ted nugebt

A number of aging musicians are pooling their limited talents to support the Republican ticket. The new supergroup, Racist Rockers 4 Romney Ryan, is composed of members of Lynyrd Skynyd, Dave Mustaine, Ted Nugent, Hank Williams, Jr., and Kid Rock.

They have already put together an album’s worth of conservative hits. Tracks include:

It’s the White House, Stupid
Southern Strategy Sweetheart
******ization Nation
(He’s Declared) Jihad on Religion
Hussein Is a Sand****** Name
The Only Colors I See (Are Red, White and Blue)
**** All the ******s
A Bipartisan, Serious Discourse on Fiscal Policy (Lynch the ******s)

Attempts at forming a similar group for artists who support Obama failed when organizers were unable to find a room large enough anywhere in the country.