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Ashley Judd just gave the most incredible TED Talk outlining *exactly* what is holding women back from living free lives on the internet

The actress noted that she’s a survivor of “all forms of sexual abuse, including three rapes,” in addition to being subjected to rape and death threats on the internet. Some of the worst harassment Judd received online came after she weighed in about a Kentucky Wildcats game.

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I’ve been watching some of Jessica McCabe’s videos from her own YouTube channel (How to ADHD) and I like the way that she approaches the subject. She’s someone with ADHD who is speaking to others with it and if you have ADHD, think you have it, or have someone important in your life that has it, I highly recommend giving her videos a watch.


Okay now this is just inspirational!

I am so gay because 40% of all homeless youth are LGBTQ
I am so gay because one in 12 trans people will be murdered
I am so gay because the same systems say gay people are less than and need to obliged by our standards of what is normal are the same system that justify police brutality, discrimination, voter discrimination laws.
But most importantly i am so gay because loving resources that provides me with so much strength like my parents that it would be selfish and wrong not to share that with the people that do not have them yet.
-Thomas Lloyd, Why Am I So Gay

This is a fun animation TED Talk about cats’ unique behavior. It was animated by @chintislundgren


Hidden mathematical truths permeate our whole physical world. They are inaccessible to our senses but can be seen through mathematical lenses. Close your eyes for moment and think of what is occurring right now around you. Invisible particles from the air around are bumping on you by the billions and billions at each second, all in complete chaos. And still, their statistics can be accurately predicted by mathematical physics… The famous bell-shaped Gauss Curve…tells about the statistics of velocities of particles in the same way as a demographic curve would tell about the statistics of ages of individuals. It’s one of the most important curves ever. It keeps on occurring again and again, from many theories and many experiments, as a great example of the universality which is so dear to us mathematicians.
—  Cédric Villani in TED Talk https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Kc0Kthyo0hU

How To Have Confidence | Specifically With Acne

If you struggle with acne or any other insecurity I made this video in hopes to maybe help you learn self love.

Please share to reach someone who may benefit from this. thank you.❤️