ted cowell

Night of Days 

This is no way to be
Man ought to be free
That man should be me
Talk to the walls
Echoes down the halls
Dream of dreams
An allusion freedom seems
Write thoughts on paper by reams

Toilet flushes
Water gushes
Makes such a noise
Lack of privacy annoys
Nightime [sic] sounds
Jailer makes rounds
No freedom abounds
Prisoners are clowns

So the night slowly passes
No wine of wine glasses
No girls to make passes
Just us caged asses
Cards are alright
I play them all night

Sleep comes on slowly
Read the words of the wholly
The scriptures bring peace
They talk of release
They bring you to god
I’m here that seems odd
But His gift is so clear
I find that He’s near
Mercy and redemption
Without an exception
He puts me at ease
Jailer, do what you please
No harm can befall me
When the Savior does call me

I look back on this day
And what can I say
More of my life wasted
No freedom I’ve tasted
7:30 it’s chow time
At that hour who feels fine
Milk, mush, and toast
Not much of to boast

Sweep the floors
Talk of whores
Hear the thunder of prison doors
Do your chores
Listen to bores
How guys made scores
Or escaped distant shores

I wrote a letter
That made me feel better
Words to the outside
That’s how I keep my pride
I write words of hope
It’s really no soap
I mean what I say
Where there’s hope there’s a way
I’ll be free someday

I sleep quite a lot
Escape though it’s not
In sleep I don’t care
I forget the night mare
The bars and the screams
Are not in my dreams
I don’t smoke cigarettes
Or have sad regrets
This sleep liberation
Is tranquil salvation

- A poem by Ted Bundy sent to his friend and true crime writer Ann Rule.


Before he killed anyone, serial killer Ted Bundy would go on “dry-runs” to test his skills in serial murder. He would pick up a woman, terrorise her, but release her unharmed just to see if he was capable enough. In later interviews, he compared killing to learning how to be a better mechanic or chef. He told interviewers that he thought he had a Ph.D. in serial killing and that he took time to select the perfect victim- both physically and mentally. When asked about how he selected a victim, he stated that: “I have known people who…radiate vulnerability. Their facial expressions say ‘I am afraid of you.’ These people invite abuse… By expecting to be hurt, do they subtly encourage it?”.

Detective Don Parchen: Is the little girl dead?(Kimberly Leach)

Ted Bundy: Well, you gentleman knew that you were getting involved with a pretty strange creature, and you have known that for a few days.

Detective Don Parchen: We need your help in finding Kim’s body so that her parents can at least bury her and go on with their lives.

Ted Bundy: But I’m the most cold-hearted son of a bitch you’ll ever meet.

While Ted Bundy was dating Elizabeth Kloepfer, he got in touch with one of his ex girlfriends behind her back.The same girl had rejected him years before after he was deeply in love with her and, according to many psychologists, this rejection is one of the reasons Bundy harboured so much hatred toward women. All his victims resembled her, having long brunette hair parted down the middle. One day, she phoned Bundy and asked him why he had been ignoring her for so long. He replied with “I’m sorry Stephanie, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” and the two of them never spoke again. The killer later admitted that he had only got back in touch with Stephanie Brooks to show her how rejection felt. This type of extreme social manipulation was an early warning sign that Bundy had no empathy and was a true sociopath.


The earliest evidence of Ted’s behavior outside the family comes from his first grade teacher, Mrs. Oyster. According to [his mother] Louise, Teddy was very fond of Mrs. Oyster. On his report card, the teacher wrote Louise that Teddy grasped the numbers one through twenty, knew the meaning of one hundred, was at ease before the class and expressed himself well. Ted told us he was “unsettled” when Mrs. Oyster left to have a baby and was replaced by a substitute teacher. 

However much this affected him, he was definitely upset by his second-grade teacher, who he described as a doctrinaire Catholic named Miss Geri. “She was about 5 feet tall”, Ted recalled, “with the shape and menacing attitude of a cannon ball about ready to explode.” 

Teddy Bundy, a Protestant, felt Miss Geri discriminated against him; and he vividly recollected the day she broke a ruler over his knuckles for having socked a classmate in the nose during a playground scuffle.

– The Only Living Witness

Serial killer Ted Bundy was always aware that there was something wrong with him. Once, before flying to Seattle, he phoned his girlfriend for support. He was crying down the telephone and having trouble speaking. When he finally pulled himself together, he said: “I just can’t seem to connect with people. Sure I can hold doors open and smile and be charming, but when it comes to basic relationships I just don’t have it. There’s something wrong with me.”

“You’re like a fisherman who fishes for years and catches a small fish… Sometimes a medium fish. You get lucky and get a big fish. But you know there’s a real big fish under there that always gets away. You and your group are going to get a lot of serial killers and they’re going to help you. But with the real good ones, the only way you’re going to know what goes on under the water is to go under the water. The fisherman drowns going underwater. But I can take you there without drowning. If I trust you. And if I decide.”  - Ted Bundy to FBI Agent Bill Hagmaier.

On January 24, 1989, the day of Ted Bundy’s execution, thousands gathered outside the prison singing and dancing as they awaited his final moments. A local radio station played the sound of frying bacon and a parody of “On Top of Old Smokey” that went like this:

“On top of Old Sparkey
All loaded with juice,
Good-bye to old Bundy
No more on the loose.”

Serial killer Ted Bundy was born into a Methodist Christian family but regularly changed religions in order to manipulate those around him. His long-time girlfriend, Liz Kloepfer, came from a Mormon family, so he converted to her religion because he thought her parents would accept him more. Bundy remained a baptized Mormon on the official register until 2009, when it was agreed that his name should be taken off because of his brutal crimes. Mormonism wasn’t the only religion he decided to join; In prison, he would read a lot about many Eastern religions, and decided that he would start practicing Hinduism because it made him seem more peaceful to the public. This far-fetched act of manipulation didn’t get him far, as he was eventually executed in 1989.

After being pulled over for a stop and search by police, officers realised that the car Ted Bundy was driving was unlicensed, so they arrested him. Having just escaped from jail, Bundy panicked, kicked at the officers and managed to run away. An officer, David Lee, fired two warning shots, gave chase, and tackled Bundy to the ground. The two struggled over Lee’s gun before the officer finally subdued and arrested him. After searching the vehicle that Bundy had stolen, three sets of IDs belonging to female FSU students, 21 stolen credit cards, and a stolen television set were found. Also found were a pair of dark-rimmed non-prescription glasses and a pair of plaid trousers, which were later identified by Bundy as a disguise he used while hiding in Jacksonville. As Officer Lee transported the killer back to jail, unaware that it was one of the FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives he had just arrested, he heard Bundy crying in the backseat. Through tears, he told the officer: “I wish you had killed me.”

“He lived his life in a compulsive manner that was well ordered and exact. Events and actions as well as conversations were planned and rehearsed many times before they took place. It was very important for him to never be caught off his guard. Life was like a chess game to him. He was always mentally two moves ahead of his opponent, so no matter what move was made he always had several suitable countering actions that could assure him success.. I feel Mr. Bundy has not allowed me to get to know him and I believe there are many significant things about him that remain hidden.”

- Dr. Al. Carlisle on Ted Bundy


When assessing the life of Ted Bundy, it’s evident that several factors led to him ultimately acting out his violent fantasies:

  • Bundy always had feelings of intense jealousy toward his classmates. Although his family were reasonably wealthy, he still felt the need to compete. When he eventually found out that he was born illegitimately, this only knocked his self-confidence further.
  • His first girlfriend, whom he was obsessed with, then left him because she was sick of his lack of motivation and ambition. Coincidentally, she shared the same appearance with many of his victims.
  • According to Bundy, he was introduced to pornography at a very early 
    age. Much before he discovered porno magazines, he found a stash of bondage pornography in his grandfather’s greenhouse when he was 8 years old.
  • He then became addicted to hardcore, violent pornography.
  • Once he became addicted, he had to find more violent, more graphic pornography. In his last interview, he compared himself to a drug addict.
  • His addiction grew as the years went on and at some point, it wasn’t enough. He now needed to act out his fantasies. Before killing anyone, he became a ‘peeping Tom’- He would watch women get undressed whilst masturbating.
  • He then began murdering women across the States. Although there’s evidence to suggest he was born with an Antisocial Personality Disorder, many criminologists believe that if his circumstances had been different, he would never have killed.