ted nida

Renner Fan Girl Movie Guide presents The Renner Rewind!: Reviews of early Jeremy Renner works – The Net, ep. 1.21, ‘Chem Lab’ (1999 TV series)

Character: Ted Nida, chemistry whiz from the wrong side of the tracks

Episode quality: 2.5 – I have not seen any another episode of this show, nor have I seen the Sandra Bullock movie on which the series is based, so I can only judge this ep on its own merits. It has a look and feel similar to The X Files, with a lot of talk about the CIA, consipiracy theories, and Bigfoot, plus some domestic terrorism, right-wing militia groups, and computer hacking thrown in – all laced with some inappropriate flirting by Brooke Langton and pretty much all of her male co-stars.

Importance of role/screen time: 2.5 – He’s one of a number of guest stars in this episode, with just a few minutes of screentime, but he does get a big scene at the end.

Performance quality: 3 – Here we get another early glimpse of Renner’s knack for playing complex characters whose jerky exteriors hide vulnerability and pain. The script doesn’t give him a whole lot to work with, though.

Hotness factor:  3 – With blonde frosted hair, a letter man jacket, and a baby face, it would appear that Renner ages backwards, as he looks even younger here than he did in Senior Trip, which was filmed five years earlier.

Total points: 11