ted gray


  1. Ted Bundy  
  2. Ed Gein, “The Mad Butcher”  
  3. Henry Lee Lucas, “The Confession Killer”
  4. Herman Webster Mudgett, “H.H Holmes" 
  5. Jeffrey Dahmer, “The Milkaukee cannibal" 
  6. John Wayne Gacy, “Killer Clown" 
  7. Albert Fish, "Gray Man”
  8. Richard Ramirez, “The night stalker" 
  9. Andrei Chikatilo, "Butcher of Rostov”
  10. Edmund Kemper, “The Co-ed Butcher”
  11. David Berkowitz “Son of Sam”
  12. Richard Chase  “The Vampire of Sacramento”

- some serial killers + who they should be portrayed by in biopic. (reedit)

  • ted bundy w/james deen
  • richard ramirez w/bob morley
  • patrick mackay w/jack o’connell
  • richard chase w/matthew gray gubler
  • richard speck w/willy moon

Edward Petherbridge in the ‘The Exorcism’ episode of the BBC’s Dead of Night series, 1972


Grade: B

Stanlry Kubrick first mature film. The DP work is excellent. The plot is real interesting, involving around a heist. The dialogue is a little dated, but you could still use a lot of this film now. 

to kill anyone? anyone at all?
I mean, who needs motif,
who needs a reason to kill.
Just today, Jake, you
opened a 16 year old boy...
who was shot in the
stomach because...
somebody wanted
his fucking Ipod.
What kind of reason is that?
We're animals. It's in
our nature to kill.
Basic, simple.
You should've all
figured that out by now.
And of course, if we were
civilized or socialized,
we'll be seating around
talking about it over a beer,
we don't actually do it.
But could we really
get away with it?

To kill anyone? Anyone at all?

 you'd kill anyone.. Anyone at all..