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Random Mumford and Sons Fact #92835: The Gentlemen of the Road documentary series was released in December 2010 as part of the Sigh No More Deluxe Edition. If you listen closely you can hear various pieces from the future album Babel (2012) both lyrically and instrumentally. Plus, if you haven’t watched this or rewatched it in a while, you are sorely missing out!

Catch Whispers in the Dark in part 1 at 2:06, To Darkness, which would later become Broken Crown in part 2 at 2:17, Below My Feet in part 4 at :30, and Holland Road in part 5 at 4:29. Plus a ton more. See if you can spot them all here

PS: If you have been a long time fan and are overemotional (hi! me!) prepare for the feels and get some tissues