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Sorry if you answered this before, but what tiara do you think the future wife of harry might wear?

The only real options besides and new tiara and something from the Queens personal collection are the Strathmore Rose (although its said to be in pretty rough shape so who knows if its even wearable),

The Teck Cresent (this is my top choice, its versatile and hasnt been seen in a long time) and Charles apparently inherited it after the Queen Mother died

Queen Mary’s sapphire bandeau is another option 

As is this bandeau (although I’m not 100% that its an option but I dont think it belongs to Margarets family and it wasnt sold, so that probably means that its still in the royal family)

The Lotus is an option

The Queen Mothers double meander might be an option, but Anne wore it recently during the state visit from Mexico so it might be in her possession, but if not (sans the feather of course)…

Now this one is more of a stretch, but Princess Andrews (Philips mothers) tiara is available. The middle version was worn once by Sophie and hasnt been seen since

Georgie Facts

1. He was born in 1865 at Marlborough House in London

2. He was the second son and the only son to make it into his thirties.

3. He was not destined to be King instead his elder brother Prince Albert Victor Duke of Clarence more commonly known as Prince Eddy had that destiny until he succumbed to influenza in 1892, when Eddy died George not only inherited his destiny but also Eddy’s fiance Princess Mary of Teck.

4. His favourite pastimes including stamp collecting, he had one the finest collection of stamps in the world and shooting in his day he was considered one of the finest shots in the country.

5. Despite movie portrayals George was a slim man of about 5′7 with big blue eyes and a trademark beard, he had a clear ringing voice as opposed to what we often hear fictional depictions.  His wife Mary noted in her diary about his deep red lips which she found to be very attractive.

6. George was the emperor of the largest empire that this world has ever seen.

7. George had six children,  Edward known as David to the family born in 1894, Albert known as Bertie and eventually George VI in 1895, Mary in 1897, Henry known as Harry in 1900, George in 1902 and finally John in 1905. 

8. Despite rumors, George loved his wife very much and unlike his father he never took a mistress notably saying that he was not interested in any other woman other than his wife.

9. George was extremely close to his granddaughters Elizabeth II who he referred to as Lilibet, who he was completely smitten with and Margret Rose.

SINGAPOUR MON AMOUR: Politics and Poetics of Space(s)

17 June -12 July
19 June Opening
Point Éphémère

The exhibition Politics and Poetics of Space(s) presents a selection of works by eight contemporary artists, who dedicate their artistic research to exploring social and urban developments in Singapore. Through subtle observations, conceptual or speculative approaches, they focus on unseen, neglected or imaginative spaces, as well as everyday life in the periphery. Distanced from the highly mediatised image of the modern metropolis, they unveil the vision of a quiet city that functions at a slower pace, which gives the viewer room for critical reflexion. The inherent poetry of the chosen images resonates with a sound installation that complete the selection.

The exhibition is curated by Silke Schmickl (Lowave) in collaboration with Catherine David.

ALBUM REVIEW: Choc Boi Nation – “The Indestructible”

ALBUM REVIEW: Choc Boi Nation – “The Indestructible”

Artists – Choc Boi Nation
Album – The Indestructible
Features – MI Abaga, Jesse Jagz, Ice Prince, Victoria Kimani, Nosa, Dice Ailes, DJ Caise, DJ Lambo, Ruby Gyang, Loose Kaynon, Milli, Koker, Moti Cakes, Debbie Romeo
Producers – Reinhard, L37, Jesse Jagz, Tunday, Teck-Zilla, Nosa, DJ Caise, Ckay, TMXO
Label – Chocolate City Group
Running Time – 1 hour (approx.)

The drama that has played out at…

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Fun royal story

The great British Cunard ocean liner Queen Mary was originally to be called Queen Victoria. The head of the Cunard company explained to King George V (1865 – 1936) that he wanted to name the ship after “the greatest of all English queens.” Upon hearing this explanation the king replied, “Oh, my wife will be pleased.” As a result, the great ship was christened after Mary of Teck.


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