okay but, imagine

Harry Potter AU where voldemort died that october  31st

~At some point Sirius would be really free and he and Harry could finally have the family both deserved

~Fred is alive

~Teddy growing up with both his parents alive

~Neville standing up against Malfoy and all the slytherins once and for all

~No Umbrigde!

~Cedric winning the triwizard tournament

~Dumbledore wouldn’t have had to manipulate Harry nor Snape in any way

I’ve just reaimagined the whole saga au and… please stop me, it’s nearly 5am and I really need to get some sleep

idk feel free to add whatever you want

Newt x Reader

Can you do an imagine where Newt likes this girl but he has never talked to her. Thanks!  ______________________________________________________________You were in the same year as Newt and both of you were in the same class for magical creatures. newt had seen you many a times in the class and was smitten by you the day he saw that you had so easily befriended and earned the respect of a hippogriff. Since that day, he always looked for you. He would stare at you in the dining hall, the library and it made his day as you were also in hufflepuff. You knew that he stared at you constantly but you didn’t mind it. Instead you always wished he would approach you. One day you got tired of waiting. So when you spotted him in the library staring at you, you boldly walked up to him and sat in front of him. “ Hi I’m (y/n)” “ I know.I..I mean I am Newt” “I know. I have seen you constantly stare at me” His eyes went wide and he looked down.“ Don’t worry. I am not annoyed” He looked up and stared at you.It was silent between you two for some time.He looked in your eyes while you absorbed every feature of his face. Those dreamy eyes and those freckles. He finally gathered his courage and began to talk. “So do you like magical creatures?” you said,“I find centaurs the most fascinating of them all.” This made Newt look at you with even dreamier eyes. He asked,“Would you like to go to hosmeade with me? you know, we could talk more about magical creatures” Your eyes twinkled. You said,“Well I thought you would never ask.” ______________________________________________________________

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‘This is a disappointment to the family.’

‘Join us, Lily.’

‘Yeah come dance with us.’

‘I’m disowning you both.’

James and Albus dancing outside the inn where they were staying for Teddy and Victoire’s wedding weekend taken by Lily who had been playing music on her phone

Taken December 15th 2019


a Classic Moment tm


On Love: Agape

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