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Do you think Andromeda felt guilty for not approving her daughter's wedding after she met Teddy

WHAT AN INTENSE QUESTION WOW. OMG. HUH.I think it’s complicated and it probably helps to see where Andromeda is coming from.

  • The moment Andromeda finishes her N.E.W.T.s she has her trunk, her broomstick, and her traveling cloak and she follows Ted to his mother’s in London.
  • Their first few weeks are complete bliss. Pure freedom away from her family. Andromeda is energized, she’s willing to throw herself in front of curses, to face down death for Ted, her new mother, and their chance at a life together.
  • Nothing prepares her for how mundane evil actually is.
  • Shops are suspiciously out of stock of the ingredients she needs. The book title she’s after. Or the staff tells her that they’re actually closing up for the day and need her to leave immediately. Finally, they nervously tell her she’s no longer welcome in their stores..
  • She goes to job interview after job interview with her N.E.W.T. qualifications, her best robes and as soon as she walks through the door she’s told ‘we’re sorry for wasting your time, but the position has just been filled’.
  • She managed to put away some savings while she was at school, but it won’t last forever. There’s no sympathetic relative who showers her with gold.
  • She starts snapping at Ted, even though it’s not his fault. None of this is either of their faults.
  • She hates money but she needs it desperately. Something she never cared about in the past is all she’s obsessed with now.
  • She learns she’s pregnant and she’s sick with terror.
  • She remembers the grand baby showers she’s attended. Towering cakes, delicate music, and guests who think expensive silver rattles and baubles encrusted with gems are appropriate gifts for infants. She’s mad with jealousy for Bella and Narcissa imagined children.
  • After months of dogged determination and luck, Ted finds a position in a branch of the Ministry that’s beyond the influence of her family.
  • In a few months, he persuades a Healer to take her on as apprentice.
  • It didn’t take much persuading. Attacks on the Magical and Muggle community means St. Mungo’s is increasingly willing to look past politically inconvenient apprentices.
  • Andromeda comes home after the first day at St. Mungo’s and barely makes it through the door before she beings to weep with relief.
  • She and Ted…they just might be able to make this work.
  • Andromeda goes decades without that twisted knot of worry and fear in her stomach.
  • Until one day Nymphadora Tonks tells her she is going to marry Remus Lupin. The werewolf.
  • Andromeda’s fear manifests anger. She’s in a shouting match with her child, screaming that she is naive, and stupid, and can’t understand the consequences of her relationship.
  • Because Andromeda was once naive, stupid, and blind to consequences of her relationship.
  • But she comes around. She has to. War is tearing her family apart for a second time. Her husband is on the run, and her child and her new son-in-law move into her home.
  • It’s painfully familiar.
  • She cherishes the simple, uncomplicated demands of helping her child through the last month of pregnancy and labor.
  • She places her grandson in her child’s arms and then watches Nymphadora gently pass Teddy to Remus.
  • She sees conviction, love, and determination in her children’s faces. She thinks Nymphadora and Remus…they just might be able to make this work.
  • One day a silver lynx appears in their living room, beckoning Remus. He says goodbye with an unnerving finality.
  • Hours later Nymphadora tells Andromeda to watch over Teddy.
  • Andromeda holds Teddy in one arm and clutches her wand tightly. Teddy sleeps soundly through the night. She doesn’t sleep at all.
  • She never gets to know if her children could’ve made it work.

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