teddy & jordan

drabble challenge attempt #5

Anon requested Drarry, #46: “Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.”

“Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.” 

Harry instantly forgot what he was looking for at the sight of Draco, Teddy, and Roxanne Jordan-Weasley on the sitting room floor painting their nails. Draco and Andromeda had taken the girls to Hogsmeade today, where Harry had thought they’d been having tea at Madame Puddifoot’s. If the purple shop bags were anything to go by, Teddy had talked them into visiting Belphoebe’s Beauty Boutique. Again.

On the coffee table, a dozen of Teddy’s Muggle action figures were standing at attention. Their nails (and the tips of their boots) were pink. Andromeda was snoring on the settee, her arms floating weightlessly in front of her while her blue-tipped nails dried. Harry knew better than to ask, as he’d been told multiple times that drying charms buggered up manicures.

“Daddy, it’s your turn!”

“Oh, um.”

“Come on, Babe,” Draco said, patting the spot next to him on the rug. “Teddy picked out a special colour just for you.”

“Oh, did she?”

Draco waved a little bottle of deep purple varnish in Harry’s direction. “Certainly. It’s called Defense Against the Dark Purple.”

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