Dickhead spends hours on league. Bullies and annoys the fuck outta me. Leaves me to cuddle teddy bears at night instead of him. Makes me eat all my food and everything but honestly , i wouldnt change it for a thing.

I dont care if he spends ages on league because i completely understand that he needs his space and league is hella gid. He annoys me , but he makes up for it by smothering me in cuddles and kisses and i love yous. He buys me the teddy bears to cuddle into so , that doesnt bother me , plus i wake up cuddling him anyways and as for the making me eat everything? thats a giant plus as i hardly eat as it is.

Hes fucking perfect.

I love you so much you dweeb

Teddy bear handmade. Хочу познакомить вас с компанией очаровательных мишек. Маленькие медвежата ищут свой дом и скоро я представлю каждого из них. ♥♥♥ #teddybear #teddy #handmade #arttoy #toy #chocolate #pink #blue #Valentinensday #art #love #мишка #тедди