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Why the only future worth building includes everyone | Pope Francis

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Of course most Republican politicians are weary of Pope Francis. He preaches about helping the poor and aiding immigrants and how war is bad. You know, like Jesus did. And they detest that. Republicans can bring up Jesus’ name and his teachings in 100 different campaign adverts but they can’t ever follow it. No, not ever. Because they’re rich, sleazy, greedy and corrupt as hell. And, really: Did it take Pope Francis to teach us this, or did we secretly know it all along?

Oh, of course we did. We’re not all fucking idiots.

First large-size (50 feet in diameter) tube and skin structure, erected by the [Buckminster] Fuller Research Foundation, Canadian Division, directed and calculated by Fuller’s former Institute of Design students, Jeffrey Lindsay and Don Richter, aided by Ted Pope, in Montreal, December, 1950.