we are AVID about our new offices. After weeks of planning, and days of packing boxes, hooking up networking cable, building IKEA furniture, and picking colors schemes, we are finally all moved in to our shared office space with VeracityColab.

This has been a long journey and a blessing to be where we are now. I get to work alongside a young, motivated, tech savvy team in a high tech environment- it’s like a dream come true. In my excitement to be here I’ve been working on some social media campaigns to organically grow Veracity’s presence in the tech world. Watching out for some tweets, they may be coming your way. Follow me on twitter at @mmcverry and check out the Veracity Colab Cultivate Blog for an insight into our culture.

Shared Office Space

For many early-stage companies, shared office space such as TechSpace, is the perfect solution to the real estate conundrum. High energy, potential collaboration and flexible lease terms are some of the pros of this option. However, as companies mature they risk a loss of identity should they choose to continue growing in a shared office. Furthermore, the rent-per-employee tends to be astronomic compared to a traditional office lease. Other key problems include retention as employees may cozy up to another company in the shared space and privacy as under-the-radar projects may be subject to unwelcome scrutiny. 

At what point does a company start to consider the need for their own space?

How do others hear your story? Office at TechSpace to Kickstart Your Startup.

How do others hear your story? Office at TechSpace to Kickstart Your Startup.

Storytelling is one of the most important skills you can have as a founder.  You tell stories to investors, customers, potential new hires, the press and partners.  The key to telling a good story, and what I find most often lacking, is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

We aligned ourselves recently with TechSpace securing offices in their Union Squarecampus located in the…

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Airbnb headquarters

Pictured above is a mash-up of the different spaces in Airbnb’s headquarters. Many of the spaces found in the headquarters are replicas of actual spaces for rent on their website. There are replicas of spaces from Hong Kong, Berlin, New York, etc. I would say this office space is a truly takes influences from around the world!

Office space cool #2

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Barcamp Gold Coast this Sunday

Just a quick reminder that Barcamp Gold Coast is on again this weekend. A few people couldn’t make Saturday so we are trialling running it on a Sunday this time. The day will take place at the Gold Coast TechSpace again which is at 3b/51 Johnston St, Southport just behind the Johnston St Cafe (map here: To RSVP please go here: Our sponsors are again:

Half of the space will be set aside for short presentations as usual and the other half will be show-and-tell. We have a number of TechSpace projects and technology that we can show people, but feel free to bring along any other appropriate things to show off. Some projects we have are:
  • 3D Printers. Reprap (our printer is now working pretty well) and the new Printrbot. We might also even have the Ultimaker here.
  • Various Arduino electronics projects. Door openers, DMD displays, RFID.
  • Raspberry PI - the $25 PC. We have a couple of these - one will be a setup as Media centre the other a general purpose PC
  • One Laptop Per Child - I might do a demo of how to do basic repairs or just have a general mess around with them
  • Lego Mindstorms. We have a Rubik’s cube solver and ball sorter that the kids built a few weeks ago at our workshop. Feel free to play… probably won’t have space to build anything on the day though.
Everyone welcome, whatever your skill level. Please try and present something if you can…. your talk can be anything from a 1 minute lightning talk up to a 20 minute presentation. If you don’t want to talk, then please be an active participant by asking questions or just help us out with the logistics on the day. This is a grassroots, participant-led event and not your traditional conference.