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Bridgit Mendler was once voted as one of the most annoying celebrities and just because she avoids drama and scandals; that’s so sad. She’s in USC studying Liberal Arts and Anthropology. She also studied Jazz History, Medieval art and Medical anthropology. Not to forget that she became ambassador to First Book, a campaign to encourage reading and gives books to children in need, she’s also a part of Disney’s friends for Change. She released a promotional single  called, “We Can Change the World” and raised $250,000 for the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund. She won the honorary award Common Sense Media as Role Model of the Year for her work against bullying, she was the third young artist to win the award. She also became ambassador of the campaign Give With Target with Target Corporation to raise funds to reform schools in the United States. They campaign raised $1 billion by 2015. She was featured in a public campaign Delete Digital Drama with the Seventeen Magazine to end cyberbullying.  She also traveled to the United Kingdom to fundraise for Comic Relief, given the aim of making her laugh with their jokes for a £1 donation. The campaign raised £100,000. Bridgit also participated to the World Challenge Marathon for Save the Children Foundation, a charity race to helps children with health problems. She traveled to the region of El Quiché, Guatemala to participate in the other project of Save the Children that helps underprivileged children in developing countries. She has also been in a relationship with Co-Star Shane Harper since 2011 but unless she doesn’t have any drama or scandals she’s irrelevant or annoying to this society.


As I lay in bed last I thought about how many people have tried to help me along the way, have helped me, a few a whom are no longer alive. Way more people have tried to help me John, than have harmed me, the harm just seems to leave the deeper mark. Anyway, I’ve always felt such guilt that others were wasting their lives on me, that I was a waste that I was unworthy but last night I didn’t feel that guilt or that I was a waste. I didn’t necessarily feel worthiness but I did feel a kind of responsibility, I guess, at least a desire to try and not let you all down. Then I felt the smallest flicker of not wanting to let myself down, you know? Because somewhere in all this, I’ve managed at times to fight for myself for some reason, pride for my life for some reason. And I survived for some reason. And here I am, still for some reason. And me not knowing that reason doesn’t diminish it or invalidate it, or disprove it’s existence. And that’s what I’m going with today


This makes me so happy. I don’t know why it is so funny to me. 


Spencer Hoenisberg + The Teddy Bear


Another batch of doodles owo\
Top to down, left to right:

- Guilmon. He’s my fave <3
- Some people used to give Chespin and evos smack (maybe still do) but I love this Pokemon she was my starter and she’s wonderful~
- Joel and Aiden. When life is hard but you’re doing okay but it ain’t foolin’ no-one.
- Random Dorca ;D
- A teenage Dylan in a ‘slice of life high school’ 'verse. He’s less muscular than he would be in the comic because he doesn’t need to fend for himself.
- Maskur doing some BOINGS
- @sirinathevulpem‘s little Digimon babu
- Teddie believes in you! YOU CAN DO THE THING
- Ravi and Fineas had a mask swap ;D
- A skinny alien babu because poor child QuQ/

Enjoy, peeps!

Digimon © Toei Animation
Pokemon © Nintendo
Baby Digi (iforgethisnameahaha) © @sirinathevulpem
Teddie/Persona 4 © Atlus
Ravi © @yuunic
Spencer © @20bluepancakes
Joel,Aiden,Dylan, Dorca, Maskur, Fineas © Me

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o boi can u hit me up with some Eliot Spencer headcanons?

Hello yes come in and let me yell at you about my favorite porcupine teddy bear, Eliot Freaking Spencer. I love this boy and also his actor, Christian Kane.

To start with, Christian Kane also played Lindsey McDonald on Angel, so my favorite thing is the twin/past name trope. Why yes, I am predictable, thanks for noticing. But that could bring the Buffyverse supernatural into Leverage, and isn’t that fun?

Random canon facts with headcanon extrapolation below the cut:

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I don’t just want to take your breath away. I want to rip it from your mouth and keep it locked away between my teeth. You can only have it back if you kiss me again.

literary sexts

He’s goading her; she k n o w s it, that smile slick across his face, braced and prepared to block any swing she takes at him. Could’ve flushed red, but she’s already panting, collarbones slick with sweat, turning the staff over in her hand when everything else narrows.

So she’d done it: couldn’t STAND the way he worked under her skin, knew more about all of this than she did, spoke with an impossible challenging p a t i e n c e . Made her falter and flustered until she couldn’t take it, yanked him forward with a puzzled ferocity that landed on the smart curve of his m o u t h .

She’s intentional: at not remembering what it’d felt like … but she can’t forget his gaping grin the second she’d pulled away. Like he’d caught her, papers scattered with some embarrassing secret, training school scrawl across the back of a childhood love letter.

More ammunition for the way she wants to take him to the G R O U N D … yet another way his control leaves her reeling. Because of course she needs more training on the larger weaponry, too big for her grasp…the same ones that fit so frustratingly easily into h i s .

Now, he watches her with amusement, the way she scowls, trying to perfect every technicality and hold her breath when he – shifts her hips, presses into her b a c k . Teases things like t h a t to get inside her head – and she doesn’t want to admit it’s working, but the bruises all along her legs say otherwise.

But he’s missing that raw venom, the trained killer that doesn’t flinch, and it takes another forty-five seconds before she lands a solid swing and sends him skidding to the ground.

Turns her back to him ( petty insult laced with smugness ) when she moves back to her starting point.

          ❝ AGAIN.


LEGAL NAME: Corazon Isabel Jimenez Spencer
NICKNAME[S]: Cora, Coco, Darling, Mama
ETHNICITY: Puerto Rican, African-American, German
DATE OF BIRTH | AGE: January 12th, 1987 | 30
GENDER: Female
PLACE OF BIRTH: | PREVIOUS LIVING CONDITIONS: Valencia, California | Valencia, California
CURRENT LIVING CONDITIONS: Los Angeles, California, London, England
EDUCATION: High school diploma
CRIMINAL RECORD: Property damage
OCCUPATION: Actress, writer, singer, dancer, director
DRINK | SMOKE | DRUGS: Rarely | Yes | No
HEIGHT: 5′5″
PIERCINGS: Ears, belly button
WITH WHO: Teddy Spencer
SINCE WHEN: 07/19/14
CHILDREN: One; Theodore Mateo Spencer
LIKE[S]: Writing, cheat days, fashion, reality shows, white flowers, French fries, swimming, waxing, make up, music, beaches
DISLIKE[S]: Stereotypes, mayonnaise, drama, liars, cheaters, feeling imperfect, dancing in heels, animals, alcohol, brussels sprouts, men
PHOBIA[S]: Assault, abandonment, losing her children
GOOD: Fiercely loyal, headstrong, confident, charismatic, witty, creative, loving
BAD: Exclusive, cold, confrontational, demanding, aloof, quick tempered, snarky

@ineveryvein BUT LETS TALK ABOUT TEDDYS FIRST FATHERS DAY WITH SPENCER AND DIGBY. like ok the very first one would obviosuly be very sweet and Teddy is just over the moon and being a complete dork and a half about it. Like. Jesus Teddy inviting the whole neighborhood like tHIS IS MY SON MY KID IM HIS DAD. And beaming as everyone oohs and aaaahs and Spencer just in the back thinking what a complete nerd but how her own heart is swelling with how happy Teddy is. And then when DIGBY is a little older and he wakes Teddy up with “breakfast in bed.” Spencer “helps” but really guys. Burnt toast? But Teddy will eat the hell out of that toast because Digs and Spencer made it for him and lOTS AND LOTS OF CUDDLES. And DIGBY giving Teddy gifts - like your stereotypical gifts too – ties, etc and TEDDY ABSOLUTELY LOVING EVERY LAST BIT OF IT AND LET NE TELL YOU THE LAST BIT WHERE THE THREE OF THEM ARE ALL CUDDLED UP IN BED AND DIGS ASLEEP ON TEDDYS CHEST CUDDLED UP AND RIGJT BEFORE HE FALLS ASLEEP DIGBY TELLING TEDDY HE LOVES HIM. SPENCER ON HIS OTHER SIDE AND GIVES HIM A KISS AND TELLS HIM THAT HES THE BEST DAD EVER AND HALPY FATHERS DAY AND