Dissonance Theory


“Dolores joins William and Logan on a bounty hunt in the badlands. The Man in Black, with Lawrence in tow, finds a critical clue in his search to unlock the maze. Dr. Ford and Theresa discuss the future of the park. Maeve is troubled by a recurring vision…“

>> [1x3] - The Stray
>> [1x2] - Chestnut
>> [1x1] - The Original


Westworld - Season 1 Episode 4 : Dissonance Theory



William and Logan is joined by Dolores on a bounty hunt; The Man in Black is a crucial clue in their quest to unlock the maze; Both Theresa and Dr. Ford discuss about park’s future. Meanwhile Maeve is troubled by a periodical vision.

PROMPT: “My kid followed you out of the store because you’re wearing the same coat as me and they got confused” AU

- Remus had been looking for Teddy for the past ten minutes.

- He was starting to panic, running around in circles around the large supermarket.

- You’d think you’d be able to find a hyperactive 5 year old who had accidentally dyed his hair blue the week before

- But no.

- Remus was starting to pull his hair out.

- Where the hell was his little boy?

- Damn his curious child going for walk about’s on a busy Saturday afternoon!

- He pulled his black coat tighter around himself and made his way quickly to the customer service desk.

- Sirius had finished putting his shopping into his bag at the self service check out and started to head for the door with Harry holding his hand, happily chatting away.

- He hated having to do a shop on a Saturday afternoon, but he completely forgot to pick up snacks for his and Harry’s guy’s night in whilst Lily, James and Regulus had a date night.

- He had just slung his canvas bag over his shoulder when he felt another small hand slip into his.

- He stopped and looked down to see a young boy, around the same age as Harry, with shockingly blue hair stare up at him with wide eyes.

- “Erm, hello there?” Sirius stopped walking. “Are you lost?”

- “You’re not my Daddy!” The boy stated making Sirius chuckle.

- “I’m afraid not, Kiddo.” Sirius smiled.

- “Padfoot isn’t anyones Daddy!” Harry claimed.

- “But you’re wearing his coat!” He accused with a pointed finger.

- “I think we must just have the same coat, buddy.” Sirius attempted to reason with the child.

- Then the kid started to well up and cry. 

- “I lost my Daddd-dddddy!” He bawled, letting go of Sirius hand, scrunched up his fists and pushed them into his eyes.

- Harry rushed over to the little boy and gave him a cute little hug.

- “It’s okay! We look after you!” Harry claimed as the little boy clung to Harry like a life line. 

- Sirius bit his lip, looking around to see if anyone knew the child, but no one seemed to pay them any mind.

- “Oh, don’t cry love.” He knelt down to the boy’s level, wrapping his arm around Harry’s shoulder who had just stepped out of the hug, but still had a grip of boy’s sleeve. 

- “It’s okay, we’ll help you find your Daddy, won’t we Harry?”

- “Yeah!” Harry cheered.

- The boy sniffed loudly, rubbing one of his eyes red raw but had seemed to calm down a little.

- “What’s your name?” He asked the small boy.

- “Te-Te-Teddy Lupin,” he sniffed, then he gasped. 

- “My Daddy told me not to talk to strangers!” He suddenly remembered and covered his mouth with his hands.

- Sirius smiled sweetly to him. He was an adorable child with a punk ass hairdo.

- His Dad must be pretty cool.

- “That’s very true, you shouldn’t. My name is Sirius, but you can call me Padfoot, and this is Harry. There, now we’re not strangers, are we?” He grinned whilst Teddy nodded. “How old are you?”

- “F-five.”

- “I’m five, too!” Harry beamed. 

- “Can you tell me what your Daddy looks like?” He inquired.

- “He’s very tall,” he demonstrated by holding his hand above his head, “and has curly hair. He’s wearing your coat.” 

- “Hmm, okay.” Sirius pondered. “Let’s go see if we can find him, okay?” 

- Teddy nodded as Harry took ahold of his and Sirius’ hands.

- “It’s okay, Teddy. Padfoot is the bestest! He help you find your Daddy!” Harry assured him.

- “Sirius, can I have blue hair, too?”

- “Hello, sir, how may I hel-”

- “My sons run off! His names Teddy Lupin! Please, can you help? Make an announcement or something, please!” Remus begged.

- “Oh dear,” The kindly looking woman gasped, placing her hand over her heart.

- “I have four boys myself, it’s so frightening to think that one could just disappear on you-”

- “Yes, yes,” he snapped impatiently, “can you make an announcement please?!”

- “Oh, right, of course.” She grabbed ahold of the microphone.

- “Customer Announcement: May a Teddy Lupin please make their to the customer service desk please, a Teddy Lupin. Your father is waiting.” 

- “There you go sir.” She smiled politely. “I wouldn’t worry, he should be along shortly.”

- “Yeah thanks,” he fretted, anxiously jigging his leg looking around the to see if his son will turn up.

- What if he had been kidnapped?

- What if he followed some creepy man out of the store to go look at puppies?

- He’d seen that on Criminal Minds!

- What if his son is getting murdered right now?!

- “Customer Announcement: May a Teddy Lupin please make their to the customer service desk please, a Teddy Lupin. Your father is waiting.”

- “Oh, it looks like your Dad is at the service desk, buddy!” Sirius cheered.

- “Does that mean Teddy’s going back to his Daddy now?” Harry questioned.

- “Sure does, buddy.” 

- “Oh,” he sighed sadly.

- “What’s up, Harry?” 

- “It’s just … when Teddy goes back to his Daddy, I won’t see him again,” he sniffed, hanging his head low.

- “But we friends now, right?” Teddy asked Harry, still holding his hand.

- Harry nodded. 

- “Then, I’m sure Daddy will let me see you again!” Teddy grinned, his tears from earlier had completely evaporated. 

- “Yeah?” Harry cheered, “Can we be bestest friends?” Harry asked excitedly.

- “Yeah!” Teddy beamed, throwing his arm’s around Harry’s neck and hugging him tightly. 

- Sirius felt his heart swell at the adorable display of his godson and this young boy.

- He turned back to the customer service desk to see a man stood there anxiously looking around that fit the description that Teddy gave him.

- Except that Teddy had elected not to tell him that his Dad was hot.

- Sirius bit his lip in anticipation and felt his stomach flip.

- He made sure that Harry was still holding Teddy’s hand and made his way over to this beautiful man.

- “Excuse me?” 

- Remus turned to the voice and saw his son holding the hand of a young boy.

- “Teddy!” He shouted dropping to his knees, pulling his son in tightly for a big hug.

- “Daddy!” He beamed, returning the hug. 

- Remus grabbed him lightly by the shoulders and pull him back to look him in the eyes.

- “What have I told you about running off, Teddy? I told you you need to stay with me when were out and about! Especially now that we’re in a new town!” 

- Teddy hung his head low and mumbled an apology.

- Remus quickly pulled him back in for a hug, kissing his cheeks over and over.

- “As long as your safe, don’t scare me like that again, sweetie please!” Remus pleaded. 

-  “I’m sorry Daddy.” He sniffed. 

- “It’s okay, sweetie, it’s okay, you’re with me now okay? No more running off. Promise?”

- “I promise.” He said in a small voice.

- “I made new friends though!” Teddy’s demeanour brightened up as he finally acknowledged the man and child that had brought him back to him.

- Remus looked up and felt his mouth go dry.

- The man was smiling sweetly at them and rubbed the back of his neck a little awkwardly and holding the hand of another child.

- The child had messy black hair and wore circled glasses.

- The man had long black hair that was waved perfectly down to his collarbone, he had stormy-ocean eyes and a blinding white smile.

- Remus noticed that he was wearing the same black coat that he was.

- “This is Padfoot! I thought he was you and you were leaving without me cause you got the same coat! And this is Harry! My new bestest friend!”

- Teddy reached up to grab ahold of Padfoots coat and pulled him closer to Remus.

- Remus stood back up to greet him, resting his hands on Teddy’s shoulders to make sure he didn’t wander off again.

- “Thank you so much for bringing him back to me,” Remus shook Sirius’ hand, “I don’t know what I would have done if I had lost him.” 

- “It’s not a problem. I’m Sirius, and this is Harry.” He gave him a lopsided smile.

- “Remus.” He sighed. “If there’s anything I can do to thank you.” 

- “Well …” Sirius bit his lip, wondering if he was really going to use Remus’ son’s minor disappearance to get a date with the cute man.

- “Yes?” Remus smiled which made Sirius’ mind up.

- “Well, the boys wanted to see each other again, so … well, me and Harry are having a boy’s night in tonight whilst his parents are out, and I was wondering … would you like to join us? I mean, Harry and Teddy are bestest of friends now…” He winked.

- Remus blushed and stuttered.

- “O-Oh … Oh, t-that would … I mean, we d-don’t want to impose on your boy’s night.”

- “Plweaaaaase Daddy?” Teddy begged, pulling at his Dad’s coat.

- “It’d be our pleasure, wouldn’t it Haz?” 

- “Yeah! Then I get to see Teddy again!” He cheered. 

- Remus bit his lip and looked up at Sirius through his lashes.

- “O-okay. Yeah, sure. That sounds great, thank you.” 

- “Perfect!” Sirius grinned. “Do you know where Gordic’s Hallow is?” 

- Remus nodded. 

- “We actually just moved in down that street last week.” 

- “Really?” Sirius beamed. “That’s where we live, too! I’m at 36.”

- “We’re at 34!” Teddy all but shouted.

- “Oh, so you’re my new neighbours!” He questioned with a smile. “We were wondering when we’d bump into you’s!” 

- “Yeah, we were meaning to introduce ourselves, but the week got a little hectic.” Remus chuckled, ruffling Teddy’s hair.

 - “It’s fine,” he smiled. “Harry and his parents actually live at 35, across the road.”

- “So we can see each other all the time?!” Teddy asked Harry.

- “Yeah! You can come over every day! Mummy, Daddy and Papa would love that!” 

- Remus furrowed his eyebrows a little, then looked back to Sirius who shifted uncomfortably, waiting for Remus to make a rude comment and ruin everything.

- “Polygamous?” He asked quietly with no hint of accusation in his voice. Sirius nodded.

- “Ahh, that makes sense.” He nodded and smiled as Sirius sighed with relief. 

- “Sounds like you’ve made a good friend, Teds!” Remus praised his son.

- “Yup!” Teddy beamed to his Daddy with pride. 

- “We better get going, thank you so much for looking after him for me, Sirius.” Remus smiled. 

- “It was my pleasure, really.” He smirked. “Is 6 tonight alright for you both?”

- “Perfect. We’ll see you then, Padfoot.” Remus winked causing Sirius’ to melt slightly.

- “Say ‘Thank you and bye’ Teddy”

- “Thank you! Bye!” He waved and took ahold of his Dad’s hand.

- Sirius watched them both leave the supermarket with a love-sick smile.

- “I tell you, deary,” the woman behind the customer service desk said to Sirius, “it seem’s like you’d two would make a very cute couple.”

- Sirius turned to her with a large grin.

- “I sure hope so!” 

I love these two nerds so much ❤

In honor of ace awareness week...

This is my list of Harry Potter characters I headcanon to be on the ace/aro spectrum and what orientation I like to think they are

•Sirius Back: Asexual/panromantic

•Charlie Weasley: Asexual/aromantic

•Luna Lovegood: Asexual/panromantic

•Draco Malfoy: Asexual/biromantic

•Teddy Lupin: Demisexual/homoromantic

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