Avengers Scenarios: When you’re sick

Dinner and a movie ( groupchat )

Imagine Christmas with the Avengers

Imagine the 4th of July with the Avengers

Imagine being team ironman

Imagine being team Captain America

Imagine movie nights with the Avengers

The hunt to find the boyfriend ( Groupchat )

Imagine The Avengers catching you dancing to Beyonce


Imagine sleepovers with the girls of X-Men


Peter Parker: awkward. ( wade the shipper )  ( Pokemon soulmates ) ( the wrong questions TBP ) ( late night confessions TBP )

Avengers group chats: ( Dinner and a movie )( The hunt to find the boyfriend

more to be added soon!

Avengers camping trip: ( Bus ride from hell ) ( Scare night TBP! )

Steve Rogers:

Steve and the ukulele

Imagine Being Steve’s best friend ( and the other one )

imagine Steve daydreaming and you having to get him out of it

Imagine your first date with Steve

Imagine Steve when he realizes he loves you

imagine Steve calling you Doll on accident 

Imagine teaching Steve about new tech

Peter Parker:

Imagine playing Bop-It with Peter

Imagine everyone shipping you and Peter

Imagine having to hide being a superhero from peter

Imagine people always thinking you and Peter are a couple

Wade the Shipper

Imagine study dates with Peter

Imagine Peter overhearing you love him

Pokemon Soulmates

4am Confessions

Imagine Peter being flustered the first time he meets you

Texting Peter Parker (Picture Post)

Imagine messing with Peter Parker

Rejection Is A Bitch

Imagine having to take care of drunken Peter Parker

Scott Summers:

Imagine Scott Summers realizing he loves you

Alex Summers:

Mr. Summers

Scott Lang:

The one with Cassie

Imagine getting a house with Scott

Imagine Scott breaking into your house, and catching him

Imagine catching Scott singing a stupid love song

Dating Scott Lang would include

The Ant-Man crew:

Dating Kurt would include

Dating Luis would include

Dating Dave would include

Being in scott lang’s crew would include

Imagine taking a bullet for Kurt

More than a woman ( Kurt x Fem!reader )

Pretend boyfriend (Kurt)

Flower crowns (Kurt)

Slight NSFW version of Flower Crowns

James Rhodes:

I’ll take care of you

Thor Odinson:

Imagine introducing Thor to your family

Imagine Thor taking you to asgard

Tony Stark:

Imagine Tony teaching your child cuss words

sorry ( angst fanfiction )

Clint Barton:

Imagine Clint after your breakup

Kurt Wagner:

Dating kurt Wagner would include

Imagine buying Kurt little nick-nacks

James Rhodes:

Dating Rhodey would include

Jean Grey:

Imagine being best friends with Jean Grey

Imagine karaoke Battles with Jean Grey

Bruce Banner:

Imagine bruce being worried about you

Natasha Romanoff:

Imagine being best friends with Nat, but having a crush on her

Imagine your first date with natasha

Going on missions with Natasha would include

Imagine talking about your future with Natasha

Wanda Maximoff:

The i love you’s

imagine Wanda admitting she likes you while playing truth or dare

Being best friends with Wanda would include

Both of you

Pietro Maximoff:

Imagine comforting Pietro when he has nightmares

Imagine running with Pietro

Imagine Pietro calling you printesa

Peter Maximoff:

Being best friends with Peter Maximoff would include

There’s a first time for everything


Imagine going to a ball with T’challa

Imagine T’challa comforting you during a thunderstorm 

Imagine comfy nights with T’challa

Bucky Barnes:

Behind these hazel eyes

Imagine fighting over the remote with bucky

Sam Wilson:

Imagine surprising sam with a pet

Being best friends with Sam Wilson would include

Bed Sharing


Imagine cooking with Vision.

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