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The Awkward Phase Story Telling Night at The Annoyance Theatre on May 13th at 8PM. Address: 4830 North Broadway  Chicago, IL 60640


Performances by Ted Tremper, Brianna Baker, Wes Perry, Shaun Sperling, Patrick Rowland, Caitlin Bergh, and Tim “TinTim” Jones-Yelvingtion.


“The Awkward Phase” was recently chosen as a runner-up in Chronicle Books “Great Tumblr Book Search.” While we want to celebrate #TheAwkward Chicago, the event also hopes to generate submissions from the community in an effort to develop the Tumblr into a real, actual, in-your-hands book.


Hosts/The Awkward Phase co-creators: Claire Meyer and Tyler Gillespie


You can send your submission to [MyAwkwardPhaze@Gmail.com] (Yes, that’s with a "z”) You can also email us here if you want to ask our opinion on most flattering color for your new braces.


Links to the Performers:

Ted Tremper

Brianna Baker

Wes Perry 

Caitlin Bergh

Shaun Sperling

Tim “TinTim” Jones-Yelvington

Patrick Rowland


Keep up with the Awkwardness on Twitter #TheAwkward

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