Can you imagine that whilst at Hogwarts Remus has this one teddy bear on his bed, like right up till 7th year

And there is no argument like the teddy bear would 100% be called Mr. Pilkington

And Sirius always teases him mercilessly about the teddy and the fact that its goddamn name is Mr. Pilkington.

But one day Remus walks in on Sirius sitting on his bed just cuddling the teddy.

And Sirius jumps up immediately and proclaims that it’s “A Study on Muggle toys, Remmie!”

But Remus just chuckles, and sits down on his bed, and gets Sirius to sit back down with him

And Remus just wraps his arms around Sirius and Mr. Pilkington

And it’s completely ridiculous

But they just stay like that for hours


And then on their next holiday Remus takes Sirius to a muggle toy shop

And Sirius picks out his own teddy “To keep Mr. Pilkington company, Remmie!”

And it’s a lady teddy bear with a sparkly bow because she was the most fabulous one there and would Sirius ever go for anything less than the most fabulous

And the teddy is christened Lady Huddersfield on the spot

And Remus and Sirius just have these two fancy-ass teddy bears in their dorms like the goddamn dorks they are

And James always moans but secretly he loves them and is maybe a bit jealous too