ALL NEW IQB!  “THE PATH OF THE MASTER NINJA” - Based off John Buscema’s cover for Wolverine #1 (1988).   Artwork and concept by your pal Rusty Shackles. 

Please check out all of the existing IQB’s via the main site here, this image and ALL of the IQBs shown are available as prints here (just email me if you don’t see the one you want). New issue soonish I hope.  Thanks for playing, true believers!

NES Box Art: Ninja Gaiden

  • Ninja Action! - The stage is set for conspiracy, mystery and evil in America. Come with Ninja Ryu as he takes you on his fateful journey.
  • Tecmo’s unique cinema display system develops the story stage by stage. - You piece together the puzzle, while watching the movie-like graphics.
  • Decide what action to take! - Use the secret sword and items collected during the action scenes to fight your way to the goal!

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