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Favorite movies? I need some new ones to watch!

inglorious basterds, the accountant, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, man from u.n.c.l.e, kingsman, perks of being a wildflower, stuck in love, ghost…umm there’s my weird variety that I can think of off the top of my head haha

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favorite tc blogs?

Uhhh uhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhh, why yall gotta ask me this it gon be a ten year long answer smh..

My own blog, obvi

Imma just start w the obvious @theodorebvndy still no clue why do I like him so much but like, I love his blog, he got good Ted info and Ted jokes (and ofc i like his child, aka Ted Bundy reincarnation @witchlockmonsterfox who doesnt have that much tcc content though)

Then of course @tedbundy aka my ted source, u get ted everything there omg, its like a ted restaurant, u can order a ted and u get it I love it, bless

Then ofc the Jeff blogs I love @dahm-sub , @irishcreamandhalcion and @livefromapt213 , @jeffrey-dahmer (u r weird as shit, spammed me w the odores but lots of love)

@voicefromdeathrow is a super interesting blog, it’s like you were reading an old love story, but it’s real and it’s happening right now, the admin is lovely

OOOO I ALMOST FORGOT @hausoftruecrime

Then @dahmergasm is my hoe, @serialkillerontherun is my depressed hoe, who, I’m sorry, I am not answering to again, then @nefariouscerealkiller she was the first person I started talking to here and shes super supportive and lovely I love her but she rarely talks to me anymore cause she busy w her shit :(( and then i luv her gf @daddy-vodka who sends me weirdass submissions and reblogs all my posts lmao, @jeffreezer hoe#2, @ted-fcking-bundy depressed hoe#2 writing me a book ay

@666nightprowler I love her, Im bad at keeping contact but shes really interesting and cool, she got nice richard content, @richard-manson is new in TCC, lovely and good looking as shit, @tedwardbundy Ted Bundy reincarnation #2, shes great. 

@arctic-star, @cool-ranch-humans and @lanzastare are wild as fuck, cryptids, my only source of adam

@eric-cleborn the like overlord,  @gaymfdm baby Pekka, love

@nationwidemanhunt THIS PERSON IS GREAT, and their blog is also great


omg im so sorry if i forgot someone, i love u all though

Blue French Horn

It’s been years since you meet him, almost a life, or at least, thats how you feel it, Shayne was your best friend since that YouTube convention two years ago, his loud and charming personality and your sweet energic and happy personality made a click almost inmediatly in that snack bar; time after you were the best friends in the world; sleepovers, friend dates in the couch eating garbage food while watching some netflix, long talks about nothing and everything while sharing a nice cup of coffe or tea.

“Hey Topp, you better be here in 20 minutes or I’ll start without you” you said on the phone, this was your weekly movie/tv show marathon, a tradition for you both.

“Don’t you dare to do that” he said laughing on the other side “I’ll be there very soon, just the traffic”

“You better be, we are watching my favourite show tonight”

“ok, I’m really close let me park” he said while hang the phone

‘How I Met Your Mother’, that was your favourite show, was like the 6th time you decides to watch it, for the 1st time with Shayne.

There’s something in that show that makes you laugh, cry and feel in love everytime you decided to watch it, maybe was Ted and his sweet ideal of falling in love, Marshall and Lily and their strong love story with ups and downs, or Barney and his hilarious way to see the world, or Robin and her story, you didin’t know, you only loved that show and that the end of the discution.

“So, what are we watching tonight and whats it’s that about?” Shayne asked you while sitting in the couch.

“HIMYM” you said with a smile in your face “It’s about a dude who tells his kids in the future how he met the mother” that last line was kinda obvious to say “It"s funny, you’ll enjoy, promise”

Once you say that you push the start button while watch the first episode.

(Ted Mosby met Robin Scherbatsky in a bar and inmediatly he fell in love with her, he asked her for a date, she said yes, so they went to a restaurant, where a blue french horn was hanging in the wall, after that date Robin had to leave the city for a few days, so Ted went to the restaurant the have the date and steal the blue french hor for her, as a way to tell her he really likes her)

“Stealing a French Horn?” Shayne said looking a you

“A BLUE French Horn” you correct him.

“It’s the same thing… the point is, why having so much trouble for a girl you just met”

“It’s because he loves her, even when they barely know each other” you said while you staring at his eyes “I think its cute, besides when when/if you met ‘the one’ probably you untestand”

That was a really nice evening, as usual you fall asleep in the couch with him.

After a few weeks, almost a month you were about to finish the show

“Shayne, the last two chapters, my place” you said on the phone

“Uhhh, sorry, I don’t think I could make it today”

“But we almost finished the show”

“Yeah I know (YN), but really I can’t make it today, I have a really impotants things to do”

“But, you promised” after a few seconds you understand you cant beg if he have things to do “ok… do your things, I get it” that was just a little bit dissapointed

Finally you just decided to see something else, after all you two were watching the show together, and without him wasn’t the same; the door of your apartment distracted you for that movie that you were barely watching, standing up from the couch you go to open the door, maybe was the burritos you were waiting for.

“Shayne? what are you doing here?” you said after opening the door and watchin him “you told me you have some things to do”

“Yeah, well about that I was actually waiting for this” he said showing you a cheesy blue french horn

“A french horn?” you were confused

“A blue french horn” he corrected you with a smile in his face

“yeah, I can see but why!?”

“Maybe this is the story I want to tell my kids about how I met their mother”

“So you get me a Blue French Horn?”

“For you… I would have get a whole orchesta”

“you are a nerd Mosby” you said laughing and happy, finally after all this time you were corresponded

“you are a dork Scherbatsky” he said kissing you “c'mon lets go inside, I want to finish the damn show”