tecmo koei

Geez, if there’s one thing I have no restraint for, it’s detail. XD
After spending almost a week and a half, here’s the Dark Sorceress Cia! ;U; heart emoticon
I hope you all like it! I put a lot of work into those detailsssss ;x;

Other Hyrule Warriors!

Link | Zelda | Impa | Hilda | Lana | Lady Ganondorf | Midna | Cia


Attack on titan-Escape from certain Death 3DS Game PV 2!

Featuring new images, dialogue and music!

(no, this is not a Season 2 PV)


Not sure if I ever shared my Fatal Frame collection on here. And if I already did my bad! 

In the pic
All Fatal Frame games in English and Japanese
Spirit Camera in English and Japanese
Fatal Frame movie (it was meh)
North American 3DS XL and a Japanese New 3DS XL