ted is the best

bill and ted’s excellent adventure: best friends bill & ted go on a whimsical journey through time befriending a bunch of historical figures in order to pass a history course

bill and ted’s bogus journey: bill and ted get cruelly murdered and accidentally go to hell and befriend the grim reaper by playing board games with him and then they go to heaven to meet these two strange creatures that fuse into one giant monster in a hardware store parking lot and it builds robot replicas of bill & ted in the back of a van and they use them to kill the evil bill & ted robots that were terrorizing their city and then they win a band contest with a band that includes but is not limited to their 15th century english princess girlfriends and Death

Okuyasu & Josuke’s Great Bizarre Adventure!!!

I’ve been meaning to draw Josuke and Oku as Bill & Ted for a while; dunno if anyone’s done it already ??? This will be up on Redbubble in a few moments. (I’m terrible, I have print designs to finish and end up drawing new ones instead OOPS)

Lost And Then Found — Ted E. Bear’s Grand Aquarium Adventure

Late one afternoon, Security Officers Sylvia and Kevin found a lost teddy bear belonging to a visiting school. After locating the owners, they took him on a tour of the Aquarium to pass the time before he could be returned. Here is the tale of Ted E Bear’s Grand Aquarium Adventure.

Don’t worry, don’t panic. This has happened before.

Yep—I’m just here by myself, alone on the floor.
I guess things aren’t fine, since no adieu was truly bid…
Oh my goodness, my gracious, just where is my kid?!

Maybe the teacher brought everyone back to the kelp?
Nope, nobody. OK, uh—yeah, I may need a little help.

Excuse me coral, apologies, I don’t mean to vent
But perhaps you know where exactly my kid went?

I guess I’ll just finish the visit on my own, that’s not so bad.
When you’re happy as a clam there’s no reason to be sad.

*Sniff* No, this really isn’t fun to be alone with the fish!
I want to find my kid! Please, I just have this simple wish!

- Hey little buddy! Aw—are you lost my dear?
- Yes! I can’t find my kid! I’m alone forever I fear!
- What’s your name? We’re Kevin and Sylvia and we care.
- Thank you so much for your help. My name’s Ted E. Bear.

- Not to worry, helping you get unlost is part of our job!
- Really? Oh wow, oh thank you—you’re most—oh *SOB!*

There there Mr. Bear we’ll find your kid, post haste!
Now let’s make sure your visit doesn’t go to waste!

- Check it out, I helped raise this little purple-striped jelly!
- Wow, it’s really beautiful—awesome job there Tommy!
- Want to give it a shot? I’ll bet you’re great at animal care.
- Wow, I don’t think I could—I’m just a little plush bear!

- Nonsense, you got this. Here’s a scraper—it’s all in the wrist!
- How’s that?
- Perfect! Look at you—you’re a budding jelly Aquarist!

- Whoa, what’s this class—I get to feed the fishes?!
- Yep! But to pass, you’ll need to wash the dishes!

- The control room is cool!
- You’re eating it up like a glutton!
- What’s this switch here?

- Want to help us greet our guests—Jasmine needs an intern!
- Oh wow, a job at the Aquarium—it will be so much fun to learn!

Learn… Where do I remember hearing that word… SCHOOL!
My kid! I have to get back! But… working here would be so cool!

Oh me, oh my—I really want to help conserve the great blue sea!
And… being there for my kid is the way for me to fulfill my destiny!

- OK, let’s find my school—what assistance can I show?
- Oh, we already found them.
- Really, when?!
- About 8 hours ago.

- Well, then let’s get this show on the road!
Box me up, make sure I’m safe and stowed!
- Can do Ted E! We wish you the best on your journey!
Thanks for stopping by, say hello to your school family!

Dear Sylvia and Kevin, 
I made it back to class safe and sound.
The teachers were so happy to tell the kids I had been found.
Thanks for teaching me to find my dreams and in my heart carry ‘em.
Much love from your Beary-best friend, Ted- E, to the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

Thanks so much to Ms. Bizon’s class and the Sea Breeze School in Foster City for letting us host Ted E for the day—albeit accidentally! We hope to sea him again soon!


Here’s a TED talk I did back in November at UCL one of the best universities in the world… I’m so greatful and honored to be asked to talk and better that… that there was an audience wanting to participate and listen… as I said towards the end I am the benificary of those who have come before me and passed and I today hope to add to that and help those who will come after me, Tschan. :) X

Murdered By Her Best Friends

The murder of 16-year-old Skylar Neese

On July 6th, 2012 16-year-old Skylar Neese snuck out of her house to drive around & smoke marijuana with her two best friends, Shelia Eddy (middle) & Rachel Shoaf (right). They drove to Morris Run Road in Pennsylvania, a long dirt road surrounded with forestry, a place they had been before to hangout and smoke. When Skylar turned her back the girls counted to three & began stabbing Skylar to death with kitchen knives they had concealed under their clothes. The only thing Skylar said during the attack was “why” over & over again. The girls stood over her body until she was dead, cleaned themselves up with Clorox wipes & fresh clothes they had stored in the trunk, went home & resumed their normal lives.

Skylar was deemed a runaway & the girls played the role of concerned friends who just wanted their best friend back. Shelia begged & pleaded for her to come home on her social media, helped the family post missing flyers, & spent countless hours with Skylar’s parents sitting in Skylar’s room talking & crying. When cops began questioning the girls the Neese’s repeatedly told cops to back off because they were going through enough already.

Above screenshots of Shelia Eddy pretending to be a concerned friend on Facebook. Comments by Skylar’s parents, Dave and Mary Neese.

The heat of the ongoing investigation & whispers around town proved to be too much to handle for Rachel Shoaf, who confessed to the murder in December of 2012. She said “we stabbed her” & when asked why she said “we just didn’t want to be friends anymore.” She cooperated with police & lead them to where Skylar was murdered. She also agreed to wear a wire while hanging out with Shelia in order to get Shelia to say something incriminating, but Shelia held out. Below is a picture of them from that night. 

Shelia Eddy was arrested May 1st, 2013. On January 24, 2014 she plead guilty to first degree murder & was sentenced to life with mercy, eligible for parole after 15 years. On February 26th, 2014 Rachel Shoaf was charged with second degree murder & was sentenced to 30 years, eligible for parole after 10 years. They are both serving their sentences in Lakin Correctional Center.

Shelia Eddy

Rachel Shoaf

Chilling tweet by Shelia Eddy a month before her arrest.

One popular theory suggests Shelia & Rachel were engaged in a sexual relationship & Skylar was the only one who knew about it. There was always drama & fighting amongst them, so to avoid Skylar telling their secret they killed her. However, the true motive remains unknown.

Because of the nature of this crime & the fact that I am the same age as the girls (21 now) I became really invested in it. I watched everything I could about it, read every article, even got in contact with Skylar Neese’s parents who are wonderful people. There are several documentaries about it here & here, as well as her parents’ Dr. Phil episode here. You can purchase the book containing more detailed information here (a must read if you’re interested in this case!)

“Ted, you’ve been in the studio a *long* time... you ok?”

Ted the Animator: “Ffffine! Fine! Never… never better, I’m feelin’ GREAT.”

Carl the Animator: “Sure you are, buddy. How about I take over working on this section while you go take a nap?”

Ted the Animator: “N-no, just lemme finish the scene, I… it’s only been… time… hours… 22! 22 of them, 22 hours. Pocket change.”

Carl the Animator: “Call me crazy, but I think it’s starting to affect you an eensy weensy bit.”

Ted the Animator: “Nawwwwwwwwwwwwwww.”

Carl the Animator: “Like… I’m pretty sure Scooby is meant to have eyes in all of his frames.”

Ted the Animator: “Pssssh! Now that… not that I remember. It’s just pocket change.”

Carl the Animator: “…it also creeps me out, big time.”

Ted the Animator: “He’s your new best friend! Ocular… dog… doggy… Dogcular, he’s called, he’s everybody’s besssst buddy.”

Carl the Animator: “Forget the show’s monsters – things get properly scary when you stay up too late.”

Ted the Animator:Pocket chaaaaange!” 

*Ted slumps over, asleep*

Carl the Animator: “…I’m gonna regret not videotaping this, won’t I.”

you know, the best thing about ted cruz’s speech saying “vote with your conscience” is he doesn’t actually say “don’t vote for trump” like he literally let trump supporters themselves make the leap that voting for trump = not voting with your conscience

it’s exactly the kind of cunning and underhanded move one would expect from a time traveling serial killer

i always dismissed theories about how our menstrual cycles have any significant effect on our moods or thought processes. i always chalked it up to the physical stress that affected my mood. i watched a TED talk about a woman who literally schedules her entire month and productivity based on her cycle and i remember scoffing at it. until i paid attention to the notes i was taking on my period app and the moods i’ve tracked. 

the further away from my cycle, the more frequently i selected moods like “focused, motivated, excited, energetic.” the week before my period was when id start frequenting my mental health apps more. when i started to overthink more. when i started questioning my relationships more. “motivated” turned into “stressed, anxious, confused, lethargic.” not even just physically, cause that’s expected. but my brain gets foggy. my days are a blur. im unsure about all my decisions. it sounds awful but it’s the one time of the month that im fully in touch with my emotions. this is when i have a chance for catharsis. all the emotions i suppressed for the sake of productivity and functionality teem until i have no choice but to finally confront them. they usually manifest in an ugly way (im still trying to get a hold of this) but the end result is me ending this month’s cycle with a clean slate and no emotional baggage. then im back to regular scheduling. 

“...is... is that a concert-lit water-filled cave with guitars growing like stalactites and stalagmites?”

Ted the Animator: “As far as I can gather from the storyboards… yes, apparently.”

Carl the Animator: “This is, like, the best movie ever.”

Ted the Animator: “I guess it’s all part of some log-flume-esque ride, maybe?”

Carl the Animator: “Ooh, yup! There’s the big drop.”

Ted the Animator: “It’s like the log flume at Seabreeze from when I was growing up only theirs didn’t have gigantic, terrifying, decapitated KISS statue heads.”

Carl the Animator: “…thank goodness for that.”

Ted the Animator: “Oh, look, it’s time for more insane wind-blown faces, I guess.”

Carl the Animator: “They sure do love them.”

Ted the Animator: “A surprising amount.”

Carl the Animator: “Maybe a little too much, actually.”

Ted the Animator: “…yeeeeaaaah.”

Carl the Animator: “Well, what happens next?”

Ted the Animator: “Uh… demon-possessed zombie stuffed bunnies.”

Carl the Animator: “…come again?”

Ted the Animator: “I said, demon-possessed zombie stuffed bunnies.”

Carl the Animator: “…”

Ted the Animator: “In full KISS-inspired outfits, complete with makeup and studded leather.”

Carl the Animator: “…demon-possessed zombie stuffed bunnies?”

Ted the Animator: “Yes, Carl. Demon-possessed zombie stuffed bunnies.”

Carl the Animator: “…this is undeniably the best movie ever made.”

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: the writers of how HIMYM completely destroyed a huge arc of their show and character development within 13 minutes of their series finale. they spent an entire season building up to Barney and Robin's wedding yet they got divorced over their "inability" to fix their marriage. and the way they finally got Barney, a person who over the years had some of the best character development in the show to finally settle down is because of his daughter. Was Robin not enough? Why did Ted need to get his stereotypical ending with Robin? Why did Ted need to go after Robin at all? Why couldn't Robin and Barney get their happy ending with each other?

Serial killer Ted Bundy is best known for his slick charm and high level of organization, but few people know that Bundy was also a vicious sadist and necrophiliac.

Officer Dennis Couch interviewed Bundy just a few days before his execution was due to be carried out, and he later spoke about the horrible details the serial killer gave about killing a woman named Georgeann Hawkins. Bundy admitted to ripping out Hawkins’ front teeth with a pair of pliers when she refused to undress for him, and told Couch that he climaxed as he watched Georgeann scream in pain. After Hawkins was dead, he apologized to her body and put her teeth back into her mouth so she wouldn’t ‘lose’ them.

When Couch delicately suggested Bundy felt sorry for Hawkins, the serial killer laughed and told him that he returned to Hawkins’ corpse for weeks afterwards to put makeup on her and sexually assault her body.

In his final report, Couch wrote “he [Bundy] has no remorse. He is beyond rehabilitation”