2015: Another Year At Hogwarts

September comes again, bringing the first chills of Autumn and the looming promise of another cold winter in Great Britain. It also brings a new term and another new year at our countries esteemed educational institution of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The famed establishment has announced several of its proposals for the forthcoming year. The first and most notable of which is the introduction of gender neutral dormitories. This is presumably an enormous announcement for S.P.E.L.L.S (Students Partnership for Equality and Legislation of LGBTQ+ Students), whom have been campaigning for gender-neutral dormitories over the past year with the legal help of current Deputy Head Of Magical Law Enforcement, Hermione Granger. 

Granger, 35, famously made a striking speech on the campaign at the ministry of magic earlier this month, appealing for spectators to support their cause. The dormitories will come into action the evening of September 1st, and are the first of it’s kind amongst the 52 wizarding schools around the world. 

Hogwarts has also disclosed assorted staffing alterations, including the appointment of a new Arithmacy teacher - Arcus Ridgebit. Silvia Chaddesley also takes over as a cover for Study of Ancient Runes, due to Bathsheda Babbling’s recent contraction of Dragon Pox. 

A familiar face will also be returning to Hogwarts this year, former student and classmate of Harry Potter and Herbology Professor, Neville Longbottom, Dean Thomas will be assuming the position of Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor, after travelling the world as an Freelance Art Collector and Procurer of Dangerous Artefacts for the Ministry, as well as the greatest and richest. 

The Hogwarts Head Girl and Boy for the year are Chelsea Weatherwax and Teddy Lupin, both of Hufflepuff house. Lupin shall be familiar with our readers as Harry Potter’s godson; a surprising election, considering Lupin’s rebellious mishaps over the years. 

However Headmistress Minerva McGonagall repudiated this yesterday in her annual speech, stating that “Chelsea and Teddy are two dedicated, disciplined and delightful students, whom I know Helga Hufflepuff herself would he proud to have in her house." 

The two certainly have their work cut out, bearing in mind Harry Potter’s eldest son begins his Hogwarts journey this year. The notably rebellious youth is also Lupin’s godbrother, and has stuck to Potter tradition, being sorted into Gryffindor house. 

Potter and his wife Ginevra, 34, were seen in Kings Cross earlier this morning to bid their goodbyes to their eldest son, their famed presence causing quite a stir amongst students and parents. 

With the numerous changes to the forthcoming Hogwarts school year, here at The Daily Prophet we can only wish its students pleasure and good luck in their magical education!

James S. Potter this morning
  • James:This is bloody amazing! Just like uncle Ron said it would be!
  • Teddy:*Shouts from across the room* It'll never taste as sweet or loyal as Hufflepuff's breakfast!
  • James:
  • James:Well it tastes brave and delicious!
  • Victoire:Don't mind him. We put a bet on what house you'd be sorted into. He lost obviously.
  • James:Oh. What did you win?
  • Victoire:Nevermind that. Eat your brave breakfast and pipe down!

So this being James S Potter’s first year, Teddy Lupin’s last, and McGonagall’s year of thinking she would retire kind of makes me so happy. Like, we’re continuing the lives of the characters without books and that to me is something special.

yo i know that all the sirius jokes in the world have already been made, but imagine

james (jr) makes a new friend and sometime in the conversation said friend says are you serious

fred groans, teddy puts his head in his hands, james’ eyes light up and a smirk creeps onto his face

“sirius is my middle name”

OKAY but what if Teddy tells Harry he doesn’t want kids
And Harry’s like “what Teddy no please no” and everyone is like ???what
And then Harry just goes “i didn’t call my second son Remus only bc i thought you’ll want to call your son like that you ruined everything i could have named him Remus instead of Albus Severus jesus christ hermione where’s the time turner”


Let me join the Teddy Lupin craziness that has been going for the last two days in the fandom. Here you have seven rainbow colours of Teddy (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) plus rainbow itself, white and black.

Teddy Lupin - as I see him - is the most amazing charachter in the series. He’s metamorphmagus. So he can wear any face, any race, any hair colour or hair style. Gender? Who cares about gender when you’re able to change your body completely? He’s a Hufflepuff, so he’s “just and loyal“, kindhearted, sweet and caring. He’s a Head boy and that means he’s really smart and is good with his wand (whatever that means). I’m sure this little hufflepunk’s got style - just like his mom (and a bit clumsy like her) and he speaks fluent sarcasm like his father. He’s got a great sense of humour, but he will beat  the shit out of those who mess with his family. As I imagine him, he can use his metamorphmagic to defend younger kids or himself: he can easily turn his nails into claws, make his teeth sharp and smile at the bully with the grin of a young hungry shark. At the same time he uses his abilities to make people laugh, like his mother did: cat nose, panda eyes or long pointed ears to make anyone smile and feel better if they’re sad. He loves the world and is interested in everything. Also I believe that he’s got a flying skateboard charmed the same way as Arthur Weasley’s car or Sirius’ motorbike, and a pet chameleon. Love this kid.