Our new Monday morning best friend. This smart table will bother you until you get all the stuff you need in your bag – including breakfast. THANKS, TABLE!

Wanna know how it works? Watch today’s TED talk on touch technology – from the guy who created this and many other shape-shifting designs. (From the geniuses at TEDxCERN.)


Apparently even Trump supporters know that Trump is the angry, hateful candidate

This is the speech that got Ted Cruz booed offstage at the RNC when he covertly didn’t endorse Trump by giving a speech about “unity” and “love.” Boos echoed out inside the arena as well as in an outside plaza, where dozens more Republicans were gathered to watch the speeches via livestream. 

Gifs: PBS NewsHour



Indivisible - Incarnations ½

This is the first half of incarnations for the game Indivisible, created by Lab Zero being currently funded through Indiegogo. This is just half of the the full cast we will see in form of party members on final release. Please help and support the game by donating, and help us reach the final 50 percent!