teddy @ 21

fun facts about james sirius potter:

  • he is a tiny baby
  • he has absolutely no shame
  • he is entirely incapable of sitting still ever
  • he is a pain in the ass and he needs to weasel his way into everything ever
  • he has been openly gay since he was 15
  • he’s a complete open book he has no secrets and nothing to hide
  • except the first couple of years of his relationship with teddy which started when he was 16 and teddy was 21 oops
  • also that was mostly his fault he realized sometime between age 13-15 that wow his thirst for teddy was intense and teddy conveniently broke up with victoire the summer he turned 15 so….
  • (teddy tried to be a good person for as long as possible he swears he doesn’t like to talk about years 2019-2020 james is just persistent and obnoxious)
  • he wanders around partially dressed way more often than his younger siblings care for
  • he also sits on counters and tables too often this is literally james sirius potter: 

  • he’s chaser and eventual captain of the gryff quidditch team he takes after his mum and namesake
  • he is obnoxiously good at quidditch like really really good he goes pro after school
  • he wears the same sweater just about every day he honestly just doesn’t care and it drives victoire crazy
  • for a long time at the start of his relationship with teddy the gossip columns were still obsessed with teddy and victoire and printed shit about them all the time and james made sure to cut every single one of them out and hung them all on teddy’s fridge with little devil horns drawn over victoire. she was not as amused as james was (they love each other don’t worry)
  • his best friend is fred2 and they are complete terrors
  • harry introduced him to muggle films at a young age and he’s in love with american 80s movies
  • bill and ted is his favorite he quotes it a lot but no one else gets it and they just think he’s being weird he’s made teddy watch it like 50 times
  • i love him the very most he is my child

dmolition-lvers  asked:

11, 21, 31?

11. kuunteletko musiikkia nyt?

joo, melanie martinezin “teddy bear”:iä

21. kuinka vanha oot ja mikä on sun syntymäpäivä?

oon 14v (noloo, tiiän) ja synnyin 18/2/2003

31. kolme random faktaa susta?

oon toisiks pisin tyttö luokalla (pisin on 178cm), oon maitoallergikko, oon nähny stephen kingin “se” elokuvan kolmesti

kiitos kysymyksistä!