==> Be the annoying chill hippie troll

Your name is LAZULI VIREOS and you are 8 SWEEPS OLD and it is NOT YOUR WRIGGLING DAY. You are a CYAN BLOOD which makes you BARELY A HIGHBLOOD. When you talk to a troll online, you DON’T BRING UP BLOOD COLORS where as if you were out in public with a troll you RESPECT THE CASTE SYSTEM because you ENJOY LIVING and WISH NOT TO BE CULLED IF YOU DON’T RESPECT THE CASTE SYSTEM. Your symbol is that of WAVELENGTH but it reminds you more of a GOBBLEBEASTS’ WISH BONE even though that’s worse than WAVELENGTH. You wield a not so deadly TUNING FORK as a weapon but you mostly just like to sit there and LISTEN TO IT REVERBERATE. Your fetch modus is (have no fucking clue). But enough of that and onto your VARIOUS INTERESTS.

You play a VARIETY OF MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS though you prefer to play your SITAR or your HARP most times but you’re trying to learn the VIOLIN and the UKELELE. STRINGED INSTRUMENTS are what YOU PREFER over ones such as WIND, PERCUSSION OR ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTS. You listen to EVERY TYPE OF MUSIC but mostly the CHILLEST and CALMEST MUSIC. You listen to them as you MEDITATE TWICE DAILY which you have been doing since you discovered this ART OF RELAXATION at 5 SWEEPS through a RANDOM DIARY YOUR LUSUS FOUND though it isn’t one that belonged to your ancestor since IT DIDN’T HAVE YOUR SYMBOL. This DAILY MEDITATION probably makes you one of THE CALMEST TROLLS IN ALL OF ALTERNIA and one of few that finds INNER PEACE. But most other trolls find it REALLY STUPID and REALLY CREEPY so you don’t have that many trolls to talk to. Which leaves you BASICALLY QUADRANT-LESS except for A MOIRAIL. But even he finds you MILDLY DISTURBING. That may change when you FINALLY MATURE and become a (have no idea) which is PRETTY CHILL to you.

You didn’t know how to use a NEW TROLLING SYSTEM which is how you met your moirail even if he was REALLY UNCHILL at the time. You’re down to HANG OR TALK TO ANY TROLL that’s willing to put up with your ANNOYINGLY CHILL ATTITUDE. Your trolltag is quiescentAria and you speak in the chillest manner ever ut is a little lazy too~