was in.

“What– I–?”

“You play with your rings, our rings, when you feel down,” explained Remus. Teddy did not see that coming, how did they know he wore their rings? “We have been watching you Teddy, we are here with you even though you can’t see us buddy, we are always here.”

Remus was pointing at Teddy’s heart, of course they were there but he wanted more, having them in their heart was one thing, talking to them and joking with them was another.

“It is not the same,” objected Teddy barely whispering, he could feel his eyes watering and his hair changing colour as they always did when he was sad. “It’s just not.”

“Teddy your hair–”

“Yeah it turns black when I’m sad, I have no idea why.”

But his mum was laughing uncontrollably and his dad was just staring at him in awe.

“What’s so funny?” babbled Teddy angrily, “Why is she laughing?”. Black wasn’t that weird or funny considering the hair colours he usually chose.

“It’s just that black hair and the Black genes you have, you reminded us of someone we know,” replied Remus still not tearing his eyes away.

“Someone we know?!” yelled Tonks in between her laughing. “Sirius is going to kill you once more for that.”

“What do you want me to tell him?”

“You look like Sirius Black, darling, Remus’ soul mate and first love,” stated his mum, without a trace of jealousy on her face.

“Harry’s godfather? Oh I kind of figured that out from all those memories Minnie showed me,” said Teddy nonchalantly, his father looked relieved. 

He never cared for what they did or what they were, Teddy always cared about the fact that they were his parents and they were perfect. He remembered how fondly Harry talked about Sirius and if his father never got over him, well that wasn’t really a problem because he didn’t have to, just like Teddy would never get over the absence of their parents. He could see that his father loved his mother, he knew that death was never expected and shit happened, he knew better than most. The fact that he loved Harry referring to him as his eldest didn’t mean that he forgot his actual parents, he would never do that.

This was what Teddy wanted, to talk to his parents about stupid stuff and laugh with them, ask for their advice every now and then. He didn’t understand how Harry left the stone here and didn’t keep it, just to talk to all the people he had lost. He was going to hold on to the stone, he didn’t have to be as brave as Harry was, he could talk to his parents every now and then when he needed to. As he was thinking this through Remus opened his mouth like he had read Teddy’s mind.

“Teddy, you need to promise me you’ll leave that stone here or give it to Minerva,” pointed out, he suddenly looked very serious.

“What’s so wrong if I want to talk to you every know and then?” protested Teddy. “All the other kids get their chances to talk with their parents, why not me?”

“Because it is dangerous Teddy,” said his mum with a worried voice. “You are a smart boy, you have heard about this stone before, you know the story. We may be real, you may now be talking to us but you can’t waste your time talking to the dead.”

“Don’t say that,” begged Teddy, the reminder was like a shot in the head. 

“We listen to you, when you want to talk to us, just because you can’t see us doesn’t mean that–”

“Yes it does,”  he interrupted his dad, feeling his anger rise in him. “Every damn full moon I shut everyone out and try to sleep through a head ache. I like my meat almost raw just like Uncle Bill does. My hair changes colours, my face becomes whatever I want it to be. Everyday bloody day is a reminder that I am your child without even meeting you.”

“Do you know what it feels like when Mrs. Weasley talks about you or McGonagall compares me to you? I can’t say anything because I don’t know you. Out of all the people in the world who got to meet you, only your son didn’t. People tell things, people know your shells. I don’t have Sirius, James or Lily to tell me about the real you, dad, without the bloody wall you put up against other people. Grandpa didn’t know you like they did, he tried and I am thankful but he is aware that all he has is you as a son and not as a Marauder. At least I know how mum was raised and have some of her in me but you, I need to get to know you.”

“Not like this Teddy, I’m sorry,” apologised Remus as he tilted his head to the side, he could see their resemblance each time he moved. The long limbs, the way they both wore their hearts on their sleeves only if they wanted to, he was so painfully Remus Lupin’s son that he hated it, he almost hated that he reminded everyone who his father was, how much it must hurt them, too. “You know why we did what we did, we wanted you to have the best future you can have, we never really meant for you to grow up without us and you should know that it hurts us as much as it hurts you.”

“You are not aware that we didn’t get to meet you either, love. When we want for you to give the Stone back, we are making a hard decision ourselves, too.”

“You really can’t control if I keep the Stone or not,” challenged Teddy.

“We can’t control if you keep it or not but we can control how we are and if it means that you’ll let the Stone go, that’s exactly what we will do,” said his mum, looking nothing like her usual cheerful self. Teddy never knew that she had it in her and he felt a little scared.

“I may give it to Minnie, I can’t promise anything.”

“Teddy!” scolded Remus. “Also, don’t call your Professor Minnie”

“Oh, so it’s alright when Sirius does and I can’t do it?” complained Teddy as he couldn’t help but laugh, he never had anyone tell him off for calling her that. “Next, you are going to tell me to stay out of trouble.”

“Why yes, I am,” said Remus as he furrowed his brows. “You really should be careful, I don’t know what Harry was thinking giving you that Cloak.”

You planned pranks for the Marauders and you tell me to stay away from trouble. Remus I-was-a-prefect-but-who-cares Lupin tells me to stay away from trouble. Mum, do something.”

Teddy hadn’t realised up until now that his mother was doubled over laughing at them and they just stared at her as she tried to catch her breath.

“Do whatever you want, love, don’t listen to him,” joked Tonks as she smiled widely.

“You really should go back to the castle buddy, Forest is never safe at this time,” said Remus warily.


“The longer we take to go away, the worse,” added his mum. 

“You are a strong boy Teddy, you can do this, go make us proud and don’t forget, we are always with you,” said Remus, his eyes stuck on Teddy’s face.

“We love you so much and don’t you ever forget that,” reminded his mum, he had never seen her cry before and he felt like he never felt anything more painful than seeing her like that.

“I love you, too,” whispered Teddy as he fought the tears trying to escape his eyes. He gave the stone a one last squeeze before he put it in his pocket. He slowly walked up to the castle and just as he made his way to the Hufflepuff common room, it was too late to pull the Cloak over him now.

“Mr. Lu–” 

McGonagall was staring at him like she had seen a ghost. 

“Where were you?” she demanded as calmly as she could but Teddy could swear her eyes were filled with tears.

“Um, in the forest,” said Teddy as he reached for the stone, deciding if he should give it to her or not. “I was talking to my parents, Professor”


Teddy held out the stone for Minerva to take, she took it immediately and examined it. The one thing his parents asked him to do, he just couldn’t say no.

“I’m sure you heard about it ma’am, the Resurrection Stone. My dad made me promise I would give it to you.”

“Have you seen yourself, Mr. Lupin?” asked McGonagall softly as she pushed Teddy to somewhere he could see himself.

His blue hair was gone now, he had visible locks of blondish hair and amber eyes that burned like fire, he looked so much like his dad, he thought he turned the Stone without realising.

“I know you miss them Mr. Lupin but I wish I could explain to you how much you are like them without even realising,” said McGonagall, she was smiling at Teddy with warm eyes. “Now off to bed and visit me tomorrow after your patrol Mr. Lupin, I have something to show you.”

Teddy nodded and went back to his dorm thinking about how the time will pass until it was 10 o’clock tomorrow.

Do Not Scan my Balls

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Title: Do Not Scan My Balls
Summary: Dorian razzing John about sex with the reader.
Rating: PG-13, R
Word Count: 1,234 (WHAT THE FUCK MAN)
Warnings: Sexual content
Tags: @outside-the-government @dolamrothianlady @yourtropegirl @imagineangryspacegrump @medicatemedrmccoy @imoutofmyvulcanmind @imaginenterprise

A/N: You all are some lucky ducks cause this goes against my policy but its been such a crappy day that I hope this will lifts spirits. Also the block print is Dorian speaking in your voice

John looked over at Y/N and kissed her head before pulling his shoes on for work. The night before had been the most fun and relaxing nights he had in a while. In the early hours of the morning John had just laid in bed and watched the woman next to him. The way her hair fell across her face and the way her nose wrinkled up when a piece would run over. He was so peaceful and happy that he didn’t want to go to work but duty calls.

           John and Y/N had been together for six months before last night happened. It was his secret, his beautiful secret. But with a partner like Dorian, that secret could only last so long. John knew he was in for it when he picked Dorian up and started on their way to a crime scene. “Your humming and smile suggest you did something different last night.” Ignoring him was working and John doesn’t hum, does he? “The scans of your hormones and testicles suggest the same, that you had company last night.”

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Mega-Story Ideas #1

Quick Notes: Take it, chances are there are typos galore, I don’t care, just take it. Enjoy. (11 Pages and over 5,500 words went into this btw.)

Story Idea:

Okay, so what if like there were these immortals.

They were just regular old humans, they died, and came back to life with their heart still beating, unable to age. And whenever they die again (ex. Murdered, Drowning, etc.) they’re bodies naturally heal the wounds and they’re fine again, but man it hurts. Especially when you take a bullet to the head as some of them found out, you get a headache for several days.

What if there was this immortal kid (Character A), like they’re in a group, and they look physically the youngest (twelve or thirteen), but actually they’re older than any other immortal. Like, they watched America grow from nothing to this great big land, they met pharaohs, they watched the roman empire fall, they fucking shook Jesus’s hand, and even they once lived in Mesopotamia. Like, they were originally born in 11,000 BC when the first king known to existence ruled. And they’re totally chill about everything, like, “Yeah, I’m 13,000 years old roughly… yeah I totally shook hands with Jesus, cool dude by the way.”

Like they’re chill about their age, but most of everything they’re a smartass that won’t miss the opportunity to say, “Nice job Einstein.” and then say, “He was a cool dude too btw.”

And they absolutely love technology of the 21st Century, and uses it to it’s full potential along with tinkering with it. He draws on tablets he’s created, types on his insanely overpowered laptop that he created himself, creates weapons that are surely 20 years ahead of their time. They’re an absolute fucking genius  and doesn’t mope around about his immortality like some others they’ve met has (they did too for like, the first thousand years then decided they might as well have some fun while they’re there).

And they have a little group too or immortals that they’ve found throughout his many years. First there’s this huge guy (Character B), the youngest of the group looking like he’s in his mid-twenties when he’s like 31; and it’s very comical for the rest of the group because the kid and huge guy are best friends, and they walk around together with usually the kid on his shoulder or in his arms; the guy is like this huge teddy bear, and barely ever talks (exception to the kid, they talk all the time), the kid and the rest of the group know that the huge guy is harmless (unless provoked) and think it’s hilarious when people run away from him.

The next one is the second youngest, this stone cold looking woman who’s around 96 years old (Character C). She was a Russian woman who was working as a spy during the cold war, only to be caught at age 29 and secretly “killed” (they don’t know that she’s still out there and still kinda salty about it). She was born in 1921, is bisexual, and takes no shit from nobody. She can probably kill in nine different ways with her bare hands, so ya might wanna back the fuck up from her (she’s done it before, she’ll do it again).

The next one (Character D) was this younger looking guy who fought in WWII, dying in 1940 (he was born 1917, making him roughly 99 years old, only slightly older than the woman). Easily angered, loose cannon, always coming home with blood on his shirt. (“What happened [name]?” “Some kid thought he could kick the shit out of me, so I kicked his ass.” “Again?”)

Then there’s this one guy who lived in 1700s France (Character E), and he can be a pompous ass, usually. He also fences and has a vast knowledge of early and modern day weapons. He’s kinda thin and tall, and even though he’s french, he speaks with an English accent because before joining the group that was where he spent most of his time, Britain. He’s got this thing with cats too, he loves them. He looks to be in his early thirties.

Then finally there’s the second oldest (Character F) who’s around three thousand years old, no one knows much about her past but, they know she’s hella wise and smart. Though she’s very secretive, she’s like the mother of the group, and looks to be in her mid-forties. Loves to make apple pie, and easily her favorite type of food is sushi. Also, actually likes cooking, cleaning, sewing, and doing other mundane and everyday stuff. Everyone adores her.

And like together they create this weird team of immortal beings with a child looking leader.

Then like one day they find another person like them, this easily scared sixteen-year-old boy (Character G) who had recently died and came back, the kid welcoming him in with open arms while the others take him under their wing. Then they run into two more, a doctor that died in the 1800s (Character H) with a little boy that looked younger than the other kid (the boy’s looks like 7), who is actually a few years shy of being 70 years old (Character I). The boy grows attached of the teenager (Character G), becomes possessive of him and is always following him around. It doesn’t help that the boy can also be a pain in the ass, cynical, mischievous, and pure evil at times (aka most of the time).

Whenever asked, the boy (Character I) would claim that Character G was his “big brother”.

Character G is always too scared to correct people.

The doctor or Character H just watches from afar, smoking a cigarette and reading some more up to date medical books. The doctor or Character H, who looks like he’s around thirty, has a thing for Character C too like holy crap, look at that hottie. The Russian woman just sort of at first turns her nose up and walks away from the doc, then later on when they realize that they’re both talented in killing, enjoy cheesy romance novels, and share common interests you wouldn’t think they would enjoy they basically become BFFs and later on they get hitched.

Just to clear up some confusion about the characters (who I have labeled with letters), here’s a guide for ya:

Character A: The twelve/thirteen-year-old looking leader that’s actually around 13,000 years old, super smart, loves technology of any kind. Character Bonus: Their gender is up to YOU to decide!

Character B: The huge guy, around mid-twenties looking, actually around 31 years old, giant teddy bear, best friends with Character A, and doesn’t really talk much.

Character C: Russian Woman, around 29 when she first died, is around 96 years old, enjoys cheesy romance novels, and eventually marries Character H. Bonus: Bisexual character, because I’m shaping out the ideas of these characters, so why not?

Character D: The loose cannon, looks to be in his mid or early twenties, fought in WWII, constantly angry, will fight anyone, and around 99 years old.

Character E: Pompous, natural at fencing, expert on early and modern weapons, thin and tall, lived in France during the 1700s, and looks to be in his early thirties. Bonus: Cat person.

Character F: Group mom, around 3,000 years old, secretive, loves to to clean and cook, looks to be in mid-forties, everyone adores her.

Character G: One of the newer additions of the group, jumpy, easily scared, kinda reminds you of a mouse, recently died and came back, only 16 year old boy, almost always seen with Character I.

Character H: A doctor who died in the 1800s, loves reading up on new medical and scientific discoveries, very talented at killing people with his medical knowledge, sucker for cheesy romance novels. Also eventually marries Character C, and constantly keeps a watchful eye over Character I.

Character I: Few years shy of being 70, looks like a 7 year old, kinda evil/mischievous, can be cynical, can be a pain in the ass, and is possessive of Character G for reasons unknown to the rest of the group. Bonus: Character H totally knows why Character I is so possessive of Character G but, chooses not to say anything.

(My goodness that is a lot more characters than I was originally expecting!)

So now that we got the characters, let’s go to the conflict!

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LINDSAY AND HALSTEAD IN EVERY EPISODE || They’ll Have to Go Through Me (2x07)

Listen, uh, when I was your age, I went through some pretty difficult stuff, and my parents weren’t around either…But then I met a cop, and he helped me. And now everything is alright, and all that stuff is behind me. I’m here for you now. Hey, it’s okay. It’s alright. All that stuff is behind you now. I promise.

Series Title: True Love Gave to Me

Chapter Title: Day 4 - Holiday Party

Character: Jason Crouse

TV: The Good Wife

Warnings: None.

NOTE: The character Betty Nylund is portrayed by Betty White. The dirty quote that she uses in the story, is in fact something that she has said.

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

Tag @averymerryspnxmas

I flung myself back on to the bed, groaning.

“What?” Jason chuckled, buttoning up his shirt.

“I understand if you don’t want to go.”

My grandmother, Betty Nylund, was throwing a Holiday party at her home. Jason had yet to meet her and I was fearful that he’d run for the hills.

He crawled on the bed, laying next to me with his hand propping up his head.

“Why are so adamant about me not going?” He lifted my shirt, placing his warm hand on my stomach.

I gave him a disbelieving look, “I’ve told you some horror stories.”

Jason got on top of me, pinning my arms next to my head, “And I’ve told you that I’m not like other men.”

His eyes traveled over my face as I worried my bottom lip. Swooping down, he captured mouth in a slow, searing kiss.

“I promise to tell you if I get uncomfortable.” He whispered, pecking my lips between every other word.

I slowly blinked when his lips left mine. His rubbed the tip of his nose with mine and smiled, “Trust me Darlin’.”
Jason put the truck in park across the street, dipping his head down to look out the passenger window.

“Betty has a nice home.”

I nodded, fidgeting, “She does.”

Gran had her house decorated to the nines with Christmas lights. Through the sheer curtains you could see people mingling.

It was mostly older folks who’ve known Gran since her early years.

I put my hands on my cheeks, patting them lightly.

Jason laughed, “What are you doing?”

“Pinched cheeks. No matter how old I’ve gotten, they always pinch my cheeks. I want to remember what it’s like to have feeling in them.”

Jason reached over, pinching the apple of my cheek, “Yeah, you do have pinchable cheeks.”

I glared at him, but smiled, “You do that again and I’ll smack the shit outta you.”

Giving me a cheeky grin, he pulled me closer to him, “Promises, promises.”

I gave Jason a quick kiss, my nerves to jumbled to really focus, “Come on, let’s go inside.”
I rang the doorbell and rocked back on my heels, “Just know, that no matter what happens… I love you.”

Jason looked slightly worried, but laughed, “Geez, you’re making it sound like dead man walking.”

I snorted, “That may be the case… I want a cigarette and a huge slice of birthday cake for my last meal.”

He shook his head, throwing an arm over my shoulders and kissing my temple.

As soon as Grandma opened the door, we were greeted with loud cheers and upbeat Christmas music.

Betty Nylund stood at just 5'0, her blonde hair styled just right and her makeup flawless.

She clasped her hands, bringing them to her mouth, “My sweet, sweet Granddaughter!”

She held out her arms, quickly bringing me into her embrace.

“Hey Gran.” I said, happy to see her.

She gave me a good squeeze, “Ohhh! And who is this?” She asked, eyes wide, the mischief lurking just below the surface.

Jason put his hand out, smiling, “Jason Crouse, Ma'am.”

He shook her hand gently. Gran put her other hand on top of his, looking him up and down.

“Well aren’t you a looker!”

“Oh god…” I groaned, quietly.

“Come in, come in!”

I grabbed Jason’s hand, pulling him into the some what crowded house.

“Oh, is this little Y/N Whistler?!"  Gayle Brunner, a close friend of Gran’s, cried out happily. She came over and pinched my cheeks.

"Hi, Mrs. Brunner.” I said, trying not to wince as she wiggled my face from side to side.

She smiled, patted my cheeks and moved on.

I sighed, turning to Jason, “Give me your jacket, Jase.”

He flinched when he saw how red my cheeks were, “You weren’t kidding.”

Shaking my head, I took his jacket and mine and hung them up.

I was stopped several more times on my way back to Jason, my cheeks getting pinched by every other person.

When I finally made it to him, he held his arms out, embracing me with a sympathetic chuckle.

“I can’t feel my face,”

“Sorry, Honey.” He said, kissing my head. “Want a drink?”

“Dear gawd, yes!”

He squeezed me, his hand grazing my back as he went to the open bar.

I sat in the big bay window, watching the crowd chat and laugh as Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas played through the speakers.

I softly began to sing along.

Jason came back, handing me a spiked Eggnog.

“Thank you,” I said, leaning up to kiss him.

“I didn’t know you could sing,” he said, meeting my lips.

I blushed, taking a sip of the Eggnog.

“Y/N has a very lovely voice.” Grandma commented. “You should hear her sing ‘Hallelujah’ with her cousins.”

I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks as they reddened.

Jason looked down at me, smiling.

Mr. Reynolds, Gran’s neighbor, tapped her on the shoulder. She turned, immediately turning the flirt on.

Jason sat next to me, wrapping his arm around my bent legs, his chin on my knees, “You going to sing for me one day?”

I could never get used to having someone shower me with so much attention the way Jason did.

“Maybe,” I said, winking.

He squeezed my thigh, taking a drink of his own Eggnog.

The song ended and I could hear Grandma’s conversation, “My muffin hasn’t had a cherry since 1939.” She giggled.

Jason’s eyes widened, his mouth agape. I face palmed, groaning.

I could feel his shoulders shaking with silent laughter as he pulled my hand away.

“I think I see what you mean.”

I gave him a pointed look, “Told ya.”
Grandma clapped, gaining the crowds attention, “I just want to thank everyone for coming out. It’s been an absolute pleasure to see each of you.”

She paused, coming over to where Jason and I were sitting, “I’d also like to thank my wonderful granddaughter, Y/N, for coming and bringing her lovely man, Jason, as well.”

She cupped Jason’s bearded cheeks, and placed a kiss on his forehead. He blushed, giving her a sweet smile. Gran then came over to me, doing the same, “It does an old woman good to see her beautiful Granddaughter happy and healthy.”

“I love you too, Gran.”

Patting my cheeks, she smiled and turned back to the small crowd, “So now, it’s time for gifts!”

Gran handed out hers. When she got down to the end of her pile, she grabbed the last box and gave it to me, “This is for you and Jason. Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas, Mrs. Nylund.” Jason said.

Gran waved her hand at him, “Oh please, call me Betty.”

Jason nodded, “Merry Christmas, Betty. Thank you for having us.”

Her eyes lit up, “Oh, he’s definitely a keeper, Y/N.” She complimented.

I kissed Jason’s cheek, “Yes, he is Gran.”
It wasn’t until later when we got back to my place that I dared to open the gift.

The box sat on the coffee table. I stood there, staring at it as if it held the worlds worst secret.

Jason came up behind me, his arms circling my waist. His bearded chin tickled as he propped it on my shoulder, “I don’t hear any ticking, so it’s not a bomb,”

I snorted, “Could be… ya never know.”

Jason kissed my neck, “Open it. I’ll get the drinks.”

I watched him go to the kitchen and sighed.

I knelt at the coffee table and ripped the paper. The squat box was medium in length.

Taking off the top, I set it aside and pulled away the tissue paper.

“Oh my god!” I hollered, slapping the top back on.

“What!?” Jason came back to the living room, looking around.

Trying to look innocent, I jerked the box to my chest, “Nothing…”

Jason smiled, his tounge peeking out from between his teeth, “Let me see.”

“Nope! Nuhuh!” I stood, going to the fireplace.

“Ah!” Jason ran over to me, grabbing me at the waist.

The box fell from my arms, opening when it connected with the floor.

Keeping one arm around my waist, Jason reached out with the other, picking up the gift Gran had gotten us.

“Shit…” I whispered.

Jason busted out laughing as the tissue paper fell from the barely there teddy.

It was ice blue in color and honestly would only cover the important bits.

Jason dangled it in my face, whispering in  my ear, “Want to model it for me?”

I scoffed, elbowing him lightly as we laughed.

He dropped the lingerie, spinning me around and kissing the very breath from me as his hands roamed my body.

anonymous asked:

Can I ask for Jeddy 31?? :)

Kiss me

It had been three days since they’d last spoken. Well, technically three days and two hours. James had figured it all out as he stared at the dorm ceiling, the 2:00 AM moonlight only just lighting up the designs on the ceiling.

James wasn’t even sure he could call it a fight. It had felt like so much more than that. Teddy was in his seventh year. He was busy. He had things to do, a future to prepare for… James understood that. He’d assured Teddy that he understood that. But that didn’t stop him from slipping up and lashing out.

They had been in the library, three days and two hours ago, Teddy’s nose deep in a book. James had wanted to tear that book out of his hands and toss it out the window. He remembers thinking that was something Teddy would have found funny a few years back. Even the year before.

“T, please. I’ve barely seen you all year and- and it’s almost summer holiday and then I’m really not going to see you because, y’know, your auror internship- not to mention my mum and dad. We’ll have to sneak around even more than we do here… C’mon we can just find a cupboard. Ten minute tops, I just want to see you.“

Teddy had sighed in a way that reminded James way to much of the way his father sighed when he was exasperated with him or stressed, and looked up at James with tired eyes, a forefinger and thumb rubbing at his temple,

“James, I thought we’d been over this.”

He said it in such a exasperated tone that James involuntarily shrunk back some in his chair, “I- I just didn’t think-“

“I have to know all this. I need to pass exams I can’t just take a break every time you get bored.”

James felt his chest squeeze uncomfortably, “I’m not bored. Excuse me if I want to spend time with my boyfriend.”

Teddy cut him off with a shush and a hard look, “Don’t say that here! Jesus James, do you want someone to catch us?”

James was silent for a beat, heart falling into more and more pieces with every moment that Teddy shot him a look, then shook his head and returning to his book. Like he was some immature child who’d done wrong.

Finally, James swallowed thickly, “Do you?”

Teddy just huffed at his page, “What’s that suppose to mean?”

“What does it mean? Oh, well let’s think about it shall we?” James felt heat rising up his neck, “You won’t kiss me in even a deserted public place, at home you won’t even let our hands touch…” James bit his lip, the anger spreading, “You won’t even look at me if there are too many people in the room. You won’t let me say the word-“

Teddy jumped, his hand shifting like he wanted to reach out and cover James’ mouth. James’ heart dropped from its place in his chest. He sat back in his chair, eyes hard and on Teddy.

He watched Teddy try to recover, try to play off the movement, but his eyes were already guilty and he sighed again. He sighed that awful sigh that seemed to be new this year.


“Don’t. Just-“ James slid his chair back from the table, grabbing his bag, “Just don’t.”

As James turned to leave he felt fingers close around his wrist, yanking him back around.

Wait. Just-“ Teddy, despite having barely moved, seemed out of breath, “Just wait.” He pushed his fingers through his hair, “I don’t- I don’t mean to. I- James, you have to understand.”

“I don’t understand!” He felt a bitter laugh escape him, “Fuck, how could I understand? I thought we were… We use to be… us. You use to kiss me every chance you got…” James’ voice dropped, the old memories flashing painfully behind his eyes, “You use to squeeze my hand when you knew no one could see…” He watched emotions flicker across Teddy’s face. He desperately tried to read them, “You use to say it was just because people wouldn’t approve but… God, we’re older now, T. It’s- I…” He swallowed thickly, eyebrows drawn together.

“What changed?” James breathed.

“Nothing.” Teddy pleaded, “God, nothing has changed. Jamie, I-“

“Then kiss me.”

Teddy stuttered, “W-what?”

“Prove it.” James said shortly, “If nothing has changed, then you would kiss me right here, right now.”

James looked him in the eye, trying not to let it show how desperate he was for Teddy to obey. But as the seconds ticked by, he felt his face crumbling.

Because Teddy just stood there, looking around at the bookshelves where you could only just see students immersed in study. Finally, Teddy looked back at James, eyes desperate and pleading.

“Please, James…“

James felt his shoulders sag, his heart tumble lower and lower. It might as well be rolling across the floor now for someone to walk all over. The weight of the truth hung heavy on his shoulders.

“Kiss me, Teddy.” He whispered.

The older boy stood there. He opened and closed his mouth a few times but other that he remained frozen to the spot. Only his eyes flitted around, searching James’ face. They were guilty and sad and conflicted.

“Teddy…” James’ voice broke.

Because was this it? James wanted to plead with him to not end it this way. Fuck, he would do anything not to have it end this way.

But Teddy just stared at him.

And James adjusted his bag on his shoulder, send Teddy one last pained look, but then had to turn away and hurry out of the library to hide the stinging tears rapidly forming.

It had been three days and 2 and a half hours.

And James wasn’t sure how he would make it to three days and three.

(my boys :( :( )

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Love your work for this challenge! Are you able to do James Sirius and Teddy Lupin? I adore jeddy (when James is of age of course!)

thanks for the compliment! 

  • james was always enamored by teddy, but he knew he would never have a chance.
  • he knew this for two reasons: one, he was his father’s god son. and two, he was five years older and too mature for him.
  • it made james feel hopeless, but at the same time, there was a part of him that just could not let the idea of teddy go.
  • the fact that he could not let it go had to mean something.
  • that’s what james hoped anyway.
  • once james turned 18, his feelings for teddy started to fade.
  • he was relieved for awhile.
  • and because his feelings for teddy went away, he felt more comfortable actually spending time with teddy.
  • they became close and hung out a lot.
  • teddy introduced james to a lot of his friends.
  • james being 18 quickly turned to 19, until he was now suddenly 20.
  • and to teddy, james was not a little kid anymore.
  • he was a man.
  • a man that he should not have feelings for, but he now did.
  • he knew james would never be into him, for two reasons.
  • number one, james was younger and livelier than teddy, and number two, teddy was the god son of james’s father.
  • it should be wrong.
  • but part of teddy just could not let james go.
  • it wasn’t until one night when they were sitting in the back of teddy’s muggle pick-up truck looking up at the stars.
  • they were drinking some mead, and teddy was laughing about some old joke he remembered james telling him when he was a young boy.
  • his laughter died down when he turned his head to see that james was suddenly serious and looking up at the stars.
  • teddy quirked his eyebrows up and set his glass down.
  • “what is it, james?” he asked him.
  • james looked nervous and set his drink down to rub his hands together.
  • he laid back to avoid teddy’s eye.
  • “i have something to tell you,” he said softly, “but i don’t want it to ruin everything.”
  • teddy’s heart started beating fast.
  • what did this mean?
  • “you can tell me anything, james.”
  • james took a deep breath and rubbed the back of his neck. a habit he picked up from his father.
  • he turned his head to look up at teddy.
  • “i have been in love with you since i was six years old.”
  • his voice was quiet. it was so quiet that teddy barely heard him.
  • he thought he had to of been dreaming.
  • teddy blinked a few times and looked away from james’s brown eyes.
  • he knew this was a mistake when james started stuttering, “i know it is wrong, and it doesn’t make sense. i thought i was over you, but i wasn’t. it was stupid to think it was even possible, i just-”
  • but teddy cut him off by leaning on his arm and covering james’s mouth with his index finger.
  • “james,” he started slowly, “i can guarantee you that if we were both six years old at the same time, i would have been in love with you, too.
  • “but it’s impossible for you to love me even now, right?”
  • no, i didn’t say that. i’m in love with you now, and that’s what matters.”
  • james’s mouth parted slightly.
  • teddy could see he was shocked, but in a james fashion, he didn’t say anything for a few moments to process what he had just heard.
  • “this is still wrong,” he said quietly, “you’re my father’s god son.”
  • teddy brushed hair off of his own forehead.
  • “we’re both adults, james, and we’re not related. but i would never push you into something you’re uncomfortable with.” 
  • james was silent for awhile and pressed his lips together.
  • he was thinking; teddy’s mind was racing.
  • “okay,” james suddenly said, “come here.
  • teddy scrunched his brows together as james motioned for him to lay down in his arms.
  • teddy took a deep breath, and he lowered himself into his arms slowly.
  • and in that moment with james’s arms around him, he realized that this is what he had been waiting for his whole life.
  • maybe their future wasn’t definite, but this moment was. 
For those of you that want Lily's lipstick but don't want to pay $16 for it!!

these lipsticks/liners look pretty much the same as the mac ones that lily uses and are far cheaper:

Mac velvet teddy:

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Revlon - Mauve it over - $7

Mac whirl:

Nyx - mauve - $3
Colourpop - Bound - $5

I hope this helps anyone that wants Lily’s lip look but doesn’t want to spend a lot of money to get it

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👀 + Are you a furry? At Teddy of course.

TEDDY: * I’m uncomfortable with these questions. I already can’t lie, ogling me isn’t going to make my answer more valid. 

TEDDY: * First question, barely? Lord, let me live. It’s like, the one monster.

TEDDY: * Secondly, I guess? I’m sure I very much prefer to kiss a girl, though. Stop being weird about this.