Hey @sixpenceee! A while ago, I made you a post about an all-white temple with pretty scary design from Thailand. Well, it seems like my home country has a thing for creepy temple, because they also built an all-black temple. Actually, it’s more of a museum, also known as the “baandam museum” or “Black House Museum”. I’m not a 100% sure, but I think this is it’s story: once an illegal wood black market was caught. The wood they sold was Teck or some very expensive wood. The governement didn’t know what to do with the wood and the citizens didn’t want the governement to sell the wood and use money for corruption, so an artist asked for the wood in exchange, he’d build something for the population. The result in shown in the images and look quite satanic. The huge skeleton you see on one of the picture is from an elephant. All skins and skulls and bones are real. Hope you enjoy! 

(all pictures by my brother and I).


A very rare, if not the only, recording of Queen Mary’s voice. The recording is a bit scratchy and unclear, but what a treasue!!! I have heard and read that Queen Mary had a strong German accent, but to my untrained ears she has a pretty much average upper class english accent.


The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara

The tiara was given to Queen Mary (of Teck) as a wedding gift when she and the future King George V married in 1893.

After some alterations by Queen Mary, the tiara (without it’s base) was then given to Elizabeth as a wedding gift. She has worn it frequently and is known to refer to it as “Granny’s tiara.” It wasn’t until the 1950s that Elizabeth II realized that the tiara had a separate base, and since then, the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara has been worn as one piece.