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Stranger Things Appreciation Month~Day 9: Stranger Things + Food

I hope you’re enjoying your chicken Ted. 

@shesavedus I know why you do it. I’m never gonna stop now.

I’m thinking of having a release event for The Millennial King.

What would be best?

  • A medieval themed fair with an emphasis on cosplay
  • A book critic gathering and signing for fans
  • A drunken orgy with an Opeth cover band
  • A TED Talk type event about the book’s themes
  • A triple feature of Princess Bride, Holy Grail, and Shrek
  • A public reading by myself or a celebrity like Ewan McGregor
  • A convention of some sort, Ooh- maybe some kind of ball pit!

the yellow umbrella; listen
“And that, kids, is how I met your mother.”
A mix for becoming the person worthy of your soulmate, for struggling and growing so when you finally meet the one, you realize that this is who you’ve been working towards the entire time.
(Also has a lot of songs featured in himym eps because they fit really well so yeah)

i. la vie en rose (from how i met your mother) - cristin milioti (give your heart and soul to me / and life will always be / la vie en rose)
ii. think of me - rosi golan (when you’re thinking that you’re just plain crazy / because you’re on your own / think of me)
iii. the next time around - little joy (if nothing ventured, nothing learned … in time, i’ll belong to you / it’s how it’s meant to be)
iv. haven’t met you yet - michael bublé (i might have to wait, i’ll never give up / i guess it’s half timing and the other half’s luck / wherever you are, whenever it’s right / you’ll come out of nowhere and into my life)
v. silver lining - rilo kiley (i was your silver lining / but now i’m gold)
vi. it’s hard to get around the wind - alex turner (and even though you know the way it’s gonna blow / it’s hard to get around the wind)
vii. find love - prince of spain (when it tells you to do / what your heart says to do / don’t be shy … i will do what i have to / to find love / to find you)
viii. simple as this - jake bugg (i’ve been falling, crashing, breaking … oh and the answer well who would have guessed / could be something as simple as this)
ix. sing - she & him (open your arms and sing / the world’s been waiting, they’ve been waiting for years … find a quiet peace and have a good laugh / i’m glad to see you / yes, i’m glad to see you)
x. when we first met - hellogoodbye (and this thought, made it clearer / i ought to be near her / all i see is where our days repeat / and our love goes on)
xi. simple song - the shins (remember walking a mile to your house, a glow in the dark / i made a fumblin’ play for your heart and the act struck a spark)
xii. stay young, go dancing - death cab for cutie (‘cause when she sings i hear a symphony / and i’m swallowed in sound as it echoes through me … we’ll stay young, go dancing)
xiii. heaven - the walkmen (our children will always hear / romantic tales of distant years)
— FIN. Farewell HIMYM.

anonymous asked:

Hi there! Wow I see you found more pix of Ted from the event yesterday, he's lookin' good! ;^) The pic of the house looks lovely as well! The caption says it's Teds new home but is that Mike Lee's home? I only ask cause Mike Lee was in the pic and i think those are his son's and DIL. The pix of Ted and Heidi are nice too!. Wow, were do you get all of these awesome pix of Ted, I never see these on Google? Anyway I appreciate seeing these different pix! Have a nice evening! :^)

Haha, I shared those photos from my friend @em-coop. She is an expert at finding Cruz family pics!! He looks very handsome in these, I had to share! He’s got my heart, and got me all hot and bothered 😍


Okay, so my Honors seminar this semester is all about TED talks and creating one speech about what you’re passionate about.

Obviously, for me, that’s being autistic. So, what I *want* to do this talk on, instead of explaining basic concepts like neurodiversity or identity language, is something I like to call the ‘False Dichotomy of Autism’.

Basically, there’s more than just a low/high functioning divide in our community. There’s a divide between the 'autism community’, which is full of those lovely Autism Moms and all the cure rhetoric and pity/inspiration porn and the exclusion of autistic people and their experience…and the 'autistic community’, which is all of us self-aware neurodiversity-minded autistics who get berated by the former on a regular basis.

What I want to do with this talk is illustrate the arguments these communities often have, and talk about how both sides should be embracing neurodiversity and stuff. I’m using examples from my own life, as TED speakers are encouraged to do, but I also want others’ experiences to back me up.

This is where you come in: I need suggestions, ideas, comments, quotes, and experiences from people who have gone through these arguments with the 'autism community’. You may send me anons and asks (which I will answer privately), use the messaging feature, or email me at aliceroyal465@gmail.com with whatever you’d like to send in regards to this prompt.

The talk will be given in my class and for one community partner in April. It will not be given at an actual TED or TEDx event since we don’t have one in my city. I will keep whatever commentary I use in the talk anonymous.

So, send me stuff! I’m going to tag a few friends below, if you’d like to reblog so this can be seen by more people that’d be awesome.

@neurowonderful @autisticliving @autisticrey @autisticwomen @boycottautismspeaks @neurodiversitysci

Where to take the signs on dates

Aries: Skateboarding park/ snowboarding/ skiing/ hike/ bike rides together
Taurus: Dinner at a high-end restaurant and a moonlight walk
Gemini: Learn how to do something together (cooking class, cocktail making, painting class, swing dancing etc)
Cancer: Get a couples massage + swim afterwards
Leo: Bowling, poker, billiards, karaoke and pub quiz/trivia
Virgo: Go to a festival- music, food or just a street festival
Libra: To art exhibitions, auctions or as a date to a wedding/reception
Scorpio: Theme park or volunteer somewhere together (pet adoption centre?)
Sagittarius: Outdoor movie that you can watch in your car/on a blanket + talk through or go for an unplanned drive and see where the road takes you
Capricorn: Go to the zoo or see a comedian/ visit an amateur comedy night
Aquarius: Go to a slam poetry event or Ted talk, check out an antiques market
Pisces: Meet for coffee and adventure through the city like you’re tourists


Why does Sebastian Vettel love to swear?  

I am laughing so hard at the fact that there is a Supernatural con in the same hotel where a religious event with Ted Cruz and Ben Carson are speaking this weekend. Man I wish I was there to see the beautiful reactions to cosplays of Lucifer, demons, angels, bloody Abaddons and Lilliths, and tons of Destiel and Wincest same sex couples. Please, NashCon attendees, share your stories of this gloriously serendipitous scheduling match up.