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Do you know from where the picture of Ted wearing a shirt written "Diagnostic" on it come from?

I guess you’re talking about these pictures? They were originally shared by Kevin Sullivan. He was wearing this tee-shirt because he was undergoing the 90 days psychiatric evaluation following his guilty verdict at the Carol DaRonch trial. The evaluation was ordered by Judge Stewart Hansen. Ted described the evaluation to Liz through letters :

Then there was the educational achievement tests, First there was spelling. “Spell cat.” said our lemon faced school marm who didn’t seem to think any of us could.

I received a message today from the University Medical Center. It seems the EEG they did on me last week was inadequate because I was not relaxed. I can’t imagine why I wasn’t! After all, aren’t handcuffs. chains and leg irons conducive to relaxation? I tried my best though. As I lay there in the dark, my eyes closed, I repeated over and over “I love her, I love her” with your picture in my mind. You are with me everywhere I go.

The only reality I fight to preserve is you. You are my link to everything I hold dear. You keep alive emotions of caring and loving. I love you and Tina . The psychologist gave me a test where pictures are shown and a story was told by me about each picture. The last card was blank and I was to imagine a picture. It was a picture of you in the kitchen and as I told it tears began flowing uncontrollably down my face. I miss everything about you.

Not to my surprise, the combined results of all psychological and medical tests show me to be completely normal, a psychiatrist told me. He kept saying ‘Very interesting.“ He also said that he believes me when I say I didn’t do it. but being a loyal employee of the slate, he asked me If it was possible I had forgotten it all. They never give up.


And here’s the main cake. All with either iconic pieces from my favourite shows, or props from specific favourite episodes.

Oh, and as I mentioned in my previous post, I literally gave Mum a link to every post on this blog tagged comedy, and she worked from that; this was about the time of the Oscars, hence the Christoph Waltz dressed as a hamster at the front a la Ameowadeus.

Again, spot the references, or just read what they’re meant to be from the below list (reading the grid items from right to left):

1. Black Books
2. I’m Alan Partridge
3. Fist of Fun
4. Anchorman
5. Father Ted
6. The Thick of It
7. Brass Eye
8. Um, Mum’s plea to give her more time next year…
9. Cornetto Trilogy
10. The IT Crowd
11. It’s Kevin
12. Ameowadeus
13. Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy
14. Hunderby/Nighty Night/a token Julia Davis spot
15. Month Python’s Flying Circus

Trevor Noah says Donald Trump “has mastered the art of moving us on to the next news cycle”

“He has mastered the art of moving us on to the next news cycle. He goes, ‘Ted Cruz’s dad assassinated Kennedy,’ and you’re going, ‘What?’ And then he’s like, ‘And I will not release my tax returns.’ Okay, wait, what? Now we’ve forgotten the assassination and are like, ‘What do you mean you won’t release your tax returns?’ He goes, ‘Yeah, talk to John Miller about this.’ Who’s John Miller? Wait, you fake your own interviews? And now you’ve forgotten the tax returns. So we’re on that thing, and then he turns around and goes, ‘Chris Christie, stop eating Oreos.’ Wait, did you just do that? And while he’s doing that he’s like, ‘Yeah, we’ll have a trade war with China, what’s the worst that could happen?’ We haven’t even gotten over the assassination!”


Hillary shares how her and Bill first met:

OMG. Hillary was reading in the Yale library while Bill was surrounded by people socializing [of course Hillary was reading while Bill socialized XD]. So then Hillary got up and introduced herself [obviously] and Bill says he couldn’t even remember his own name [always the charmer].

Then she followed him to Arkansas and told everyone she met the next President of the United States of America. They told her she was crazy to give up her promising career.

But as usual – Hillary was right.

PS: Hillary is so cute in this interview!! ^.^