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  • INTP: What's the most INFP thing you've ever done?
  • INFP: Once I sat in a gift shop and literally said "ooh pretty" at like a million random things for like five straight minutes.
  • INTP: One time I was listening to a Ted Talk, playing a video game, and having a conversation to my dad (who is also an INTP) about evolution when I had a a paper due the next day.
  • INFP: Wow.

Ted Bundy talked quite vaguely about his sexual experiences with Dr. Carlisle, during his 90 day evaluation.  He told him how he wasn’t as sexually experienced as most teenagers his age, also about dating life during his college years and how he did not lose his virginity until he was 22 years old.

Ted: I dated some girls in junior high. I went to parties with the socially adept.

Al: Did you kiss any girls?

Ted: Yeah.

Al: Did you engage in any sexual touching with girls?

Ted: Uh huh. Yeah, I did.

Al: Well Ted, what happened? I understand you didn’t go on any dates during high school. You went to a dance with a girl in the 12th grade but that was about it. It appears there was a change in your personality. You began dating and you had an interest in girls including kissing and getting sexually involved but then you stopped. What happened?

Ted: [Pause.] Well, gee Al, I don’t know what it could have been.

Al: Why didn’t you go on any dates?

Ted: My mother was able to pay the bills for the home but there wasn’t a lot of money. I had to earn my own spending money.

Al: But you only went to two dances. Why not more?

Ted: I had neutral feelings about girls. There was no inhibitions or fear, just a lack of motivation. I didn’t have a car at the time. When i got out of school I got a lucrative job which allowed me to get my first car, a 1933 Plymouth Coup. I was becoming an individual. 

Al: What was your social life like at the University of Washington?

Ted: At first I was fully involved with my studies.

Al: And then?

Ted: I went out with an Asian girl. It felt right because I was in Asian studies.

Al: How did that relationship work out?

Ted: After we went out a couple of times her father had a talk with me. He was very nice about it. He said that he wanted his daughter to marry a boy who was Asian. He thought our backgrounds would conflict too much.

Al: How did you feel about that?

Ted: It wasn’t a problem. I understood where he was coming from. During spring quarter, I met a girl and we developed a very intense relationship. I had a Volkswagen at that time but at times we used her car because mine wasn’t working very well. 

Al: What was her name?

Ted: Marjorie. (Pseudonym for Diane Edwards) 

Al: Tell me about her

Ted: We were both interested in intellectual topics and we got along very well. Her father was a vice president of an international company and they had a lot of money. She was an only child. Her parents were part of her everyday life. I got along with them. 

Al: How did that relationship work out?

Ted: She was well dressed. Well groomed. She had been a model at one time. She was very impressive and very appealing. I really enjoyed that. 

Al: So, did it work out?

Ted: No. She got her feelings hurt easily and the relationship strained over petty matters. I had a busboy job at the Seattle Yacht Club. Marjorie was older than me and she expected more financial security than what I could provide. I had no savings and was often broke. I felt insecure about our relationship. 

Al: Did you and Marjorie get intimate? Did the two of you have sex?

Ted: She was the first girl that I slept with but we didn’t have intercourse. I don’t think that either of us was ready for it.

Ted then talked about his political career in 1968 and how he lost his virginity.

Ted: [..] The campaign was a disaster. My social life and political life intertwined. One time we were out of town during the campaign. I went to a party as a representative of Fletcher and I was picked up by a woman and taken to her house. I was very drunk. During the night the girl came down and hopped in bed with me. That was my first sexual encounter. This girl was separated from her husband. She was hysterical. I had slept with Marjorie half a dozen times with no clothes on and we petted heavily but we didn’t have sex since she wasn’t on the pill. 

Al: Did that bother you not to have intercourse with Marjorie? 

Ted: No. She smoked and I didn’t. I liked classical music and she was more into rock. 

Source- Violent Mind by Dr Al Carlisle

Ted’s opening up to Booster about his low self esteem

Beto O'Rourke: Ted Cruz's Punk-Rock Problem
How a progressive congressman – and former bassist – from El Paso is threatening to unseat the Senate's most hated Republican.

I’m following this guy, and will probably send his campaign some $$$, even though I don’t live in Texas or have any connections to Texas. Regardless of what the experts say, I think he can win and move from the House to the Senate. Running as a Democrat for Ted Cruz’ Senate seat in Texas. Dems don’t win in Texas. But Beto O’Rourke has never lost a campaign. What do people in Texas think about Cruz? Some info to consider:

By the election – after Cruz grudgingly endorsed the man who threatened his wife and implicated his father in the plot to kill JFK – 49 percent of Texas voters disapproved of the job Cruz was doing. Today, his 37 percent approval rating in the state is about as dismal as Trump’s is nationally.

Some stuff about Beto O’Rourke:

Few people knew of his crusade to combat gang violence by legalizing marijuana, or the years he spent playing bass with Cedric Bixler-Zavala (now a member of the Mars Volta and At the Drive-In) in their old punk band Foss. That started to change last summer, after Speaker Paul Ryan ordered C-Span cameras turned off during Democrats’ 25-hour sit-in to protest inaction on gun control, and O'Rourke launched his own broadcast on Facebook Live (Ryan has since passed a measure that would fine live-streaming from the House floor). O'Rourke’s profile spiked again earlier this year after a blizzard canceled flights into D.C. – he and a Republican colleague, Rep. Will Hurd, live-streamed a 1,600-mile rental-car drive (#CongressionalCannonballRun) from Texas to the nation’s capital. Tens of thousands of people, including dozens of colleagues in the House and Senate, plus Mark Zuckerberg, tuned in for the 36-hour bipartisan “town hall,” during which O'Rourke and Hurd grabbed doughnuts, talked health care and border security, and made a detour to Graceland.

Besides supporting limits on guns, O'Rourke, who is 44, is pro-choice and a vocal advocate for comprehensive immigration reform. If that sounds like a tough way to win a race in Texas – where political moderation is considered symptomatic of a disease known as “Californication” – O'Rourke has vowed to do it without accepting a cent of PAC money. He has reason to be confident: For one thing, he’s never lost a race. He won his first bid for Congress campaigning in a district on the Mexican border, on a platform calling for the legalization of marijuana. His rival in the primary, an eight-term incumbent, had the full support of the Democratic establishment – Barack Obama endorsed him; Bill Clinton came to El Paso to stump – but O'Rourke, whose political career at the time consisted of two terms on the El Paso City Council, stole the seat nonetheless.

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I know you have a lot of breed asks, but I'd love to (eventually, all in good time) see a breakdown for Akitas. I don't know if they're popular enough in Australia for both kinds, American and Japanese, to be present in clinics, but I'm really curious about the health differences between both types. Also you are amazing and I check your blog every day ;_;

That’s kind of you to say. Akita’s are not very common here, large dog breeds are generally less popular than smaller ones, but there are a few around and I get to see lots of those individuals in clinical practice. Their problems ted to not be easily fixed.

Please note the disclaimer that these posts are about the breed from a veterinary viewpoint as seen in clinical practice, i.e. the problems we are faced with. It’s not the be-all and end-all of the breed and is not to make a judgement about whether the breed is right for you. If you are asking for an opinion about these animals in a veterinary setting, that is what you will get. It’s not going to be all sunshine and cupcakes, and is not intended as a personal insult against your favorite breed. This is general advice for what is common, often with a scientific consensus but sometimes based on personal experiences, and is not a guarantee of what an individual animal is going to encounter in their life. 

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There aren’t enough individuals locally for me to make a distinction between the American and Japanese Akita, but they both share many of the same concerns.

Many dog breeds of Japanese origin, for whatever reason, are predisposed to delicate red blood cell membranes. Most of the time this means nothing significant for the dog, so long as that blood stays inside blood vessels where it’s supposed to be. There are, however, two important consequences of this. One is pseudohyperkalemia, where blood samples read as having super high levels of potassium, not because this is true, but because red blood cells have ruptured in high numbers, releasing their potassium into serum. This means very little for the dog, but can make diagnosing other conditions more difficult. The other consequence is that their red blood cells are more vulnerable to oxidative damage from toxins such as onions, garlic and zinc.

I have not noted any particular drug sensitivities for Akitas, though I wouldn’t be surprised to discover sensitivities to certain intravenous medications.

From a structural standpoint, these big dogs are prone to Gastric Dilatation Volvulus, where their stomach dilates and twists on itself, cutting off blood supply, as well as hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia, where the respective joints fail to develop and grow properly. This results in chronic painf rom an early age, and varies with severity.

They are also prone to entropion, where the eyelids roll inwards to rub fur against the eyeball, but can exhibit multiple ocular conditions including micropthalmia (underdeveloped eyeballs) and progressive retinal atrophy.

There must be some interesting genetic bottlenecks in the history of the Akita, because as a breed they are extremely prone to numerous auto-immune diseases, some of which are likely genetic, and some of which we can only hope are genetic.

Pemphigus Foliaceus is the most common auto-immune disorder I see, these crusts of blistered skin become worse with UV exposure, and if it’s one thing we have plenty of in Australia it’s extra high levels of UV light. Some of these dogs basically have to live like vampires because sunlight exposure will result in worsening of their skin and significant pain.

Other Auto-immune diseases which are common in the breed include sebaceous adenitis and systemic lupus erythematosis. This is actually one of the breeds where it is likely to be lupus.

It’s also no surprise that Immune Mediated Haemolytic Anaemia is reported to be more common in this breed, given that their red blood cells are already extra delicate.

There are also conditions which might be immune mediated, but affected dogs typically survive such a long time after diagnosis that they don’t have any active process going on in the relevant organs by the time they reach post mortem. Addison’s Disease (inadequate adrenal hormone production) and hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone production probably both occur in this way.

Given the relative frequency of so many immune-related disorders, the breed would probably benefit from an influx of genetic diversity, which means controlled outcrossing to different breeds. I truly think adding new genes to the population would be beneficial before attempting to remove deleterious ones in this case, because there’s only so much you can remove from an already limited population.

Unusual in a big dog, Medial Luxating Patellas seem to crop up more commonly than expected. Typically this is a little dog condition, with frequency and severity increasing as the dog breed gets smaller, but for some reason these quite large dogs are also affected.

As a side note, these dogs can be beautiful, loyal creatures, but they don’t come like that ‘fresh out of the box’. It takes experience and training, otherwise it’s very, very easy to end up with an unruly, aggressive dog that you can’t handle and terrorizes the family. I will forever remember euthanising a 9 month old Akita, much to his owners sorrow, because he failed to train it and ended up with an extremely aggressive dog, when he thought he was going to have a companion ‘just like Hachi’. These dogs take commitment to keep well, both from a veterinary and a behavioral perspective.

Chapter 7: Kiss Me Slowly (Spider-boy - Peter Parker x Stark!Reader)

UES - Upper East Side

I apologize for the short chapter Xx.


PrologueChapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6

Chapter 8


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“Helena, what is so important that you had to drag me all the way from the penthouse to Central Park? I’m not in the mood to sit around by the gothic bridge. ” Y/n grumbles.

“Mr. Stark instructed me to, Miss Y/n. He doesn’t like it when you’re being a sloth.” Helena replies.

“I’m sorry if I want to rest after class, didn’t know it’s against the rules.” You roll your eyes fixing your coat.

“You know your mother hates it when you roll your eyes, very unladylike, she says.” Helena reminds you.

“Well, it’s a good thing she lives in France so she doesn’t get to see me.” You retort.

“She’ll be here for your birthday this Saturday along with Miss Eloise.” Helena clarifies.

“Of course she’ll be here. It’s a social gathering, who wouldn’t want to see the French designer and socialite? She just misses New York and hates the fact that I live with my dad in the penthouse apartment she bought for herself. Their break up was such a mess.” Y/n sighs.

“They are happier when they’re apart.” Helena responds.

“They are and thank goodness for that. I hate it when they’re together, they always use me as their object to pick on, controlling my every move when they know that I am a liberated New York teenage girl by heart.” Y/n smiles at the statement she just made.

Upon nearing the Gothic bridge in Central Park, y/n notices the familiar Brunette-haired teenager standing by her favorite spot.

“Mr. Parker might have told me to bring you here.” Helena smiles at you.

“Peter?” You start.

Peter reacts to your voice and you notice his swollen black eye.

“Oh my god, what happened?” You ask, slowly caressing the injured area of his face.

“Flash and I got into a fight.” He answers.

“Flash really? Don’t you have Spidey senses to tell you whenever danger arises?” Y/n questions.

“I do, I just didn’t want to fight back. I kinda deserve it.” Peter sighs looking down on the ground.

“You kinda do.” I scrunch my face at him.

He looks at you with the same reaction before you could laugh.

“Come on, let’s go fix you up, and I’m not taking no for an answer.” You tell him, putting an arm around his shoulder.

“Helena, don’t tell dad about this okay?” You tell your helper who just nods her head.

Y/n and Peter are sitting on the couch as you tend to Peter’s swollen eye who in return flinches whenever you apply the ointment.

“Quit moving!” You grumble trying to point ointment on his wounded face.

“Ow! Try pressing your fingers gently then.” Peter responds.

“You’re such a baby, I’m not even pressing it hard enough.” Y/n dabs the rest of the ointment.

“I’m so not a baby, you’re just being harsh.” Peter mumbles.

“Wow, that’s definitely something a baby would say.” Y/n giggles, finishing with the ointment-rubbing.

“A baby doesn’t go around swinging from building to building and save people.” Peter retorts.

“A baby also doesn’t cry whenever Tony Stark gives him a highly-enhanced suit.” Y/n giggles.

“Hey, those were tears of joy.” Peter defends himself.

You just nod along as the two of you fall into silence. 

“You’re good at this you know.” Peter tells Y/n.

“What? Putting ointment on people’s faces?” You retort.

Peter grabs your hand and interlocks his with yours.

“Peter…” You mumble.

“I’m so sorry, Y/n….” He interrupts you.

“You are an amazing girl, I know you’re going to do great things in life, I don’t.. I don’t deserve you. Your life is perfect as it is, you don’t need me to fill the void you think is present.” Peter continues.

“I know your friends set you up with another guy and I want you to be happy, Y/n. I can’t like you because someone might use you as a threat against me. You already have Mr. Stark as your dad and if they find out that Spiderman has a thing for you, who knows what they’ll do?” He adds.

“Is that why you’ve been avoiding me? You didn’t want me to be used as bait? Peter, I can handle myself well. I don’t need you to tell me how perfect my life is because I know my privilege and I know the risks but you, you are something else, Peter Parker and I want to see New York with you, walk around Central Park to feed the ducks with you, and just be happy with you.. Is that too much to ask?” Y/n sighs.

“Well, what do you want me to do? Bring you with me as I swing through the city or maybe sit on top of a tall building to look at the New York skyline?” Peter asks as if it’s a ridiculous thing to consider.

“Yes! I do want that. I want to do the crazy things with you, Peter Parker, no matter how stupid or dangerous they sound.” You reply standing up from the couch.

“Mr. Stark will have me tortured if something happened to his precious daughter.” He replies.

“What he doesn’t know won’t kill him. Trust me.” Y/n looks out the window to look at Central Park.

Peter does his spider web trick and grabs you by the waist causing you to fall on his lap, your eyes staring deeply into his.

“Is that the kind of crazy thing you want?” Peter asks.

“Something crazier than that Mr. Parker.” You laugh.

“Where do you want to go, princess?” He smirks at you.

“I know just the place.” You smile at him innocently.

“Don’t you just love looking at those flicking lights from the buildings and highways? It’s the prettiest sight I’ve ever seen.” Y/n smiles at the New York skyline from the edge of the helipad at Stark Tower.

“Yeah…. So pretty.” Peter sighs, not looking at the skyline, but at the girl whom he thinks is the prettiest thing he’s ever seen.

Mr. Stark wasn’t kidding when you told me Starks have good genes. His daughter certainly had the best of Mr. Stark and from someone French.’ Peter thinks to himself.

“Peter, you’re not even looking at the skyline.” Y/n interrupts Peter’s thoughts.

“I was! I was just- Your hair’s kinda messy let me fix that.” He pulls back your hair that was covering your face.

Peter grabs your face and kisses you, to your surprise and satisfaction. Y/n arms move around his neck, pulling him closer, one hand wrapped around your waist and the other caressing your hair. The two of you consumed by frustration after everything that has happened. 

The kiss gets more intense as you feel his tongue begging for entrance but you try not go along. Peter playfully pinching your side which causes you to gasp allowing him entrance. This goes on for a few minutes before you try to end it.

You pull away from the kiss and look down at your lap trying to hide the giddiness that you’re feeling.

“Can I ask you something?” Peter starts.

“What is it?” Y/n smiles at him weakly.

“What happened between you and Liz?” He asks.

“Do you want the short version or the totally dramatic yet completely accurate Gossip Girl-esque version?” Y/n inquires.

“The latter.” Peter chuckles lightly.

“Back in middle school when she was still at Spence, we were the best of friends. For everyone else, Liz was like Princess Caroline and I was just one of her handmaidens but Liz was like a sister to me, and I was to her.” You begin.

“In the summer just when were about to go to the Upper School, I was seeing this guy from Browning and he would always visit me in our place. There was this one night wherein I thought I’d have a quiet night-in after shopping with Liz, it turns out she organized this big rager in our apartment and everyone was there and I decided to join in on the fun, one thing led to another, I was roofied. I was still a bit sane when I saw it in front of my very eyes, my so called best friend was making out with the guy from Browning. I felt completely humiliated and I passed out. I woke up to my parents’ screams and there was no way I could get out of it, the whole place was a mess, I tried telling them it wasn’t my fault, but they didn’t believe me when I told them it was Liz’s doing.” Y/n continues.

“So they sent me to France to live with my grandparents at Lyon for the whole summer. I tried contacting Liz and she never answered my texts or calls. Turns out she was just in Queens the whole time.” She sighs.

“So I uh…. I need to tell you something as well.” Peter tells you.

“Are you going to drop another truth bomb on me again, Parker?” You raise an eyebrow looking at him with a straight face.

“I uhhh… I asked Liz to homecoming.” He states.

“When uh… When did you…. ask her?” Y/n questions.

“Yesterday.” Peter answers.

“So are you just going to juggle us at the same time? Did you not listen to my story?” Y/n raises her voice.

“I did! I just… I want to let you know that after the dance, I won’t be talking to her anymore. I choose you.” Peter smiles at you.

“W-what?” You mutter.

“I wanted to tell you after our argument last Monday, It’s you I want.” Peter grins.

“You will not regret this, Peter Parker.” You sigh and pull him close to give him a light kiss.

“Do you want a hot dog?” Peter asks out of the blue.

You furrow your eyebrows at the random question Peter just asked.

“Um… yeah sure. No condiments though.” Y/n replies.

“You got it.” Peter jumps from where the edge of the tower.

You panic at the thought of Peter jumping but let out a sigh of relief once Y/n hears the sound of his spider webs.

Way to make a girl swoon, Peter Parker.’ Y/n thinks to herself.

Y/n’s phone vibrates to see a text from Ted Vanderbilt. Y/n completely forgot about him. Ted was awfully sweet and clearly one of the UES’s most eligible bachelor, but it’s way too early to say anything else.

Ted Vanderbilt: Hey Y/n, it’s Ted! I hope you don’t mind I asked for your number from Tina. Listen, I want to ask if you’re free Friday night? We have a lacrosse game and I just thought maybe you and your friends want to watch.

You: Hi Ted! I don’t mind at all. We’ll have to check our schedules but I’ll let you know if we’re free. Thanks for the invite! 

Ted Vanderbilt: No problem! Hope to see you there. x

“Hey! What did I miss?” Peter appears out of nowhere much to your surprise.

“Oh my god!” Y/n panics a little.

“Sorry, it’s an old habit.” Peter laughs and sits beside you, handing you the hot dog you asked for.

“Nothing, I was just texting Tina… So did you pay for this?” Y/n asks eating the food.

“Nope.” Peter replies curtly.

“Wow, look at you going all bad but the blue sweater makes you look like a goody-goody.” Y/n giggles chewing on her food.

“Oh yeah? Would a goody-goody do this?” Peter hands you his food, grabs your arms, wraps them around his neck and before Y/n knows it, the two of you are swinging from one building to another.

“Hold on to our hot dogs.” Peter tells you.

You burst out laughing at the statement Peter just said and the exhilaration you’re feeling from the all the swinging.

“Don’t let me fall, Parker!” Y/n exclaims.

“Relax, I got you.” Peter chuckles.

He drops the two of you in an alley near Y/n’s apartment, both teenagers laughing from the excitement they had just gone through. 

“I gotta say, that was the best thing I’ve ever experienced, and trust me, I’ve bungee-jumped twice. It was so amazing.” Y/n sighs.

“I’m glad I have someone to share this with… Nobody knows apart from You, Happy, Mr. Stark and Ned. I want it to stay that way.” Peter says, wrapping his arm around you, chewing on his food.

“This has been the best date I’ve ever had, Peter. Thank you.” Y/n smiles up at him.

“Same here.” Peter smiles back at you.

The two of you stop outside in front of Y/n apartment building. Y/n looks at the time and sees that it’s already 9:45 PM.

“I have to go…. I have homework.” You tell Peter.

“Yeah… Me too.” Peter replies.

You lean in to give him the sweetest kiss.

“We should do this again sometime.” Y/n says.

“Definitely.” Peter kisses you lightly before you head inside.

The moment the private elevator opens, your smile could not be hidden, the infatuation you have for the Brunette-haired boy from Queens is growing stronger than ever, and this time Liz isn’t present to ruin one perfect thing you want, Peter Parker.

“Had a good night, Miss Y/n?” Helena asks you as she passes by the foyer before heading to the laundry room.

J'ai passé une nuit très incroyable.“ Y/n sighs.

“I have no idea what that means, but I’ll assume it went great.” Helena nods her head.

“I had an amazing night, Helena. Thank you.” Y/n smiles at her before heading upstairs to study.

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Y/n wakes up to the sound of knocks on her window. You turn on your bedside lamp to see Peter hanging by your glass window. Y/n opens the window, feeling the New York City breeze and immediately regrets wearing a spaghetti-strap silk onesie.

“Peter, it’s 1 AM, what are you doing here?” Y/n asks.

“To do this.” Peter leans in to kiss you with every passion he could muster, his hands wrapped around your hair, yours caressing his face.

“Stay with me tonight.” You tell him, caressing his nose with yours ever so slightly.

“Okay.” he replies kissing you lightly once more.

You lead him into your room as the two of you lie down in comfortable silence. The two of you are facing one another, kissing every now and then.

“I missed you.” Peter says, pulling you closer to him.

“Same here, mon amour.” Y/n sighs.

“God I love it when you speak French anyway, good night.” He whispers.

You giggle before replying.

“Bonne nuit.” 


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Failing at Normal: An ADHD Success Story | Jessica McCabe | TEDxBratislava
Jessica McCabe tell us the story of her life. Once a gifted child with bright future, who later lives a life of a constant failures, because one thing - her ...

An amazing video about what it’s like to live with ADHD. Definitely worth watching.

Tenerife Sea - An Analysis Master Post

So to start Tenerife Sea has the same initials as Taylor Swift: TS

Also note that “Taylor Swift” and “Tenerife Sea” are both 11 letters long which I didn’t realize until just today. And he could have chosen any sea right? Caribbean, Mediterranean, all beautiful blue seas! Why not pick one of them right? Well because their initials aren’t TS … These clues are just in the title but now onto the lyrics!

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Watch this, just do it.