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Enough drama, let's get back to Josh! What are your top five Josh characters and why? 😘 Your friendly-neighborhood-JHutch-loving-anon!

Thank you Anon!

Here are my top 5 favorite characters:

1. Peeta is number 1, no question. I don’t care what anyone says, he is the perfect Peeta.

2. Nick from Paradise Lost. I was really impressed with his acting skills.

3. Teddy from 7 Days in Havana. Cocky and naughty.

4. Sean Anderson in Journey 2. He plays an adorable dork.

5. Walter in Zathura. Sassy, smartass.

Played a bit more of TRN! The ‘dolls in order’ puzzle was always my favorite, and I thought maybe this time I could do it from memory. I ended up having to go back through the train to find all the clues, though, since I couldn’t get it. I think I’d mixed up Teddy Eberhardt and Hagar Anderson (mistakenly assuming that Hagar, with a more Scottish-sounding name, was the one in the kilt). 

Also, I completely forgot that Edna the Terrible says “Mama” when you pick it up, and consequently felt like I was having a heart attack every time. 


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