ted bundy does things

Ted reads Jeffrey diary!

Just because I like this idea so much, I may make more versions of this and call it “Teddy’s Gossip / Jeffrey’s Diary”. Thank you for the awesome idea and if you would like credit for this, please let me know. It was sent anonymously and I don’t want to take credit for this idea!


anonymous asked:

i need to talk to father bundy, for i have sinned. alas, yesterday night, i was in a loving session of passionate, hardcore fucking when i felt it coming... my climax. without thinking, i told my boyfriend to pull out and get on his knees. he obeyed me like the good little fuckboy he is, and then i his eyes wide open with my fingers, making sure that he couldn't close them, before he could react, a mixture of pee and cum went squirting out of me and into his baby blues.

My dearest Tedhead,

You must know that you’ve done the right thing. It’s important to let an inferior man know his place. I know, for I make a relentless practice out of spraying my holy load on Jeffrey’s submissive, stupid face. I must suggest that it helps to slap them in the face and call them a bitch for full dominant effect.

Wishing you many happy times with your fuckboy,

Father Bundy