To those of you wanting to force upgrade your phone (to play GO) and asking me how to do so


“but then why did you do it??? are you really good at tech stuff? can you just guide me through the process???”

no. my father has been working in IT since WELL BEFORE I WAS BORN! I myself did not force upgrade my phone. An amateur techy should NOT go about trying to root and flash a phone without extensive research on the subject as well as some programming knowledge if you want to be extra safe.

If you go through with doing so, you risk harming or “bricking” your phone, making it useless. In fact, after finishing with my own phone there were some bugs that my dad had to fix that most people would have trouble fixing. It may even come across as if you messed up your phone if you don’t know what’s happening. So even if you do root and flash without issues, you will likely come across other issues after that you may not be able to fix with little to no knowledge on the subject.

In short, don’t try and force upgrade unless you are able to pay for a new phone. And if that’s the case, don’t even bother going through all that in the first place (it takes hours, even days for people who dont know what they’re doing) and just buy a phone that’s compatible with GO
I came out to my parents and they cut me off

Please help

My parents are VERY unsupportive of me being anything but a heterosexual black Christian. I came out to my parents after not being able to lie to them anymore about who I am.

They cut me off.

I have been pursing my dream of being a professional theatre technician. I will be a junior this upcoming school year. I took time off from school once before and that turned into 2 and a half years. I’ve worked hard to get as close to graduating on time as I can. I am so close to being finished.

I need financial help to get back to school. Not only do I need to finish, but I need to be in an environment that is emotionally supportive of who I am. That environment is at my college.

I have exhausted my financial resources from the school. I have been denied countless times from multiple banks because no one in my family will cosign a student loan. And I’m not eligible for anymore federal aid.

I have no where else to turn this close to school starting again.

$9000 will get me back in a safe environment and I will be able to finish pursuing my technical theatre degree.

If anyone could help me out I’d be forever grateful. Thank you.

- Jessica Joyce


Chibi commission for the sweet @ahri-thefoxylady!

You asked for PF and Talon being their good old selves so here’s PF trying to show Talon how Pokemon Go works! I guess it was kind of inspired off the fact that grouch has been playing a lot of it (I can’t) and these two came to mind when we were out hunting, haha
I really hope it’s to your liking ; v ;

Here’s a bonus! Because it’s not PF and Talon if something doesn’t go wrong~

Please don’t use/edit/repost this art as it is for the use of the commissioner only!