Daft Hands - Technologic


buy it, use it, break it, fix it, trash it, change it, mail - upgrade it, charge it, point it, zoom it, press it, snap it, work it, quick - erase it, write it, cut it, paste it, save it, load it, check it, quick - rewrite it, plug it, play it, burn it, rip it, drag and drop it, zip - unzip it, lock it, fill it, call it, find it, view it, code it, jam - unlock it, surf it, scroll it, pause it, click it, cross it, crack it, switch - update it, name it, rate it, tune it, print it


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Relationship status: IT’S JUST ME, MYSELF AND I! SOLO RIDE UNTIL I DIE (OK, not until I die. I’m just not looking for a relationship atm).

Colors: Green and blue. 

Pets: A dog, she’s a beautiful swissy!

Chapstick or Lipstick: Neither of them.

Last song I listened to: Light of the Seven- Ramin Djawadi

Favorite TV show: Game of Thrones and How I met Your Mother.

First fandom: Harry Potter.

Hobbies: Writing (didn’t see that one coming, did ya?), reading, watching YouTube, watching Netflix and HBOgo, drawing and jogging. 

Current WIP: The Heirs of a Sphinx, part two in The Creatures series. 

WIP’s genre: Science-Fantasy, High fantasy-ish. The setting is complicated. It takes place on earth, but really far into the future.  So far the continents aren’t even recognisable and the techology is totally different from ours (less advanced even). 

Target audience: YA and NA

Favorite character: Rafael Oro, he’s the protagonist.

Describe one of your favorite scenes: Jesus. I HAVE TO CHOOSE?

The ones popping into my head are both plot twists, sooooo. I guess I’ll have to trust everyone reading this has forgotten it by the time they read the book. 

Number 1: The scene in which Rafael is reunited with his girlfriend Yara, whom he presumed to be dead (it’s complicated). 

Number 2: I don’t know why this popped into my brain immediately, because the scene is kind of devastating for Rafael. So, at the end of the book, Rafael is publicly humiliated (His own grandfather gave the order! (I know, they’re a fucked up family (not to mention the same grandfather sends an assasin after Rafael when he goes on a journey))). What happens: he’s stripped naked in front of a crowd, pushed in a pile of dragon shit, dragged out of it and hung to a pillory (alive) for everyone to see. Naked and covered in dragon shit, a day long. My poor Rafael. 

I guess I really like the scene because I’m crazy? For real though, the idea of a status protecting you and turning out not to really intrigues me. 

The scene also stirs a massive personal change for Rafael. And seeing how traumatic experiences change people’s personalities is also something I’m really interested in. 

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fleshforsaken  asked:


♚. far more than mere dreams | closed

His gaze was filled with static, the world about him fluctuating in both light and tone. Something altered this place, added extra and removed other. He walked beyond, finding nature so obscured by technology– buildings replacing trees and lights replacing true lights. The further his steps, the further the argumentation. Machinery replaced life and artificial replaced grown. The world dimmed and shadows drew close, only lit by light that glowed upon metallic creations. He stopped his march, seemingly finding the center of this slowly deepening abd sprawling mass of techology. A body lay wired up to its surroundings, eyes hollowed and lacking of movements. ❝ Is your soul not even free of these… upgrades? ❞  || @fleshforsaken